Every Boy Needs a Buddy


This is Buddy. Black eye and naked, he has seen better days. He was once well loved. These days, not so much. I have rescued him from the trash many times. He’s come close to being homeless. I think his brother might be dead. Last time I saw him, he was naked too. And dirty. And had a twisted arm. Both brothers have had bad hair days for many years. But really it’s not their fault. They’re lucky to have hair.

You see their hair kept me from going bald. Really, it did. When my children were little they’d curl up in my lap and twist my hair in their fingers. It brought them great comfort. Me? Not so much. They’d twist and wring it all the way to my scalp. I’d be wincing in pain and they’d sweetly drift off to lala land.

Then I spotted the dark haired Buddy at the toy store. I had one of those eureka moments. I figured Oldest might would sleep with Buddy and twist his hair instead of mine. First, I had to get Dirt Man past the fact that yes, I was indeed, buying his son a doll. Their hair was even the same color. Oldest won’t admit it now, but it was instant affection.

Shortly after Youngest arrived, Playskool came out with a blonde version of the My Buddy doll. You guessed it, he got his own Buddy with hair to twist between his pudgy little fingers.

My sons accuse me of buying them look alike dolls. It was just coincidence that Oldest had brown had like his Buddy, and I had to get a different version for Youngest, and yes, they both happened to be blonde. At any rate, I was able to keep my hair, and the boys slept well at night.

From a distance the Buddy dolls looked realistic as they were the size of a small child. I remember once hearing my uncle talking to someone inside the house while we were all outside. I went in to witness him having a conversation with the dolls who were propped up on the sofa in front of a blaring television set. He apparently thought they were my kids and thought they were too absorbed in the show to answer him. It was everything I could do not to laugh at him. He was quite embarrassed when he looked over to see both of my children standing there with me.

So, both of my sons grew up and ditched Buddy. Through the years I would find the two Buddies in the trash. I’d take them out and hide them. They’d find them again and toss them. It appears that Brown Haired Buddy might have slipped past me. Blonde Haired Buddy was stuffed in the top of a closet. That’s the thanks they get for years of unconditional devoted love. So sad.

64 thoughts on “Every Boy Needs a Buddy

  1. You’ve brought back many beautiful memories of when my daughter was young and permanently attached to her ‘Dolly’ (handmade by my Grandmother and given to my daughter on the day she was born) – Thank you!

  2. Ha! My oldest had a little boy rag doll that he carried everywhere for AGES. He got it when he was about 2, and named him all on his own.

    “What’s his name?” my mom asked

    “Dolly,” my son replied.

    “That’s not a very good name,” she said. “How about Buddy? Or Sam? Or Joe?”

    “No, his name is DOLLY!”

    I’d forgotten this story, Dolly has been sitting on a shelf in my closet for the past 5 years or so…thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. My brother and I had the cabbage patch kid dolls. I think we both still have ours. My BF’s mom had a My Buddy doll sitting on the couch that always freaked me out. Maybe I watched Chucky a few too many times.

  4. I think we all have our doll stories. Your story makes me reminisce about mine.
    I still have a “walking doll” from my childhood. It was sitting one day, and a service man was obviously startled when she (Peggy) stared at him with glassy eyes. Funny!
    Glad you were able to save your hair, and that you still have blond Buddy for memories. Protect him! Someone might still have it in for him.

  5. LOL on yur boys finding them in the trash and rescuing them. I make sure I pile stuff on top of any trash I don’t want either my hubby or daughter to see. 🙂

    Never heard of the Buddy doll, but we have 2 of those sweet little puppies — real small in size right, came in a little pet carrying bag?


    • I had forgotten about that song, but it’s coming back…better than hearing here’s Chuckie! I used to dream of that dang Chuckie chasing me with a knife, and I never even watched the movie, can you imagine if I had?!

  6. beautiful…glad he saved your hair…lol. mine was rubbing the earlobe of my mom…she got me a panda with ears i could rub…buddy has seen better days…

  7. Oh how cute. I just love this story and my heart goes out to poor Buddy. For some reason my girls loved my hair too. I brought them dolls with long hair. I just got home after a long day at the hospital so thought I would wind down by reading some of the stories and poems posted before my daughter is off to school. Tomorrow is going to be another very long day because the doctor will surgically be putting a light into my husband’s lungs to look around. I am told this is a very danageous procedure, but they have no other choice because he is coughing up blood, and the 1 1/3 quart of fluid they drew off of his lungs didn’t tell them anything. The x-rays they took yesterday showed fluid is building up on his lungs again. It has been a wait and wait and wait long tiring 2 weeks.

