The Closets I Didn’t Clean!

Oh, how nice it was to have a three day weekend. And now to only have a four day work week makes it even grander. I was in a quandary as to whether I should have a tremendously productive weekend or a really lazy weekend. I should have made a list of goals to hold myself accountable.

Saturday started out with Dirt Man and I leisurely drinking our French press and messing around on our computers. He decided to perform some needed upkeep on my car. Therefore, I felt I really should be productive as well. So much for staying in my pj’s all day drinking coffee and writing. Anyway, my original intentions were to clean out all of the closets in the house. I had cleaned out all of the kitchen cabinets the weekend prior. The closets just seemed too daunting of a task. Instead, I cleaned out all of the drawers in my bureaus and ended up with two huge garbage bags of clothes to donate. I still didn’t organize the closets. Instead I headed to the kitchen and made two batches of biscotti. And I put a huge dent in a personal project I’ve started, so I guess the day wasn’t really a total loss.

Sunday I went to visit my elderly friend. She needed me to hang some drapes for her. I ran to the grocery store and picked up the items on her list. Afterwards, we had a leisurely visit and talked over tea and biscotti. She really wanted me to have a shot of Amaretto or Anisette with her, but I just didn’t want any. I kind of felt badly about it, and I probably should have taken a shot any way since I could detect her disappointment. I don’t know if I told you before or not that I found out that she is ninety-eight. She doesn’t know that a relative told me her age. She’d be very angry because she insists that she doesn’t want to be treated like an old lady. Anyway, she was in rare form. She told me stories of her life that she’d never before shared. She told me a few things that I’m not sure why she felt inclined to share as she is extremely personal, but she said she was relieved to tell them to me. A funny thing she told me was about how she and her girlfriends would go clubbing or bar hopping (drinking and looking for men) as we used to call it. I’m not sure what they call it these days. In her day they called it “wolfing”. I love that! It is exactly what it was and still is. People of those days, were so nonsensical even when they were committing nonsense! I felt a little guilty when I left because I knew she wanted me to stay, but I had another stop to make to visit some other cherished friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I took her laundry and promised to return the next day.

Big bonus was that when I got home, Oldest Son was cooking dinner. He was making what we call his famous “man burgers”. Seriously, they are so huge you can’t fit them in your mouth if you put them on a bun. He mixes the meat with garlic, chopped red pepper, and spices. The center is filled with a couple of types of cheeses, and he wraps them in bacon. And of course, he grills them. Youngest Son walked in the door from surfing just as they were hitting the table…talk about perfect timing!

Monday, I returned my friend’s laundry to her and stayed for another leisurely visit. We again had tea and biscotti. She continued telling me stories and memories of her life. She told me that she didn’t have one single regret of her life. Wow, now that is the way to live, no regrets. She tells me that she has lived a good full life. She kind of scares me when she talks like this. She is also really worried about the economy and the current state of affairs in the world. She gets a little down when she starts talking about those things and I try to divert her attention. She told me she and a friend used to add their own endings to old sayings. One is “He who laughs last didn’t get the joke!” and “Don’t cry over spilled milk, the cat already licked it up.” I thought these were cute.

Again, I never got to the closets. Maybe next weekend. But I did do the necessary housework. I got a few other things done. Most importantly, I did get to spend time with my lonely friend. I cheered her up, and I cherished our time together. Really, some things might not seem as productive, but they rate much higher on the list of priorities. We never know where time will take us, but chances are that the crammed and jammed closets will still be waiting for me!

32 thoughts on “The Closets I Didn’t Clean!

  1. I love it that you are the one refusing the drink! And who drinks with biscotti?? Funny.

    Closets will always be there. Yes. Relationships are what I want to have stored up. You spent your weekend well creating good memories for a memorial weekend.

    • She’s Italian…they usually drink sweet wine with their biscotti. She sometimes like a shot of liquor, not necessarily with the biscotti. She’s 98, so I usually just go with whatever she wants.

  2. Interesting weekend. I would definately be hanging out with that lady more often. She sound fiesty, and it’s really the perfect excuse for not cleaning closets.

  3. I think spending time with this lady, chatting over biscotti and listening to her wonderful stories about life is definitely time well spent for both you and her and those closets can wait. How wonderful to be 98 and have absolutely no regrets in life. That is quite amazing, I don’t imagine many people can truly claim that.

  4. Oh…I LOVE hearing stories about your elderly friend, SC! I so enjoy hanging out and listening to what eldery people have to say. I learn so much from them.

    “In her day they called it “wolfing”. I love that!”

    HAHAHAHAHHHAAHA…OMG, I LOVE that too! I think I’m going start using that line (not that I WOLF or anything) – HA!

    Sound like you had the perfect weekend.

    And listen, those MAN BURGERS sound heavenly. I’ve been craving a burger for the past two weeks!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Enjoy your day…..X

  5. The closets will always be there, but time with a precious friend will not. I believe you chose the better of the two and will have this wonderful memory forever! It’s these memories that make up our life and usher in joy in our hearts!

  6. older people have such remarkable stories and it’s so great that they feel free to share them; I would say your time could not have been better spent. And to come home to man burgers made by your son; who could’ve asked for more? Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  7. I am glad you spent time with people you cared about instead of cleaning closets. The conversation you shared with your old friend is something you will probably carry with you.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  8. I want to go wolfing! Oh. Wait. My husband doesn’t let me. hehe.

    It’s true, the closets aren’t going anywhere. And I’d much rather have people say at my funeral “she was such a loving friend and kind person” than “she had such clean closets!” So there you go!

    Can you send me one of those burgers?? They sound amazing!


  9. The lady you visit sounds marvelous! And Suzicate, you are such a good person for giving her your friendship and your time. It sounds like a superb weekend and do the closets on Labor Day. You’ll want to put away the summer stuff then anyway! LOL!

  10. I think hanging out with your “young!” friend is way better than cleaning out any closets! I hope to be as alert and wanting to do shots at 98! 😀

    Okay, I was thinking about making burgers for dinner – now I will after reading about your son’s man burgers!

  11. Being with the elderly lady is so much more important than closets.

    Closets will always be there.

    She sounds like a short story in the making.

    I miss my grandmother’s stories..I wish I would’ve written them down.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

    (Aside: thank you for your kind, encouraging comments to baby e’s post today. He laughed.)

  12. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

    The closets can wait. Your time was best spent with your friend. I’m sure of it….!

  13. Your weekend just goes to prove what we all know about you, and that is you are an angel. God will bless you greatly for your loving and caring heart. If I was near you, I would give you a great big hug.

  14. Your weekend time was better spent (and more fun) than mine. I finally got around to cleaning out the playroom. It’s only been on my to-do list since Christmas break!

  15. What a weekend! You were so busy! Love how you helped the elderly woman, and loved WOLFING even more! I am trying to remember what we called it… I think we said “cruising for guys”…. gosh I’m old! We also went “crusing” which meant driving to the oceanfront and sitting in traffic at the strip where everyone hooted and hollered at each other. Wow, we actually thought that was FUN! LOL

    • I still see that here at the ocean front. A few years ago they started ticket for cruising, don’t know how they got away with it or even if they still do it.

  16. You had me at biscotti. I’ll be right over!
    I need to go through my drawers and closets as well. ugh….dreading it. But I did work in the yard over the weekend…so I was somewhat productive….

  17. You did drawers, you filled up two large bags for donation – you need to spread the “Goodwill” out, you know. Never never clean closets and drawers within the same month.

    Time with a friend is much more important than organized closets. You can still find things in those closets, right?

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