Hip Hoppin’ Be Boppin’ The Daycare Blues Away

What I love about kids is how they so innocently and sweetly pull me back into the moment. When I am overwhelmed or stressed, it can all be softened by a tiny hand cupping my cheek, an arm around my neck, a tug of my hair, a hug to my leg, a silly smirk, a soft giggle, sloppy kisses, or a simple childish “I ‘lub’ you”. These little things remind me of where I am and what is actually at task for the moment. And the answer is that I am here for them right now. It is my job, and I love it. Most days, anyway.

Another thing I love about kids is that I can act totally silly and they absolutely love it! Little people love who I really am! A child at heart, that’s me! So, I’m immature. That’s beside the point. I can’t sing. I screech. They love it when I screech. I can’t dance. I look kind of like the Energizer bunny on steroids having seizures. But they love it. And you know what? They laugh.  They dance.  And they sing with me and give me big bear hugs for being silly and fun. I hate it when people walk in us acting like this because I know they think I’m crazy!

Kids remind me to let loose, to kick up my heels. They teach me how to let the music just seep into my soul and get my groove on. They might be little, but they know that dancing feels good. It makes everything better. Our troubles disappear, and obstacles don’t seem nearly as intimidating. Kids teach me to just drop everything (except them!) and dance in the moment. They show me that it’s ok to laugh when someone farts, even if it’s me. By golly if they have a boogie bugging them, they just ram their little finger up their nose and grab that sucker and fling it! Even when I tell them it’s gross, they still do it. And you have to love a kid that knows if you’re going sit in poop, there’s no use crying about it!

I was feeling a little on the stressed side of things today. CCR’s “Down On The Corner” came on the radio. I looked at these two kids and grabbed each of them by the hands and started shaking my wild thing! We all three started laughing and spinning. We made up some crazy dance moves.

Those two have some signature moves. The other two kids danced as well, but every time I tried to take their pictures, they sat down. I guess they were more interested in a photo shoot.

We jumped up and down, clapping and stomping to the beat. Well, maybe only sort of to the beat. But, we had a great time. we giggled and rolled on the floor. We exhausted ourselves. Then we topped it off with a pizza party. And then, they took a nap. I would have loved one…but I was the one on duty. Aren’t you jealous that I get to play every day?

28 thoughts on “Hip Hoppin’ Be Boppin’ The Daycare Blues Away

  1. I love having fun with my grandkids. I may be 64, but I can still play ball with them, take them on walks through the woods, dance with them, and act totaly crazy with them. Oh, what fun we do have. But I sure am glad when nap time or bed time comes. LOL I enjoyed your story sweetie. Go have fun with your kids.

  2. Actually, I am but I shouldn’t be. I really do get my fix of play these days.

    It’s so important to find that joy.

    Great to see you showing em’ how to do it right. 😀

  3. Oh yes, being an aging mommy it is definitely keeping me young spending all day with a three year old and is a constant reminder to me that there is such joy in simple everyday things, having fun and playing.

  4. I love that these kids are dancing to CCR! When Jude was 3, I introduced him and his friends to The Ramones. They LOVED it. Who knew that old punk was “kid music”? And I felt so wonderfully subversive.

  5. OMG, Suzie….can I just tell ya HOW MUCH I LOVED this post??????


    How sweet and how TRUE! Kids are the BOMB because they just freely express themselves without any reservation whatsoever.

    “They show me that it’s ok to laugh when someone farts, even if it’s me.”

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA…don’t ya just LOVE that about them? Oooo…and the boogie-picking too. I once saw a little kid in the store picking his nose with such care-free intensity, it made me smile!

    The thing I most love about kids is that they don’t “watch” themselves, they’re not self-conscious, like adults.

    They just allow themselves to BE.

    Thanks for sharing just a fun and enjoyable post, dear lady!

    Hope you’re having a great day….X

    P.S. Btw, I just farted in the middle of Starbucks, and do *I* care? HELL, no…I’m just a kid – bwhahahhhahahahahaha!

  6. “I can’t dance. I look kind of like the Energizer bunny on steroids having seizures.”

    OMG – that was freaking funny Suzi!

  7. I could not agree with you more. I am the mom that makes funny faces. Will sprint away from my daughter to embarrass her – and have even put her in the “kid” cart – at age 12 – only to stand in front of the deli counter, patting her head and repeating “your momma’s special girl!”

    The best part is I can have Hannah laughing in two seconds! It’s what my husband calls “unseen humor” because he never gets what is so funny!

  8. I don’t get to play nearly enough — You are right! I am glad you get to, though; it does look like a lot of fun. Nothing better than dancing with little kids! I did that a lot when my kids were little.

  9. You and Ron had me giggling with you fart escapades. Starbucks? Hmm, I think I passed you last week! Ack! Too funny SC. I loved working in the daycare stream for all those reasons. I love to see children (people!) when they don’t let society dictate all the fun rules.

  10. You just have to love kids, their honesty and unconditional Love is something you really have to appreciate even when we can’t sing or dance too well, they make it fun to where it don’t matter how good we are as long as we are there.

    Nice Post Suzicate

    Nice change on your page too 🙂

  11. Oh what fun! To just cut loose everyday, sounds dreamy and exhausting! BUT you are making me miss my grandsons, it’s been weeks since I got to play with them.

    Love the kiddos!

  12. I like the new setup of the page! Very pretty.

    Yes, I’m totally jealous!!! I think it’s amazing that you really get to let loose and have fun with these kids, because everyone needs to remember not to take themselves seriously once in a while, but not enough of us have such a perfect opportunity to let our hair down and listen to our childish instincts! Sounds so fun :).

  13. Awwww, they are going to miss each other. I love seeing Chase in action and they match! Very nice and yes Chase loves to sing and we make up songs all the time and he sings right along.

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