Love and Peace

We were there, you and I

Long before time existed

We were the promise made

Before the mountains formed

We were the memory of beauty

Before the sun ever rose

Somehow they buried us

Beneath the ruins of poverty and war

They tried to say we didn’t matter

That the world didn’t need us

They hardened their hearts

And rolled up their shirt sleeves

They mangled us in the political system

And trampled us in the name of religion

But some still feel our warmth

And they pray for our safety

The moon will stand still

And the waters will sweep by

Yet we shall remain

Week 26 entry for Jingle’s Poetry Rally.

52 thoughts on “Love and Peace

    • Now, that you mention it, you’re right. It wasn’t intentional (this time, but you know how I love all Native American) but it seems to lay right on the surface if you think about it.

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  2. nature and we are one,
    what stunning image and divine words you have there….
    I always enjoyed your speedy commenting and high talent in writing….

    I appreciate your participation!
    all the best!

  3. My hubby brought home a movie, thus I was watching it for more than 2 hours until now…

    Glad to see you in my blogs…
    u r the best!
    have a smiling evening!

  4. This poem is just simply beautiful. Every word flows with the stream and over the rocks. Oh, how I do love nature, and this poem does nature justice.

  5. Ohhh.. lovely..
    nature and love have prevailed over time, whether we accept/admit it or not!
    Very beautifully articulated… felt the romance and mystique in the poem…

  6. This reminded me of a certain feeling back when I lived in South Africa…it brought back a feeling of nostalgia Suzi…YOU ARE A WONDERFUL POET!!!! ….Enjoy a great weekend with your family xx

  7. Love….


    It always amazes me how you can take your thoughts and feelings and weave so many different meanings within one piece; yet, making it totally Universal.

    So talented, you are!

    Love the photo. It totally captures this piece.


  8. Just love this poem. I was trying to imagine if you were referring to original nature that is corrupted by man or you were referring to a group of people.

  9. Wow. This is lovely. Made me pause and think.

    And that picture . . . . .ooooh. That is so gorgeous. It enables me to hear the water lapping agains the rocks, just out of view.

  10. Happy Saturday!
    Simply check to see if you have new post…
    take care.

    I used to have a native American student in my college algebra class….

    pow wow is what I know….


    • Pow wows are a lot of fun. Not posting until tomorrow night. I try to take the weekend off to spend time with my family, catch up on blog reading, or write on some of my other projects. Thanks for checking in on me. Happy weekend to you, Jingle.

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  12. I find it interesting you refer to “love and peace” as “you and I.” As though love and peace is what we (mankind) were created to be. And for those who believe this is their destiny, when the moon stands still and the waters sweep by, they will ultimately return to this state of being. Very moving poem. Stunning photo to complement. Could be interpreted as a “garden.”

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  14. Beautiful photograph! This poem is so layered it can be read in so many different ways…the feeling of surviving the turmoil and abuse is such a strong and beautiful one.

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