Simply Unbearable!

While years ago I would have compared my Daddy to the likes of a grizzly bear, now I’d compare him more to a teddy bear. He has softened with age. However he can be big and bad when he needs or wants to be. Even big and bad enough to scare real mountain bear away.

This is the bucket of seed the bear tried to make off with!

This past Winter, my folks had a black bear that kept roaming on their property. Most of the time the dogs chased him away. However, one time the bear must have been really hungry and was determined to make off with the bucket of sunflower seed that Daddy feeds the birds. He heard a ruckus on the porch, and the dogs were barking like crazy. You have to realize that at slightly over six feet in height and around two hundred-forty pounds, my father is probably physically a close match for the bear!

Teeth marks where the bear tried to chew the car up!

Daddy opened the door to find the bear walking across the porch with the sunflower seed bucket in his mouth. Daddy clapped his hands together and thundered, “Get the hell outta’ here!” The bear dropped the bucket, rolled across and off the porch, and ran head first right into the corner of my mother’s car. He got mad and gnawed at the front wheel area.

Where the bear clawed up the utility pole!

This weekend the bear came back. They didn’t actually see the bear this time. They heard the dog carrying on and the porch ruckus. They figure the bear was after the corn feed for the squirrels. I think maybe Daddy just need to set out food for the bear since he seems to be feeding all of the other wild critters. The poor bear is probably feeling left out. Anyway, the dogs chased the bear up a utility pole. You can see all of the gauges his claws ripped into the pole. The shards of evidence were lying on the ground at the base of the pole.

Huge splinters the bears shredded from the wooden utility pole.

Now if bears like honey so much, why didn’t he just go after this? Or maybe the big old bear is afraid of bees!

Honey bees at the edge of the garden.

37 thoughts on “Simply Unbearable!

  1. This post cracked me up. I grew up with black bears, and it was always fun to see them when we went out. Not so fun when they come into your yard, though. Mom had one who regularly came up onto her porch and peered into her windows a couple of years ago.

    Would you mom’s car be covered by collision insurance on that one? Bwaha.

  2. lol “Get the hell outta’ here!” your dad “thundered” clapping his hands! Seriously, that bear shredded the utility pole. Wouldn’t want to meet one in a dark alley.

  3. This is too funny suzicate.Your daddy sounds like my husband. Your black bear story is a delightful one, had me smiling all through your post. As big and brave as I am I wouldn’t want to tangle with a bear of any kind. LOL I also would like to commend your father for feeding all God’s little creatures. You don’t find to many people today who still does that or at lest I don’t know of many who does. I want to put up a bird feeder and the apartment manager won’t let me.

  4. Maybe he was just a bearless driver in disguise?
    Great post! I’m glad I don’t live where there are bears.

  5. your dad is made of metal…yelling at the bear…ha! we had one do that to a pole nearby last year…

    nice hit on the writers conference…going to check into it more and just might be going! yay!

  6. Your Dad is very brave. I would have hidden and just let the darned bear take the seeds! We get raccoons here, and opossums, and egrets at the pond for sushi lunch. There are also squirrels galore and skunks, but that’s about it. Big animals scare me!

  7. So when he ran into the car, he tried to eat it…..mmm. I think he would’ve enjoyed the honey more! I love that your Dad feeds the birds and has bees. Lovely. Heartspell

  8. HOLY COW!!!! What an amazing story, SC!

    And BRAVA to your father for standing up to that big ol’ bear!


    I can’t take my eyes off the photo where the bear clawed the utility pole…OMG!!!!

    Hope you’re having a super day!

  9. Oh what an amazing story – that bear really seems determined to get his hands on some food. I can’t believe your Dad actually was brave enough to verbally shout down a bear. Amazing pictures, just shows you what those claws can do and how powerful these bears are.

  10. Great story! The only thing that would have made it any better is if your Daddy had shimmied up that pole right after the bear. Given everything you’ve written about it, I wouldn’t have put it past him. 😉

  11. How do you explain to the insurance agency that a “bear ate my car”??! That has to be a first!

    I love that your father chased a bear away over sunflower seeds. Lol. He should definitely start feeding that poor hungry bear! I have it on good authority that they like hot dogs. =]


  12. Uh huh. The bear does THAT to the car and the utility pole? He can have the sunflower seed, or the corn, or pretty much whatever he wants. I’ll just lock myself in a room without windows (so he can’t see me, in case I look appetizing) and wait till he leaves. I’ve yelled at deer when they were eating my flowers, but bear? I think not!

  13. Your dad is brave. When we went to Yosemite I was scared every night to go to the out house to go to the bathroom in fear of coming up against a bear. When my daughter went on her senior retreat in high school they were to spend time alone in a place they picked in the middle of the nature. After closing her eyes for a minute she opened them to a big bear staring her right in the face. She said instead of being scared she was entranced. With eyes locked on the bear, she slowly backed away and returned to the camp. It did not scare her but in some neat way connected her deeper with the nature around her.

  14. This soo funny and scary. I have a very simular story. Just insert cat food bucket and raccoon and me going out on the porch and clapping my hands and yelling “Bad racoon”. Hubby still roars with laughter over that.

  15. As you can probably tell by my name (or my blog) I am a bear lover … I live in the middle of the woods and would love for a bear to visit. They visit my parent’s yard every Fall for the acorns in the oak trees and the wild plum bushes. One year momma bear had three cubs. She sent them up the trees where they climbed around playing … hence, dropping acorns on the ground for momma to eat without the effort of climbing herself … hours of free entertainment for us to watch. The black bears we have here in Minnesota tend to be very timid, you don’t see them often .. unless there is a food source nearby. The only bears that seem to cause trouble are the ones that have become comfortable around people and know where your bird feeders are …. I would love a bear to visit .. but, I don’t want a grumpy bear or broken bird feeders, so I bring my feeders in at night. (lots of info on bears at … and the story of Hope the abandoned bear cub)

    • I will check that site out. I think they are beautiful and entertaining, but I also have a healthy respect and fear of them. I grew up in the country and we only saw them on occasion. I guess they only came out when they were hungry.

      • They definitely live by the call of their noses and stomachs! I have a healthy respect, too …. Even though I have been taught how to be safe walking in the woods where there are bears (make noise so you don’t surprise them, make yourself look big, etc….) and I have been told the common “they are more scared of me then I am of them” advice .. I still would not want to walk into one face to face. I am more comfortable in the woods knowing those things, however, watching from the window or on the platform at the bear sanctuary is good enough for me.

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