I Had The Ability To Drive People AWay!

This sweet little face looks innocent enough, right? I realize I look about ten there, but I was actually twelve. Late bloomer, what can I say. Anyway, back to innocence. I really didn’t get in much trouble. Two reasons. First being that I was usually coaxed into doing things. My siblings usually put me up to things, and apparently the folks were onto them. Second reason being that when I did get up nerve enough to do something wrong, I was usually quite careful not to get caught. Yes, I was sneaky.

Being that I didn’t get caught doing things that weren’t nice, does not mean that when I did get in trouble that I was actually guilty. Trust me, my mother often accused me of things I never had any intention of doing. At least, not until she put the ideas in my head with her accusations.

When I was about twelve, my brother and his newly wedded wife lived behind my folks. He married a city girl, and we lived WAY out in the country. No telephone; heck we were lucky we had electricity and indoor plumbing. Seriously, it took us forty-five minutes to drive to the nearest city. Anyway, knowing that she was probably lonely my cousin and I decided to go over and visit with her. We regaled her with tales of our childish exploits. We stayed for about an hour, thinking we had a great time entertaining her.

Boy, did poop hit the fan the next day! My mother gave me a tongue lashing of a lifetime. Apparently, my cousin and I were much more annoying than we ever dreamed. She had told my mother that we were showing up all the time and spending all day (one time and one hour!) , and not allowing her to get anything done. In short, we were driving her crazy! My mother informed me of what a disgrace and embarrassment I’d caused her not to mention the agony I put my poor sister in law through. When I reported this to my cousin she was as floored as me. We really couldn’t understand what we had done wrong. After that I avoided my sister in law like the plague. I was always afraid of saying too much to her lest I get on her nerves. Shortly after that they moved many states away to her home town. Maybe, my chattiness drove her away!

This is an entry for Mama’s Losin’ It! I chose promt 4.) The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child.
(inspired by Audreya…

38 thoughts on “I Had The Ability To Drive People AWay!

  1. “when I did get up nerve enough to do something wrong, I was usually quite careful not to get caught. Yes, I was sneaky.”

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH….me too, Suzie!!! And if I DID get caught, I had the creative ability to somehow blame it on my younger brother – HA!

    ” We really couldn’t understand what we had done wrong. After that I avoided my sister in law like the plague.”

    Yeah, I would have too.

    Great photo of you!

    Have an awesome day, Suzie!


  2. Hi cuttie. Now that was right down mean of your sister-in-law. In my younger days, that lie, and sweetie if you only stayed an hour and half then she lied, it would have meant war with me. Of course that was my younger days. LOL I too looked younger than I was while growing up so I know what you mean.

  3. Wow- some people just love the drama and exaggerate things! I hate it when I believe I did something good and then it turns around to bite me in the butt! 🙂
    Well, sometimes it’s good to be far away- at least that’s my motto for some of my relatives! 😉

  4. That’s a great photo of you! Sounds like your SIL probably didn’t have annoying younger siblings and therefore a very thin skin. Not that I’m saying YOU were annoying! But I was a little sister myself and I remember that I was quite the pest!

  5. Not getting caught, yes – this is the key. A friend and I were just discussing this last night in relation to the fact that she had to go pick her 19-yr-old son up at the police station yesterday …sigh. We agreed that we had got up to some silliness as teenagers (it’s part of growing up!) but we had the good sense not to get caught doing it!

    ps – lovely picture!! 🙂

  6. Aw, and y’all were just being neighborly! Oh well, I’m sure the experience didn’t scar you for long, you have still got to be among the world’s best at story telling. Happy Thurs. 🙂

  7. How sad! U’d think she’d appreciate u trying to make her feel part of the family. My friend and I used to go visit our bishop’s wife all the time, I can’t help but wonder now if we drove her nuts. I just remember her being so nice and always giving us candy.

    Well, this was excellent, as always :). I meant what I said before, I hope u r putting together a book of all ur writings and poetry.

    • I think it wa more of the fact that she was young and away from her family and though I didn’t meant to be, I just aggravated her. I know when I was a young adult, I found twelver years olds to be pesky, but as a mature adult I usually find them delightful, most of them anyway! So sweet of you about my writing, maybe one day I’ll combins some and send them out.

  8. What a rotten sister-in-law! I have kids that come and visit me all the time. I adore my young friends. They are hysterical and entertaining. Plus, you can do just about anything with kids there. You don’t stop what you are doing and sit down and visit. You go ahead and do your stuff and let them follow you around like little chickens!

  9. I remember bing a young adult & hiding from kids but I wasn’t married yet. We were all bratty at some point! LOL I love you anyway, you annoying little brat! (j/k, about the brat part, not the loving you part) 🙂

  10. That was so very mean of your SIL. Love the photo and I definitely see a mischievous gleam in those eyes. If it makes you feel any better I stopped aging around 12 and still could get on the bus for a child fare at 18 and getting served in a bar required ID always. When I started work at 21 everyone thought I was there for school work experience….

  11. I would have protested and then gotten into more trouble, I was good at small trouble and turning it into something way bigger. I was always in trouble!!

    Smart and wise decision to stay away from her.

  12. That is crazy. Also odd that your SIL couldn’t just tell you herself.

    Funny to that your mom was embarrassed and didn’t ask the SIL what she was doing to encourage you kids.

    Different times.

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