They Say Peace Is A Stone Throw Away

I have previously mentioned having gone through a long period of depression after being held up at gunpoint. During this time, I found that my best friend from high school was diagnosed with cancer. I often went to visit my friend when I went home to the mountains for a weekend. I struggled during this segment of my life.

On one such trip, I stopped at a shop on my way to her house. I am not quite sure what possessed me to stop other than the fact that I was curious about the name. They actually sold jewelry, crystals and stones, books, and meditation/music CD’s. This shop was run by a member of a local new age cult type place. I only know that they have a leader, devote themselves to his work and teachings, and they promote peace.

The merchandise was not really my kind of thing but, I was both intrigued and startled. The two women who worked there were ever so helpful in answering questions and offering reassurance. Before I knew what was happening one of them shoved a huge crystal into my hand. I instantly felt a sensation, a trembling throughout my entire body. It scared the crap out of me. I wanted to drop it, but it was seriously massive…I was registering the monetary cost of replacing it if I were to shatter it, so I clung to it. She looked me right in the eyes and asked what I felt. She said she knew I would feel it’s energy and assured me that it was perfectly normal. However, at the time I felt anything but normal. Anyway, after she replaced the crystal on it’s podium, I tried to shake it off by continuing to browse the store and focused on the jewelry.

I saw the most beautiful pendant I’d ever seen. I was drawn to it. It was a large oval stone in a silver setting. The stone was dark and light and brilliant all at once. (It had streaks of grey and almost greenish black with streaks of opaque light bursting through.) For some reason, I felt comforted. I remarked to the other girl that it appeared to be a forest with the sun peaking through the trees. It seemed to offer hope. She asked me if I was interested in purchasing it. I never questioned the price; it just looked too expensive, like it would have been out of my price range. I told her that I loved it but I was sure that it was something I could not afford. She pulled it out of the case, placed it in my hands, and gently and gingerly wrapped my fingers around it. She simply looked me in the eyes, smiled, and replied, “It is yours”.

I was flabbergasted. I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I refused it at first. She insisted that it was her gift to me, and that some day when I no longer needed it I could pass it on to someone else who did. It wasn’t until much later (years) that I actually got what she meant by when I no longer needed it.

When I returned to my home that week, I went to my local library and found that the stone was a feldspar and most likely belonged in the Labradorite family. That was all I knew about it at that time. I chose to wear it all the time. I loved it. I found both comfort and hope in wearing it. I thought the kindness and generosity of the giver was unmatched in anyone I’d ever met. I continued to be in contact with this person for a couple of years, even after she returned to Australia.

More recently, I did a bit more research on feldspar/labradorites. I found that it is considered a healing stone. It is one believed to provide relief from anxiety, hopelessness, and depression. It is said to promote harmony, clarity, understanding, confidence, and enthusiasm. People who use stones for healing use feldspar in times of conflict, confusion, and change. Was this why she gave it to me? Did she sense I needed it? In retrospect, I think maybe she did.

After learning what I now know about this, I have asked a few people their opinions on the subject. Some believe in the energy and healing power of stones. Most of my Christian friends do not believe it and think it to be evil. I asked a pastor friend who assured me that there is nothing evil about it, that it indeed is possible for rocks to hold energy. After all the earth is filled with energy and capable of earthquakes and volcanoes. He does not doubt for a second what I felt when I held the crystal. He told me that people generally call what they don’t understand evil but it doesn’t make it so. He explained that evil only comes from the intention for which the object is used. And that pendant was given in an act of benevolence.

Have I passed on my stone? Not yet. Maybe, I am being selfish in trying to hang onto such a lovely stone, one to which I’ve formed an attachment. Or maybe, I just haven’t found the person yet who needs it.

49 thoughts on “They Say Peace Is A Stone Throw Away

  1. What a great story. It actually reminded me of something that happened to me once, at a New Age fair that I went to with one of my brothers. If you ever have a chance to go to Sedona, AZ, jump on it. The entire area feels like that crystal felt. The energy is so massive you can’t help but feel it. It’s pretty cool & I hope to go back there again before too long.

