Once Upon A Summer’s Day

(This is my entry for Jingle’s Poets’ Rally)

Dirty bare feet run without purpose

Sweaty freckled skin soaks in another day

Freedom not knowing limitations

And happiness not troubled

By anything past shoulder’s view

Laughter bounces off Susan’s black eyes,

Numerous, radiant, and rampant,

Smiling to the sun from golden petaled fields

Diamonds tangle between thickets of their stems and leaves

And the rattle warns

Thunderstorms can strike anytime

And bring the brightest sun

Down on it’s knees

I humbly accept these from Jingle


53 thoughts on “Once Upon A Summer’s Day

  1. Beautiful poetry sweetie. I could see the beauty of the field of Black Eye Susans from beginning to end. Happy Thrusday to you. May you have a wonderful day. Have to do a few more post then off to the hospital.

  2. The feeling of happiness and the beauty of nature go hand in hand in this poem, though the last lines are ominous .I appreciate this line: Laughter bounces off Susan’s black eyes.
    well desreved awards for your great talent in poetry and prose.

  3. I too love your poetry and wish I had your talent. I just love the imagery of summer days this poem conjures up, and the thought of what a distant rumble of thunder might bring

  4. Beautiful Suzicate! Gosh I miss those “barefoot summers”!

    Love the new look of the blog! And congrats on your awards lady- you deserve them!


  5. I love the line “Freedom not Knowing Limitations.” That is exactly what I felt like in the summer as a child.

    I think poetry is so difficult to put down on the page. I admire those who can do it.

  6. Great descriptive details, but what strikes me most is how quickly the poem changed— just as violent storms may sweep through after warning rattles.

    • The desrcriptions in the poem are an actual place and time of my childhood…diamond and rattle were in reference to rattlesnakes which were prevalent there, but also I was trying to convey that even in the most perfect circumstances of life, it can all be taken away in an instant, like the thunderstorm taking out the sun (or as in childhood if we had been bitten by the poisonous snake)

  7. As always, I LOVE your poetry, SC!

    These words really touched me…

    “Freedom not knowing limitations

    And happiness not troubled”

    And CONGRATS on the awards.

    I LOVE the tiara!

    Have a beautiful day, dear lady!


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  9. congrats on the award, well deserved – now for the beauty of this poem—-
    “Laughter bounces off Black Susan’s eyes” and
    “Thunderstorms can strick anytime, bringing the sun to its kness” wonderful images of summer
    Love it…….bkm

  10. Love it, especially this part:

    “Freedom not knowing limitations

    And happiness not troubled

    By anything past shoulder’s view”

    I miss that…

  11. Love the black eyed susans and the story they have to tell in your poem

    thanks for the visit
    Happy Thursday

  12. That was such a beautiful picture from your childhood Suzi! I could picture you with hair flying out behind you and arms raised into airplane wings sailing around the profusion of flowers. Darn warnings do little to spoil a picture perfect day though. Thanks for the smiles (and tears you left at my place- Thank you!)

  13. Whenever I need to visualize in order to calm myself I have always had an image of my children when they were young dancing in the middle of a field of beautiful flowers. Somehow when I read this poem it evokes the same feeling I get when I close my eyes and think of that calming scene. Thanks you for a beautiful poem.

  14. You bring back memories of those golden barefoot days when there were no worries, and the sudden thunderstorm that left puddles that were meant to be run through.

    I’m not sure the appropriate way of notifying of awards, but I have passed on to you the Life is Good award. I chose you because you reflect that feeling so perfectly.

  15. congrats! I remember well, getting full of dust and mud and just having the best time, not thinking about a thing…just the days that lasted forever.

    This was wonderful.

  16. loved the poem, there is a sense happy freedom in this poem. felt like the field of flowers you have posted in the pic.

    congrats for the very well deserved awards.

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  18. Your poem is beautiful.
    The contrast of the care free summer and the ominous storm is striking.

    And the most amazing thing is you have not completely idealized that summer. Nothing is so ideal. There are always some ‘rattles’ hiding somewhere.

    Its a beautiful poem.

    But don’t you think the happiness of some memories endure even through all the storms the world throws our way?

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