Plotting The Course

Sometimes I feel lost

Not so much in the world

But within myself

I seem to lose my groove

Words get trapped beneath ego

And ego never shuts up

Dead, dry, crackling leaves

Rustle across my soul

With hands over ears

I navigate the only way I know

I gnaw my way home

Thank you for this honor as well!

43 thoughts on “Plotting The Course

  1. sorry for pushing you to post,
    this is perfect for Rally 25…

    Glad 2 c u back smiling but maybe feeling tired.
    rest well tonight,
    see you tomorrow.

  2. Welcome home, Suzie!

    You we so missed and we can wait to hear your stories next week!

    Wonderful poem!

    “Sometimes I feel lost

    Not so much in the world

    But within myself”

    Yes, I know that for me whenever I feel lost, it’s always “within myself.”

    Have a great weekend!


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  4. Welcome back Suzicate, we missed you πŸ™‚ I hope you had a great vacation! And congratulations on your lovely award- and for the poem, I missed your words.

  5. This is a favorite now. “feel so lost…not in the world…as much as in myself..”

    I feel what you say…

    Beautiful, and so appropriate for how I ‘ve been feeling in my soul. You’ve given these feelings words for me today…thank you.

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