  2. Ojai is very much like Sedona, only a more feminine energy. All of nature is made of energy, from the sun and the moon to you, me and a rock. We are all of the same energy that is God. There’s nothing evil about respecting and living in harmony with the energy of God. Rock on. 😉

  3. I think I need your stone. Cold feet anyone? Lol.

    Stories like this give one hope and assures faith. The knowledge that he always has someone ready in a time of need. It’s so humbling. You will know when to pass it on, it’s just not time yet.

  4. I love stones and totally believe they all have certain energies. I do believe but not a practicing believer like the lady who gave it to you. I think that is great that it has provided you with the comfort you needed at the time.

    It does have a very unique look to it, it is very beautiful.

  5. Wow, what a touching memory! Thanks for sharing, Suzicate. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there willing to give, just like this lady gave to you. I am glad you found comfort, too, (and still do) with the stone. 🙂

  6. Fascinating story. So wonderful that you were gifted something you needed in a time that you needed it and you didn’t even know that you needed it. What a wonderful gift.

    Until recently I didn’t believe in energies and “stuff like that”, but then I realized that everything has energy. I came to believe that before we came to have all that we have, God would have given people things that would help and heal them so I think that He gave them plants, stones, rocks, crystals, etc. And we can still use them if we choose. And actually, even if, let’s say the STONE itself has no “REAL” power, just the act, just the fact, that a stranger sensed a need in you and gave you a gift for no reason, gives the pendant power. The act in itself was something to help you heal.

    I don’t know your gun point story, but that someone could do the exact opposite and GIVE to you must have just been overwhelming.

    I have a feeling that you will have not doubt when you are “supposed to” pass it on.

  7. What a beautiful story this is suzicate. When the time is right God will send the person to you, and trust me, you will know right away without any doubt the stone is to go to that person.

  8. What a wonderful story! A friend of mine gave me a piece of rose quartz while I went through my divorce. I carried it with me everywhere and I believe it helped me feel better. But now I think I need a piece of feldspar.

  9. Such a fascinating, inspiring story suzicate!! My mother is very interested in stones- she is a geophysicist and has been fascinated by stones all her life! And so have I because of her, if nothing else they always look so beautiful, don’t they?
    Don’t worry- you’ll pass it when you feel ready! 🙂

  10. What a faaaaaabulous story, SC!

    It doesn’t surprise me at ALL that you would be sensitive to the energy of stones! From reading your blog these past months, I can tell that you’re VERY connected to energy. I just know you are! You have a very OPEN spirit, therefore are sensitive to energies and what’s going on around you.

    Stones are very powerful. They have an amazing ability to balance and heal. Sometimes I use them while sharing a Reiki session with a client.

    What a beautiful stone you shared here in the photo. It’s gorgeous! And how intuitive of the sales woman to know that the stone belonged to YOU.

    You’re so right…one day you will just “know” who to pass the stone onto.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. I so enjoyed it.

    Have a great day….X

  11. Lovely story! I believe in it all, Suzicate. I hold all truths as self evident. My husband’s mother is married to a medicine man. He does heal people. Is it an evil thing? Of course not. Keep your stone until something tells you to pass it on. I watched an acupuncture session where Honey (my dog) had about 100 needles in her ears, her head, her shoulders, and she lay down and went to sleep. When she got up 25 minutes later, she felt better and moved easier. As I said, I believe in all of it!

  12. I always find it odd and slightly hypocritical that christians call neo-pagans and their beliefs “evil” when they practice quite the opposite. Most neo-paganism is about promoting peace and harmony both with nature and other people. Definitely believe in the healing and focusing power of crystals. I was told that “your crystal chooses you” and have found that to be so. I’ve had different crystal pendants through the years and it explains why in a store filled with jewelry, one piece speaks to you.

    Great story, Suzi!

  13. Very interesting. It is true all things have energy. Stones from Mother Earth can have very strong energy. It is great that you have been open to the energy of the stone you received as a gift. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. Suzi that was a beautiful moment. I am sure freaky as all get out at the time, but powerful. I have been overwhelmed by the energy in certain stones on many an occasion. I am not sure if some people are more open to that, but I know what you say when you feel it. Keep the stone until you feel someone needs it. Who knows, perhaps the right person will come along much later or not even in your lifetime. When the time is right, the stone’s next owner will arrive.