  8. “My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy and meeeeeeee!” I’ve got the song from those old commercials in my head now. =>

    Good for you for saving these little guys (and saving your own hair). I, too, will do just about anything to get my kiddos to sleep, so I can very much relate.

  9. It is so funny the aversion to boys having dolls. I think it is ok. They should also have play kitchens too. Now-a-days it isn’t just the woman raising the kids and doing the housework.

    Glad you were able to find something that satisfied their hair twisting need and allowed you to keep you hair. It is awesome looking hair!

  10. I love your story. It also reminds me of when I had one of these dolls for my son. I then passed it on to my second son. Buddy is in storage…one peice. lol 🙂 He also got pretty beat up. He always smiled. 🙂

  11. OMG Suziecate, this is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!

    I SOOOOOOOOOO remember this doll and had wished that when I was a kid they had had something like it. I was always so jealous of my sister for being able to play with dolls and I couldn’t because apparently back then boys weren’t suppose to play with dolls because I guess it made them GAY.


    FAB post, dear lady!!!!!

    Hope you had a super day!


  12. When I first saw the very top of the picture of Buddy, I too thought Chuckie. That was a movie I wished I hadn’t seen!
    My son had a rabbit. Rabbit went everywhere with him, and after frequently sewing Rabbit’s ears back on, rabbit became a one-eared rabbit. My son’s doctor once made a comment about his “squirrel”. He finally just disintegrated. My grandson had something they called “Pea”, never did know what it really was. Pea got recovered a couple of times. Kat had Doogan – she still has Doogan, but I think he came into her life when she was 3 or 4 years old.

  13. I never had a buddy but know the feeling of sentiment…I still have my teddy from when I was a little girl. Old but very meaningful (in storage) Lovely story as always ~ Hugs x

  14. aw- my 17 year old has what he calls a Pea- a perverted version of the word Bear. Pea is a toddler sized kiwi bird. I think he was a bargin bin buy and can’t be found anywhere in stores. Nolan rubbed the hair under his chin off as that was his comfort thing to do when he fell asleep.

    some days he still hugs his Pea- but don’t tell anyone.
    I however, proudly claim that I sleep with my 31 year old stuffed dog.

  15. My husband had a doll for many years! In fact, his mom recently sent it to him! It was a cabbage patch doll and is quite battle scarred. But it was so sweet to see the object of my husband’s infant attachment.

  16. My son had a GI Joe action figure – not a doll. He “played” with him by tossing him down the stairs, crashing him into rocks and further torturing him.

    But one day, when the friend went flying through the air and landed in a public dumpster too deep for me to dig out…my son was SO sad.

    I guess boys have their own way of showing affection.

  17. That poor Buddy looks like he has had a rough life!
    My dad has the Teddy he had as a child only because grammie dug it out of the trash numerous times. He is now glad that she did. Maybe someday your boys will too.

  18. That’s great!! I haven’t seen a Buddy since I was a kid! I remember I used to really want a Kid Sister (the female counterpart,) and I used to go around singing the song they sung on the commercials. I still sing it to get a good laugh!

    Nothing wrong with your boys having dolls. My husband’s mom kept his teddy bear all these years and has now passed it on to Nathan. AND, my husband’s dad kept his own teddy bear, and passed it on to Paul, and who passed it on to Nathan. Nathan can’t play with it until he’s bigger because the teddy bear is REALLY old and a little haggard, but it’s so cool that it has survived the generations!

  19. LOL! Looks like Buddy played “Rocky” a few times. That’s why my brothers did to my dolls. They taped my newborn doll’s fists! Then they had big fights with all my dolls and blacked their eyes. It was payback for snapping the heads off their GI Joes.

  20. My daughter has a baby doll named Alexa. She is sometimes her best friend, other times her enemy. So funny how kids jump from one emotion to another.

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