Reaching For The Sky

Sometimes, we’re the saplings, the new kids in the forest. We need to seek the wisdom of the large sturdy trees, the ones who’ve been around a while. We need to drink what is offered and bask in the sun.

Sometimes, we are firmly grounded. Our roots are big and plentiful. We are well nourished. We even support the life around us.

Sometimes, our foundations shift. Maybe, our roots were not as strong as we thought. Or maybe our condtions threaten to uproot us. Maybe, we don’t have proper support, or maybe we’re trying to support everyone but ourselves.

Sometimes, when we’re overwhelmed,Β feeling knotty and holey, we can still feel the sun shining on our lives. We realize that scars of experience add character and worthiness to life.

Sometimes, our holes give shelter to others without harming our base. In fact, as we learn to care and share, we become stronger, fuller, and richer than the eye can see.

Sometimes, we become self absorbed. We feel gnarled, twisted, and stifled. We are stagnant. We are self-contained, growing straight up without ever reaching out. We are limited in our own productivity and in our communication with others. We realize for the well being of all, we must change.

Sometimes, we know just how much to open up, how to reroute, how to support others without sacrificing our own health. Everyones wins when this happens.

Sometimes, we flower and our beauty shines for all the world to see and enjoy.

But we must always stretch, expand, and be all that we can. Reach for the sky, and aim for the stars even if you can’t see them.

A Segment Of Sometimes Series


Have a fabulous week, guys. I’ll be on vacation. No internet or cell phone FOR.AN.ENTIRE.WEEK! Think I will make it? We actually have internet access…I chose the only cottage that has it!!!! But, I promised Dirt Man I’d leave my laptop at home….what will my grimey little fingers find to do?! However, there absolutely is no cellular service, period! So, we have no choice but to bask in the beauty of nature and relax and enjoy. Will tell you all about it when I return. Will give you a hint that I am traveling both mountain and sea, nothing like variety in nature! Peace Out!

48 thoughts on “Reaching For The Sky

  1. We think alike .. I have been taking pictures of amazingly, adaptable trees, also … they inspire me. Despite their unfortunate placement in the world they find a way to grow and survive.

    My awareness of these strong, resilient trees started several years ago. After a really bad day, I drove to this beautiful park by a lake … and the thing that encouraged me was a tree growing horizontally out over the water .. roots strong enough for people to sit on and dip their toes in the water (a useful thing). The trunk then had an elbow and started growing upward towards the sun … doing it’s best to live where it was planted.

    Thanks for your pictures and words .. this was great.

  2. Such a GLORIOUS post to leave us with before you go on your vacation!

    Fabulous photos and enlightening words!

    Have a wonderful time, Suzie!

    And please hug a tree for me, ok?


  3. Very clever matching of words and pictures.

    Have a wonderful vacation! We are going away for a week next month and I plan on taking a complete blogging break too so will be keen to hear how you get on!

  4. How wonderful and well written! I hope you have a great vacation. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers. M.

  5. Suzicate, the combination of words and pictures are awesome. I love your metaphors and really love this post.

    Have a great internet free vacation. Will miss your words, but can’t wait to hear about where you have traveled.

  6. Beautifully written & illustrated. Did I just comment to you that we’re reading They’re Eyes Were Watching God? Janie in the story always compares her life to a tree.

  7. I just had to come across and have a look at your blog after your kind words and support. What an amazing post and so true. I think sometimes life sends us special people just to let us know what we can achieve. You are that special person.

  8. hope you’re enjoying your week of sunshine, laughing, sleeping late and generally just doing exactly what you want. On no particular schedule.

  9. Hope you are having a relaxing vacation, with lots of offline time to tend to your own roots. Thanks for the lovely photos and lovelier words. =>

  10. Have a great vacation! Let me know what it’s like sans internet for a week. Can’t imagine. I hope you get to stretch your roots and get some sunshine on your leaves. Sorry, couldn’t resist the tree analogy.

  11. This was simply lovely! It’s always so moving how nature gives us these life lesson analogies. It’s wonderful that you are aware enough to notice them and put them in words. Happy vacay and godspeed your safe return.

  12. how are you?
    truly miss you in my place, with Rally week 25 going on…
    let me know after you come back,

    July 22 to July 28, that’s long time…

    hope to see you soon,
    smooth sailing on your vacation.

  13. This was really good. The trees are an amazing symbol for life. You brought out the meaning so clearly in your post.

    Enjoy your vacation! We will be here when you return.

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