Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

Persons with weight of character carry, like planets, their atmospheres along with them in their orbits.  ~Thomas Hardy

1932 – 2010  Rest in peace, sweet Uncle Bo. Oh, how I loved you so.

My uncle was a consistent man. As I look back through the eyes of childhood, I find that the things I loved about him as a child were the very same things that warmed my heart as an adult. His values nor his love ever faltered. If he loved you, you never doubted it. Most of all, he was not hypocritical. He was a man of integrity. The things that he held dear were family, land and heritage. This is probably why I felt so close to him. I value those same things. When he spoke of those things, his eyes glistened, sometimes from pride, sometimes sensitivity. That’s another trait that I adored about him. He was never afraid to show his feelings. He stood for love, truth, and honor. He will be forever etched upon my heart.


 Uncle Bo

Rest your weary head in timeless sleep

We’ll hold you in love’s gentle sweep

Refreshing Monasco mountain spring

That once trickled through your veins

And all the hope your smile did bring

Eternally, our love for you remains

Oh gentle love who’s gone to sleep

Our souls call out to you and weep

Footprints in that red Glade clay,

Print tracks across our hearts

Hawkie, they called you in the day,

What affection memory imparts

Tears that glistened in your eyes

have smoothed upon your face

Your bond of home, no one denies

Forever you will walk that place

The apple, pear, and peach trees

Where laughter and memory play

The scent of you in the fresh cut hay

As you ride on that peaceful breeze

And the tender rains on the Carter place

Are but soothing tears of love’s embrace

Shed on the land that you once roamed

The place in your heart you called home

Though you had your share of strife

You knew not the secret of death

But of family, of love, of life

And you gave with every breath

As we lay you down to rest

We know we were blessed

45 thoughts on “Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

  1. Oh, SuziCate. I am sorry for your loss. I send sympathy and thoughts of peace your way and to your family.

    (I have typed and deleted four different things. I don’t know what to say.)

    This is a beautiful poem.

  2. I am so terribly sorry you’ve lost your uncle. He sure sounds like a most wonderful man. I like the threads of commonality the two of you shared very much.

    By the way, I am hoping to be a little more free this week to keep up with you better. I’m so backed up on posts I MUST get written that those I WANT to write are not getting written and it hurts my heart, and it also affects my ability to blog hop as much as I like. It’s my favorite hobby! 🙂

  3. Extra beautiful, SuziCate.

    I had, and still have, some wonderful loving uncles. They are very special people in our lives, aren’t they?

    This was a wonderful celebration of heritage, heart and home.


  4. Between Peg’s post that I read this morning and yours…Uncle Bo sounded like an amazing man. Someone I know I would have enjoyed spending time with.

    “He was never afraid to show his feelings. He stood for love, truth, and honor.”

    Beautiful tribute, dear lady!

    ((( Suzie )))

    X to you and your family.

    • Thank you, slpmartin. If I wait too long to write something, images disappear, but I’m often not ready right away…so I have to tuck away my thoughts until I’m ready to take the plunge. Hope writing yours is cathartic, with your lovely writing I know it will be a beautiful tribute.

  5. Lovely. What more can I say? I think it wonderful that you and Peg both have such positive memories of your uncle, and that those memories will always be part of you. He may be gone physically, but will always be with you in spirit.

  6. Oh Suzicate- I’m so sorry for your loss…
    But what a beautiful tribute!
    “And you gave with every breath
    As we lay you down to rest
    We know we were blessed”
    Lovely words…

  7. Print tracks across our hearts… my favorite line. I’m sorry for your loss. You were lucky to have in your life a person whose love you never needed to fear would desert you.

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