Awards, For Me And For You


I accept the Perfect Poet nomination and nominate Nanno.


As I feel your breath

Seep into my skin,

I feel the depth of you

Settle into my bones

Where your thoughts end

And my thoughts begin

I do not know

For your soul and mine

Have clasped hands, melded

And beat from a solitary heart

I am grateful

I have not merely existed

With you, I have lived

This lovely award comes to me from the wise and fabulous brown paper bag girl.

I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself and tag fifteen bloggers. Sorry, I did not tag fifteen bloggers, but am offering a choice of which award you (anyone reading this) would like to have.

1.  I am a licensed cosmetologist though I have not practiced the trade for many years.

2. I am a certified x-ray (dental) technician though I havn’t worked for a dentist for about twelve years.

3. I have very thin fingernails. If they actually ever get any length on them, they bend backwards. I’ve tried all sort of strengtheners to no avail. Dirt Man has really thick nails, and it ticks me off to no end!

4. My favorite Yankee candle scent is Citrus Sage.

5. I make fabulous spaghetti sauce, although it is never exactly the same because I NEVER measure anything.

6. I have hit a tennis ball with a racket, but I have never actually played a game of tennis.

7. I have a scar on my chest from a cigarette burn I received when I was probably about four years old. My father threw his cigarette out of the driver’s window and it flew back in the rear window. When it hit my chest, I pushed it against me because I was too young to understand the concept of letting it go to stop the pain. The car was moving so by the time they could remove my hands from my chest, the damage was done.

I was honored with this award from Slightly Ignorant. Geez, it’s a catchy name but I don’t like calling her that because she is brilliant. Both her fiction and poetry rock!

Rules: Pass the award to seven bloggers who inspire you, make you laugh, make you think or a combination of all. Make sure you include a link to the person who gave you the award and that’s about it. Quite simple, fun and an easy way to brighten someone’s day.”

This comes from sweet Desiree.

I thank each of these three for these awards and bid them to take the other two. I award all three to Jingle for her continuing hard work that she puts into the rally each week. Anyone else reading this post, feel free to take one (your choise) of the three.

41 thoughts on “Awards, For Me And For You

  1. wow,
    suzi, how sweet of you, give me all three awards…
    you truly my supportive and one of the most loyal poet …

    unforgettable to me.

    I thought I am going to give up the perfect poet award, not you, Raj, a poem a day, three poets expect me to take…
    I will take it and post next time.
    many thanks!
    you are dear to be around.

  2. Not only do I want to say CONGRATS on these super cool-looking awards, but your poem is just beautiful Suzie!

    Loved the ending lines…

    “I have not merely existed

    With you, I have lived.”

    That made my heart swell.

    And I agree….Citus Sage is the BOMB! LOVE the aroma! I use to have one of the Citrus Sage air freshners in my car too!


  3. Love the poem, and the awards are well-deserved. Your words are also thought-provoking, and always interesting. I would love to meet you in person!

  4. ouch! oh boy, every one has some scar from when they were young, I think. I have one on my back from when I walked into something, I don’t know what it is. It’s about 2 inches long. I think it give me character.

  5. Wonderful poem.

    (I won’t be participating in any award-giving activity for the moment, things are just too hectic with my overseas visitors and the last leg of the Soccer World Cup)

  6. I like this part “For your soul and mine Have clasped hands”

    When i saw the title, I was expecting a different take on “unity” but you took a different route which turned out to be the simplest and best route to have taken.

    You are a writer…I’ve always known you for that.


  7. Well done on receiving the awards, and I can resonate with you giving Jingle all these three in return because she does so much to help us all bloom into the world wide web through pure encouragement and in kindness. She is a star in disguise. 🙂 Hope you are well and having a nice day.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry about the cigarette on your chest when you were 4, that must’ve been a trauma.

    Okay, now I’m wanting spaghetti sauce. And to get my teeth X-Rayed. And to get a facial. And to NOT play tennis. (Never played a game either.)And to catch a whiff of Citrus Sage. 🙂

    Actually, I get this inexpensive AHA peel stuff from Shimmer Cosmetics online — and it is FABULOUS. I also blonde my own roots and do my own pedicures. And trim my own hair!

    Okay, way more info than you most likely bargained for in a comment. 🙂



  9. My mistake, you nominated Noha…sorry.

    letting you know I am getting your poem to my file so that it appears on Promising Poets Parking Lot…

    I will post text only, and with your blog name, general blog link included.
    Thank you for the contribution!

  10. What a wonderful piece of poetry 🙂 Love poems are a dime a dozen usually, but every now and then one comes along that truly captures the essence of relationship. This poem, in my opinion, captures that essence very well. Well done, and Bravo!

    Congrats on the awards! 🙂

    Just Say’n

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