Finding Harmony In The River Of Life

Sometimes, our foundations are shaky, and we teeter as the rivers of life flow around us. Maybe, our foundations are leaning because we’ve manipulated and rebuilt ourselves into a structure unable to endure.

Sometimes, we are afraid to submerge ourselves. We refuse to dive in. We barely even get our feet wet. Maybe, we haven’t learned how to swim. Maybe, we can swim but aren’t strong enough to survive the current.

Sometimes, we don’t want to get our feet wet at all. We stay completely above water at all costs. Maybe, we feel the need to manipualte the rocks and fortify our base before we take the plunge. Sometimes, a single pebble strategically positioned can make the difference between standing and faltering.

Sometimes, things are aligned perfectly. It just may be the way it is, or it might take lots of time and energy getting there. When you reach that point, you will feel your strength. You might weather and erode a bit, but ultimately you will ride out the storm.

Sometimes, we just want to sit back, take comfort in all that we are,ย and bask in the beauty of all that surrounds us. Welcome to peace.

A Segment Of Sometimes Series

57 thoughts on “Finding Harmony In The River Of Life

  1. You have share a wealth of “Life Knowledge” in the post, Suzie!

    And you summed it up so perfecto….

    Peace is within.

    Thank you for sharing this, dear lady!

    ((( SC ))


  2. Beautiful! You are so poetic. Sometimes, our friends and family are the rocks that allow us to pull out from the turbulent stream. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that they are there.

  3. Sometimes more often than that we should read words like this to remind us of the joys of living life…nice pictures and the words are overflowing with truth and wisdom.

  4. This post makes me miss The Smoky Mountains. Hiking, and tubing, and campingโ€”these are a few of my favorite things. lol Some great advice under those pics. My fav was “…a single pebble strategically positioned can make the difference between standing and faltering.”

  5. what a beautiful peace it is…looks like a great little get away too…someone took their time with that tower…heading to the waterfalls today witht he boys and t

  6. My dear sweet and beautiful friend, Susan,
    I am sorry to say but I am going to have to give up blogging for awhile. My husband has taken another turn for the worst. Once again he is back in the hospital with that contagious bacterium C Diff, plus he has pneumonia. The doctor said his immune system is gone and at this point for him this bacteria is very dangerous. I am afraid he is going to need all of my attention now. I will return someday when my husband is no longer so very ill, but right now doing everything I do in one day is beginning to be too much for me. I wish you the best of luck, and please know I have enjoyed your friendship, and poetry. You keep writing your heartfelt stories sweetie. Trust me when I say, you are on the top with the best authors.

    Love and Prayers,

    • Viola, He is in my prayers. My MIL just recovered from a very serious C Def…was very scary indeed. Stay in touch. Thanks you for your wonderful comments and support. Will look forward to your return. Pray all is well for your husband, yourself, and family.

  7. Really, really gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place, SuziCate, and your words are just as elevated.

    I think plunging right in to things we fear is usually just what we need to get to where we say we want to. For me at least. When we do not follow our dreams our harmony knows it, and cries out.


  8. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and always loved the Great Smokies also, you have brought that feeling of comfort right back to me.

    Loved this one Susan

  9. This is the beautiful start to a coffee table book that I want SIGNED by you!


    yes. You and the pictures and words were good too.

  10. What a stunning first image. Nature really reminds us what is essential, how small we are in the scheme of things, and how much a part of everything we are – or could be.

    Lovely post, Suzi.

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