Dirt Man Is Not The Man He Once Was But He’s As Good Once As He Ever Was!

Happy Birthday, Dirt Man!

Saturday was the Dirt Man’s birthday. I kept asking him all week if he wanted to go out to dinner or if he wanted to eat at home. It took him all week to decide he wanted to eat at home but couldn’t decide what he wanted for dinner. Then on Friday he changed his mind, but couldn’t decide where he wanted to go out. I think he probably figured I’d stick him with grilling his own birthday dinner! Then our friends, Belynda and Scott, gave him a gift card to Fire Ninja. That sealed the deal. We love Fire Ninja!

Both of the boys went with us for sushi. We love sushi. Dirt Man and I love sake with a shot of plum wine, so we had that as well.

I didn’t bring my camera, so please excuse the crappy shots taken with my cell phone. Our waitress first brought us some cooked sushi called Lotus. We did not order it. She just brought it to us and told us to enjoy it. It was delicious.

We all ordered appetizers that we ate, and entrees that we were unable to eat because we had ordered sushi and she brought us more free sushi! This time she brought something called Green Dragon. We ordered Golden Lobster. This one was the best sushi I have ever had! The boys ordered Christmas Tree which was a little spicy, but still good. And they also order Spider Women which was good but in my opinion, not as good as Spider Man. Needless to say, we were stuffed. We ended up boxing our entrees and having them for dinner on Sunday.

It was fabulous to get our sushi and sake fix. That will satisfy us for a while. Thanks to Dirt Man for sharing his birthday dinner with us.

Next is a little musical tribute to my man. He was a little disappointed that I did not post this on his birthday, so here it is. This is one crazy video. We listened to this song on our way to the mountains a few days before his birthday, and he was feeling the words. So Dirt Man, you may not be the man you once were, but you’re all the man I want or need! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

36 thoughts on “Dirt Man Is Not The Man He Once Was But He’s As Good Once As He Ever Was!

  1. Happy late Birthday Dirt Man, and may you have many, many more. May God bless you and give you many blessings, you deserve them.

    Susan this as always is a wonderful post.

  2. How special to have such a lovely family to celebrate with – although I’m more a wine and cooked food person, it sounds like a perfectly lovely evening.

  3. Happy Birthday Dirt Man and Shame on you Susan for not posting this on his Birthday 🙂

    Looks like you had a good time out with him and the Boys, thanks for sharing

  4. Happy birthday to your Dirtman. I too love sushi…my favorite being this thing called spicy tuna with crispy rice and jalapeno…so good. After watching the news the other day about the oil spill and finding out the blue fin tuna is now going to become extinct it made me sad. Apparently with the sushi demands and the oil spill…the tuna will be no more! Oh well..I guess I will have to pick other dishes.

  5. Your meal looks and sounds super. Happy birthday (belated) to Dirt Man. I can’t listen to the music, everyone here is still asleep, will have to come back for it.

  6. Oh yum! We love sushi here, too. Oddly, my six year old loves the octopus. Strange child.

    Love the song. Love that you used it here. Love this post post. Love that you had a good time.

    Happy Birthday, Dirt Man!

  7. Happy late birthday to Dirt Man! 🙂 Sounds like you hade a great time and a delicious dinner! Sushi? Yum! 🙂 And I LOVED that song!!

  8. I love that Toby song, he cracks me up. Happy Belated Birthday, Dirt Man! Glad you had a nice dinner out. Fire Ninja sounds like an interesting restaurant name but I’m not a sushi fan. But I am a ninja fan…

  9. Awh, Happy Birthday Dirt Man! YUM UP to Fire Ninja! That would be my kind of place. I don’t care if they are cell phone pictures. I am dying for sushi now!!!

    We like to go once every two weeks. My favorite is Ocean Trout but they didn’t get any in this year. 😦

    What a blast that song is too. I like playing Toby Keith on RockBand, they have “How do you like me now?”

  10. Aww- what a nice family dinner out. BTW- I met the country singer Chris Young the other day at the only country radio station left in S. California. He was a nice man. Toby Keith is awesome.

  11. Happy birthday to Dirt Man :). That sushi place sounds wonderful — we haven’t found a favorite out here yet, but we keep our hopes up. (And I keep my hopes up that D will be in the mood for trying another place whenever we hear of one, as he’s on-again, off-again with raw fish.)

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