  15. What an incredible experience. I like what your pastor said about it too, distinguishing evil by intention. I imagine when you do find the right person, the right moment, that it will be as easy for you to pass on the stone as it was for the woman who gave it to you. I look forward to hearing that story someday too.

  16. Oh my SuziCate, what an amazing story and so beautifully told. I think your pastor’s view on this is absolutely on the mark, something given in complete kindness cannot be evil. I know nothing about the powers of stones but I do think that there are many things which we do not understand that nevertheless work – maybe not for everyone, but for some, believing is part of what makes that so I think.

    • I was really conflicted about it. I din’t know that I believed in healing stones per se, yet I felt the energy and the connection. It was in retrospect, that I wondered about the healing properties and about the things people had said to me. I do find comfort in the pastor’s opinion.

  17. This is just the coolest story. I’ve been into one of those meta-physical stores myself with my daughter, and although it’s not really my cup of tea either, I found it all very fascinating. I’m very much drawn to stones and semi-precious gems so this post is super interesting to me.

    I really liked what your pastor friend said to you, because I tend to be very open-minded like that, and his words on evil make oodles of sense.

  18. I think we get peace from what we believe in. I also believe that it is okay to study, explore, and experience different things in an attempt to find lasting inner peace, and that ultimately you’ll have it via the path that God leads you down.
    Now if you don’t believe in God, well…I don’t know. 🙂
    Very interesting story.

    • I think my belief in God and the “structure of religion” made it more difficult for me to be open to possibilites that God offers us. I thought it was all or one because my perception had been skewed by other people’s beliefs.

      • Me too. I didn’t go for all that “woo-woo” stuff. I am just now learning and changing the way I think about it. I love what your pastor said to you.

  19. Oh…thank you for your “very well said” comment on my post, “Single Friends.”

    By the way, I’m older – 52! I had my kids in my late thirties and early forties – causing a little confusion about my age. 🙂

  20. I’m one of those “weirdos” who does believe in crystals and stones. I believe they possess energy just as all of Mother Earth and we creatures possess. I got real chills from your story. and if you still want to wear it, then do so! It was a gift to you.
    I usually wear citrine, rudilated quartz, or amber for depression. I will have to look up feldspar now 🙂

  21. These are the kind of absolutely magical (and somewhat mystical) moments that catch us by surprise, and leave us the richer.

    Whatever energies may or may not be resident in that stone, it is beautiful. And the act of giving it to you because she sensed you needed it is, in itself, very powerful and healing.

    I would hang on to that stone for as long as you need it. You’ll know when it’s time to pass it along.

  22. Lovely post and what a neat experience! Just yesterday I had a similar experience with an older lady who was visiting my Mom. “Honey, this is for you,” she said, slipping a beauitful little rose quartz stone into my hand on her way out.

  23. What a beautiful story. We have such a store here in Sarasota but there aren’t people who behave so generously and kindly working there. Your pendant was truly a gift from the soul! And I do think that people who are really awake are receptive to what others need & do their best to bring them peace. The stone looks similar to one that’s the shape of an egg I just bought for my friend who moved away.

  24. Didn’t know all the symbolism and meaning behind the feldspar As far as rocks holding energy goes, I always thought it was more than a “matter” of speculation. Indeed, that was a generous gift.

  25. you ended my night on a great note…a wonderful story…love it when all the lines come together just how they are supposed to even when we had nothing to do with it…

  26. This is such a great story. Hope is NEVER bad..for if we lose hope..we’ve lost everything.

    As for passing it along…you’ll know when/if the time/person is right.

  27. Suzi I agree completely with that pastor; how can something from our earth like that not possess some amazing healing energy?? Very cool what you felt with the crystal too. So easy to dis things we don’t understand; you are always so open to life. An amazing quality!

  28. Here is a message I left for you on mine and William’s public blog.

    The blog is in William’s name but we do it together. He calls it Viola and William’s Public Blog. I think that I use it more than anyone. LOL Some of our members from Billy’s World of Poetry sends us their poems to read off and on, but most of them have gone on and joined other poetry sites. Anyway here is where I post all of my poetry and stories. Most of the time I send everyone a link to anything that I write new and post it on your blog. Then all you have to do is click on it and go right to whatever I posted. I don’t know how to work a computer much, so I am limit to what I can do. LOL If you ever want to read any of my older post just look for one with my name by it.

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