Love Is In The Air

Katherine at A New Day tagged me. The challenge is to name ten things I love. The real challenge is to narrow it down to ten.

1. I love my first cup of French press in the morning. I love the aroma as it tingles my nose and starts the wake up process. And the taste…well, out of this world. Mostly, I love savoring each sip and watching the steam rise from the top of my mug and drift into oblivion, kind of like my morning thoughts.

2. I love waking up beside the man I love. Feeling his warmth and the security of knowing he’s there when I rise each day helps ground me at the start of each day.

3. I love opening my front door to the scent of gardenia wafting through the air. It always marks the beginning of June which in turn means sun and fun to me.

4. I love when my sons actually do chores like mowing the grass with no ulterior motives and asking for nothing in return. It truly must be a maturity thing…it’s quite new to us.

5. I love watching my crazy sweet dog chase her tail until she catches it and then white eye me with it in her mouth as if to ask what to do with it.

6.I love the way babies bellies shake when they giggle and their eyes light up. It is as if it is coming from their very core and nothing else in the world matters because at that exact moment all is right with the world.

7. I love dipping my toes in a cool mountain stream with the sun shining across my shoulders and a slight breezing lifting my hair…absolutely heavenly.

8. I love reading a great book and living someone else’s adventure without ever having to leave the comfort of my house. And being able to wear my p.j’s during the process makes it even sweeter.

9. I love when I am shopping for a specific item and find the exact style/model at the first store I go to. And then it’s on sale to boot, just fabulous!

10. I love my wine/whine sessions with my gal, Karal. No we don’t always actually whine but we do gab and enjoy our wine. And yay, she’ll be back soon so we can have our sessions in person.

**I am not going to tag anyone specifically but feel free to play along. It gave me a chance to reflect and lift my spirits a bit.

33 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air

  1. I love babie giggles, too – so sweet. And I didn’t have my coffee this am so no wonder I’m feeling a little off. It’s a rainy day here. Maybe I’d better remedy that and grab a book, too!

  2. Lovely list and a wonderful idea for a post, making you think about what you love the most bringing a smile to your face.

    Top of my list today is loving being with my daughter, watching her face light up in sheer delight as we yet again dance the morning away. I also admit I loved our quick trip out to Starbucks and my treat for the day, a latte!

    What I am most definitely not loving is our scorpion invasion, which is creeping me out morning noon and night!

  3. What a lovely list. When I read your writing I always laugh because I always think, “And that is how a writer says things.” I would have just said, ‘I love my cat. I love my house. I love the beauty of the day.” Your words are so eloquent.

  4. Oh- I just had the best coffee the other day. It looked like french pressed expresso, then they mixed the thick dark coffee with condensed milk. weird, but good.

  5. Baby giggles, I’ve had loads of them today, and a dose of sunburn lol. Great choice, and French press in the morning is a must. Nothing kicks morning blues like it!

  6. Oh, I love your list SC!! You have some absolutely beautiful things in your world. The smell of flowers as you open the door; Heavenly. A man to love that is there to hold you tight with a love in return; divine. Morning coffee; a MUST!! The kids, babies and animals are all blessings that we are offered up that challenge us and bring us more love than ever dreamed of. Sigh, your life in a list of 10 is to be envied sweet lady. Thank you xo

  7. If we listed all the things we love, I’m sure the list would not fit on the page, would it? Thus, the reason for limiting it to 10 things, I suppose. A good start to a much longer master list, I’m sure. Heartspell

  8. Good Evening SC!

    “1. I love my first cup of French press in the morning.”

    You said, dear lady! I French press too, and enjoy it for all the reasons you shared!

    And there’s also nothing like a great glass of WINE!

    Hope you had a great day!


    • Don’t you know me well enough to know I would never stick it out?! So now I drink french press in the am and green tea later. Instead of giving up one thing I took up another. I did well until the hubby would make it and I’d smell it! I CAVED!!!!!!

  9. I am so with you on the coffee and book things. SO WITH YOU.

    I loved the whole list, though. Isn’t it great to realize, once you start writing this sort of thing down, just how many things in your life make you happy?

  10. I thought my favorite was the coffee one until I read the baby one, then thought the baby one was my fave until I read the mountain toe / sunshine one.

    And THEN… sales, and wine were mentioned, and I was in true heaven. 🙂

    Beautiful Suzicate, and WOW on the boys taking initiative . My girl does that once in a while too, and it makes me smile with my heart.


    I planted gardenia this year for the first time — loving it!!

    xoxo again.

  11. I loved them all but I really busted a laugh on #4. I wonder how long I will have to wait for my grandson to get to that point. “Nana, I will mow your grass for you IF…”

  12. I love reading lists like this before my morning officially starts. I love being able to connect with the happiness of other people because it inspires me to find happiness in my own life.

  13. Ha! My favorite is #5! Dogs are just too darn cute. And crazy. Always entertaining, even when they’re naughty. Or especially when they’re naughty. Our pup gives us the look, the big wild eyes, when she’s energetic. We call them “crazy eyes” and it usually means she’s going to bounce on one of us and tackle us with kisses.

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