The Weight Of Words

Words can be calming and soothing. They can relax, envelop, and uplift. Words can be loving and caring. Sometimes, they can be encouraging.

Words can be stagnant, meaningless, and nonsensical. Sometimes, they are of no use to anyone. Sometimes, they are better left unsaid.

Words are powerful. Their strength can pull people down. Sometimes, people drown under the sheer weight of them

Words can be direct, intentional, deliberate, and forceful. They say what needs to be said. They are wise. They are words of advice. Sometimes, words are purposeful.

Words can shoot forth and knock people down. They have enough force to hold them down. They can be hurtful and angry. Sometimes, they soak to the core.

Words can be carefully selected and spoken. Words of goodness can be sprinkled and sprayed. Sometimes, words are refreshing.

Once words are let loose, they can’t be taken back. Sometimes, they have the ability to make or break another’s spirit. What will you choose to do with yours today?

A Segment Of Sometimes Series.

28 thoughts on “The Weight Of Words

  1. Hopefully my words will never break. Hopefully my words will satisfy, uplift, encourage, provide empathy, entertain – but never hurt. Hopefully.

    Your words are beautiful.

  2. This is where I love the teacher training I have had. we have been trained to rethink our words before letting them fly about, and to attack the issue not the person. I think this has halped me in fights because I sure don’t need to feel guilty afterwards about having said anything evil.

  3. How coincidental, I am currently proof reading a manuscript on educating children to think critically. The section I read yesterday dealt with choosing words wisely; the author could have quoted you 🙂
    Always a pleasure to read your writing.

  4. I love words but I know how fragile they are… They can make us communicate and build strong relationships or destroy all bonds. They have to be used carefully.

  5. Oh thought provoker of all thought provokers this one! How often every single day so I wish words spoken could be taken back and how often do I jump to conclusions about the intention of words others speak. Words are so very powerful indeed.

  6. As always, I so enjoy your pictorial narratives. Your photos always capture the meaning behind your words, so perfectly!

    Aren’t words powerful? It wasn’t until I started blogging did I really begin to understand this. Words are energy, therefore even if we’re not actually standing in front of someone, the energy “behind” our words can be felt. Blogging has reminded me to always choose my words wisely.

    Awesome post, Suzi!


  7. So true, so true. I remember when I was little, we would say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” What a lie! Words are very powerful, and their effects can last a lifetime, both good and bad.

  8. Once words are let loose, they can’t be taken back. Sometimes, they have the ability to make or break another’s spirit.

    This is something you do NOT want to learn the hard way … take my word for it. Logic will tell you it is ok, we all make mistakes, but there is never a reason NOT to show compassion, and your heart will NEVER let go of knowing it is too late.

  9. I have learned to be careful to say all the words going through my mind. Once I said something in the heat of an agruement and left out one word that I thought I had said, it changed everything. A very devestating moment. Words are powerful indeed!

  10. What a great pairing. Words are so important and powerful … and, at least for me, water of all kinds are calming and relaxing.
    … water is great therapy for when the words hurt.
    … water is great inspiration when the words don’t come.

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