Bridges of Nelson County

“There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.” ~Thornton Wilder

Culvert at Montebello, Virginia

Sometimes, we close the gap and no one even knows we’re there. Love seeps in and flows out, and the world around us continues living. We don’t ask for praise or recognition, we just do what we do for the better of all.

Bridge at Montebello, Virginia

Sometimes, our job is a little more obvious. We provide a safe place to cross or connect.  We offer guardrails with tidbits of wisdom to hold onto when the journey feels unsteady. And sometimes, we even close down to protect those we love.

Crabtree Falls Automobile Bridge

Sometimes, we are the means to help others reach their destinations. We provide the strength, guidance,and drive they need to reach their dreams.

Crabtree Falls Foot Bridge    Tyro, Virginia

Sometimes, we’re able to curve and bend. We offer beauty and peace in a world that is often filled with strife. We lead to places that can lift souls to the heavens.

Appalachian Trail Swinging Bridge   Tyro, Virginia

Sometimes, the ability to stand and swing is looked upon as being dfifferent rather than unique. Sometimes, we must anchor down as we hang and sway midair. The more pressure upon us, the more unsteady we seem; however, our cables are tight and our base is steady. Our pliability is a matter of survival, and we become symbols of hope. We still offer a safe place to cross over the water while permitting insignificant issues to wash beneath us.  It’s all a matter of enjoying the adventure and the view along the way.

Hops Bridge  Massie’s Mill, Virginia

Sometimes, we are rugged tough. We are cemented down and allow all the extra to flow through, and if it’s still too much we just let it roll over us. We are dependable, trustworthy, and comfortable. We weather a bit, but we remain steadfast.

Wrought Iron Bridge at Oak Ridge  Arrington, Virginia

Sometimes, we need a support system of sheer iron to endure the test of time. Sometimes, we are bridges of innovation, built with honor and courage. We carry truth for all the world to discern. We might look old and rickety, but wisdom comes from experience. Those who’ve transported heavy loads, carried others high above danger, and made stops where others never dared are ones to be respected for they truly exist with grace. Be sure to build your bridges strong enough for heavy loads to cross, and flexible enough to connect to those around you. Most of all, be careful which bridges you decide to burn because one day you might need a safe place to cross.

A Segment Of Sometimes Series

41 thoughts on “Bridges of Nelson County

    • Thank you so much, Lisa. It was something I had rumbling around in my head…had to go out and take photos before I could get the words to surface. I work kind of weird like that sometimes, you know backwards!

  1. Suzi, this is wonderful…I had goose bumps reading this…it is so poignant and reflective to our lives. Thanks so much for doing this, with your permission, I would like to send this to some of my friends. I think it’s one of the MOST inspiring writings I’ve ever read and have to congratulate you!! Awesome my friend xx

  2. You have a beautiful way of tying something that is technical and mechanical like a bridge and using it as a wonderful analogy for what a parent, a friend or anyone who loves us can do for as to help us cross from some kind of difficulty or transition to a a different place that is safer or better. I just really loved what your post reflected and I think it is something you must subscribe to in your own actions.

  3. And sometimes we take so much for granted – like bridges – unless somebody points out the form and function of that which we’ve just walked all over, thoughtlessly.

    This was *lovely*, both words and pictures.

    • Thanks, Bill. I’ve started a series called “sometimes” (it’s on my tab) that I’m doing reflective photo essays…going to try to post one every week or two.

  4. I just bookmarked this page. I needed to read it now and I know I’ll need it in the future- thank you for this wonderful post Suzicate!

  5. Right off the bat, I have to share the same thing Milkfever said….

    “This is seriously one of the most beautiful posts I’ve read.”

    Honestly Suzie, I especially love when you share these type posts. I so enjoy how you weave wisdom (life lessons) throughout your gorgeous photos. It ‘s like taking journey.

    Brilliant final line…….

    “Most of all, be careful which bridges you decide to burn because one day you might need a safe place to cross.”

    Thank you for sharing, dear lady! So enjoyed!


  6. I love when you do photo/stories like this, and you always do it so beautifully! (Just like your poetry.) I am glad you’re back!

  7. bridge the gap among people,
    bridge the tear and wear between lands.
    these are beautiful sentiments.
    you are such a loving and shining star,
    have fun advocate what you believe….

  8. excellent post…the analogy to a bridge is sound…and our pliability is key…so very true…on a side note…i know a few of those bridges…and i have crossed a few of them…smiles.

  9. I love your analogies. This was so beautiful!

    The pictures are wonderful, too! I have a little phobia about walking across bridges though. Especially swinging ones!

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