Not Exactly Musical, But I’ll Toot My Horn AnyWay!

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Genie Alisa’s …in a bottle theme this month is “tooting your own horn”. I must say that she has stumped me again. At first, I decided I was not going to write it, and then I remembered a conversation that I figured could qualify for an accomplishment. Otherwise, I am rather “ho hum ordinary”, and haven’t done anything to give me bragging rights so to speak.

Creatively speaking, I consider myself a “Jack of all trades, but master of none”. I have tried almost every type of existing fiber art. I can sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and embroider, to name a few. However, I excel at none of them. I don’t think any of my work is worthy of selling. They are hobbies for me. I choose to do them for fun.

I love writing. I dabble with fiction, creative nonfiction, and various forms of poetry. While I feel I am a weaver of words at times, I am not skilled enough to call myself a “writer”.

I enjoy cooking. I have a need to nurture others. People compliment my food, and even brag about my biscotti, which I will admit is fairly good. Still, I am not a chef or baker.

Needless to say, I was befuddled to come up with a topic to “toot my own horn”. I couldn’t think of anything extraordinary I have ever produced. I mean I surprise myself at times, but those are generally things that most other people are accomplished at. I am usually quite astounded when I accomplish some physical feat or figure out a computer difficulty on my own. But they are such simple achievements that I quickly forget them.

A few months ago I had a conversation with someone which made me aware of a program I instituted at our local elementary school sixteen years ago. I was surprised to find that it was still going strong. I had been chairman of a PTA committee called “Health and Parenting”. I was in charge of programs that promoted health and awareness for our students. There was a drug awareness week every year. Nationally, there was a “Walk Away From Drugs” program. I didn’t actually institute the program, but I organized the first student “Walk Away From Drugs” parade at this particular school. I made red ribbon pins for each of the students to wear, and distributed information and drug-free pledge sheets. I had a local printing shop volunteer their services for a huge banner for the kids to carry and other posters for display. The company even sent their mascot to lead the parade. The kids loved it, and the teachers considered it a success. I remember how I had agonized over everything going smoothly. Fortunately, most things like that usually seem to fall in place.

An acquaintance was telling me about the one they had last year. A smile of recognition flashed across my face, and she asked if I was familiar with it. I didn’t tell her that I had organized the very first one, but I did mention that I remembered the first one when oldest son was in second grade. I remember a few after that and then my youngest left the school to attend a gifted school. After that I lost contact with the events held at our local elementary. As this woman recalled the events of the parade, I silently beamed with pride. Though it is a relatively small accomplishment in the big scheme of things, I hope that in some way children have been helped, educated or positively influenced throughout the past sixteen years. At any rate, the fact that they still hold it annually makes me happy.

Toot! Toot! Did you hear my horn?

29 thoughts on “Not Exactly Musical, But I’ll Toot My Horn AnyWay!

  1. I heard it and you should have spoken up and told her you organized the first one although I know that is so unlike you. However, I’m sure we have a sister or two that would love to take the credit for it! LOL

  2. I love when I have encounters like that because it is a visible way to see the benefits of my work … as a teacher, I seldom see immediate effects … if I see it at all, it is usually several years into the future.

    I see nothing wrong with tooting your horn to the fact that you are a very versatile woman with a wealth of experiences as well.

  3. You are so modest Suzicate! You deserve to toot your many horns! You are a writer and the rest of us already consider you one! You are a truly vesatile, well rounded woman who is adored by friends and family. TOOT TOOT!!


  4. I heard your horn and what a great story to toot it about! You must be so very proud to know such a great program is still going strong. Oh and by the way, you are most definitely a writer and poet too. Can’t speak about your baking skills personally but I bet you are also a baker too.

  5. I hear it for the program that you started years ago, but I also hear your horn for all the other stuff you do.

    Maybe I don’t get the point of “tooting your own horn”, but I THOUGHT it was exactly that. YOU toot YOUR horn because no one else will. If you have done stuff *other* people have done, but it is an accomplishment for YOU then blow that horn. So what if others do it all the time and maybe even better.

    If you are so crafty that you do all types of crafting — that is amazing. Just one person doing multiple types of crafts is toot-worthy! Toot your horn.

    You don’t need to toot your “writer” horn because all of your readers do that for you–you HAVE to hear our horns unless you are deaf. 🙂

    I think tooting your horn is just for stuff you have done and no one else will toot about, doesn’t mean it really has to be outrageously extraordinary.

    We are all here to cheer you on when you toot (your horn)!

  6. Excellent! You know how many kids who have benefitted from that? whoohoo!

    but I must say, a jack of all trades is also worthy of horn-tooting. I am a bit like that as well, and would much rather be a jack of all than a master of only one.

    • You’re probably right that is better to be able to do lots of things rather than one thing really well, but I still can’t help but be envious of painters, singers, and dancers because I ahve zilch talent in those areas!

  7. Hearing your horn! What a great exercise.

    When we’re generalists, I think we have a harder time tooting our own horns. I also think it’s harder for women. (Have you ever met a man who even hesitates at such a question?)

  8. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being a jack of all trades either. It’s just a sign that you’re well rounded, and I think that makes people more approachable and people friendly.
    I would have had a nervous breakdown trying to plan something like you did. Good job!

  9. That’s a great story and I echo my fellow commentators, you are a lady of many talents – you go girl! But it is nice to know you can be so humble about your many areas of expertise.

  10. ““Jack of all trades, but master of none”.
    I love this idea of living Suzicate- enjoy everything but don’t take anything too seriously… 🙂
    But I’ll just have to say this- you.are.a.writer. And a great one at that!
    I heard your horn- loud & clear and what an amazing reason to toot it!

  11. Louder than the train horn! That is so wonderful that they continued it on for all them years, if it helped just one kid then it was all worth while and I’m sure it has!

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