Summer Storm Serenade

tree limbs hummed and strummed

a forgotten melody

while leaves jitterbugged to and fro

 ever fresh scent of reckoning

clouds clapped and tapped

begging for more

encore encore

a rumble and the sun hid behind

the power of clouds as

lightening zapped midair

and a chill prickled my arms

pitter patter splat splat

rain joined the symphony of wind

lightening struck a final chord

no encore tonight

dancers bowed and bid goodnight

drip drop the curtain fell

all drifted into the lull of dark

flowered and empowered

they slept til morn

This is my entry for One Stop Poetry.

44 thoughts on “Summer Storm Serenade

  1. I have sat listening to the orchestra on the porch. Your words communicate the storm so eloquently – now I’m hoping for a storm to compare to.

    Than ks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  2. You’re not going to believe this, but as I was reading your beautiful poem here, it was actually storming a bit outside – HA! No kidding!!

    You always bring such crystal clear visions with your words, Suzie.


    And I’m LOVIN’ that photo!


  3. Props right off… One of my favorite words in this one—reckoning. Ever since living down south. lol The poem was one of your best, Suzicate. You make a let down become lost within the drama of a musical symphony of a bad storm. “drip drop the curtain fell” and there was no encore, yet still empowering and people could sleep at night. Brilliant

  4. Suzicate, I felt the power of the storm while reading this poem. It was really intense and very real. I love thunderstorms and avidly watch them. Beautiful, beautiful description.

    • I used to be petrified of thunderstorms…I think my mother’s nervousness rubbed off on me. It has only been recently that I’ve begun to appreciate them. This particular storm occurred while I was in the mountains. I sat on the porch and watched it roll in. I watched and listened until it was done, and I went back inside and wrote what I felt which was this. It was a lovely soothing storm. Never thought I’d say that about a storm!

  5. Nice description of a storm I could almost feel it, I like Angelia love storms, there is something fascinating about them and you put them into words here.

  6. wonderful verse…i was there watching the storm…which i love to do…its beautiful fury…the pitter patter kaboom lighting the sky…some of the best sleep i ever had. smiles. nice one shot!

  7. Aaahh… lovely!! This was an enchanting read…

    It’s raining here as well.. so I could very well picture this one…
    How a storm can start something, and end something else.. quite amazing..isn’t it?

    Your poem justified this beauty…

  8. I love this poem–always enjoy your great gift for words. And what a perfect photo to go with it. The rumbling that comes along before the first drop of rain is always so dramatic. I remember sitting on the front porch waiting for the storm to come with my dad. That smell of rain lingering in the air before it actually fell…such a nice memory.

  9. that was a wonderful brought the storm alive with your eloquence..i live overlooking a huge estuary and the storms we see there are amazing..thanks for sharing with one shot..pete

  10. When I was young, I used to love the poem “The Bells” by Edgar Allen Poe because the words so wonderfully expressed the sounds they were creating. This very much reminded me of it. Well done.

  11. My mom and I have both been wanting to “wax poetic” lately. I told her with all of the thunderstorms we’ve had, I’d like to write about the rain. You did a wonderful job; it made me smile to read this!

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