Sundaes, Mountains, Waterfalls, and Strawberries Must Exist In Heaven, Or I Don’t Want To Go There!

Friday night Dirt Man and I rolled into Nelson. For old times sake, we stopped at the Dairy Isle. Yes, butterscotch sundaes were in order. Yummy. We proceeded up into the mountains in the cool night air. It ended up raining all day Saturday, so we mostly just got some R&R.  The weather is not all that important when we get an opportunity to get out of the rat race and into the beauty of God’s country.

On Sunday, we went by the river property. It is truly a little slice of heaven on earth. There is nothing that compares to the solitude of sitting on the river rocks and listening to the water and knowing there is no one else around.I sat there and basked in the beauty of nature for a while. Then, I decided that I must take more pictures to share with you.  I wanted to take them from that large rock. First I sort of missed a rock on my way there and slipped one foot in. I decided to take off my shoes, and handed Dirt Man the camera. You must realize that the water is extremely cold and the rocks are slippery from algae. Little did I know that he was taping my climb.  He was waiting for an epic fail, as in case I “fell” into the water.  However, I did make it there.

I wish I could describe to you the full pleasure I get from this place. This place is like a gift to me that comes through my husband’s family. It is a place that I am one with nature. I am called by the water. It is home. I realize I live at the beach and that is water, but still it is not the same. The river calls to me. It is a place that I fall so far into myself that I slip into something much larger than I can explain. No other place on earth (that I have yet been) feels quite the same to me.

We headed down from our mountain utopia, and stopped at a local farm and picked these. That’s a lot of strawberries! Sixteen pounds to be exact. I will be making strawberry freezer jam with those. It is much easier and tastier than regular canned strawberry preserves. Yummy! I realize I have yummy in this post twice, so I guess you could say that food is always an important part of everything I do!

To complete our wonderful weekend trip, we stopped and spent the afternoon with these  lovely folks. These are my parents. We had a nice dinner with them. And came home to a clean house (makes us wonder want went on while we were gone!) and a very happy and excited dog.

36 thoughts on “Sundaes, Mountains, Waterfalls, and Strawberries Must Exist In Heaven, Or I Don’t Want To Go There!

  1. Oh, this is a sweet story, and beautiful pictures. What part of VA did you go to. I was born and raised in North Carolina, but my family has lived in Va for years. They are spread out all over Va from Front Royal to Va beach. It is a beautiful state and I wish that I could go there more than I get to go. I also love the river, love to listen to the water. I am so happy that you had a nice relax time.

  2. i LOVE the photo of you on the river rock. it explains exactly how you feel there. now, I am sorry there are no videos of you “falling” as I know well how slippery those rocks are and we “fell” many times as kids. 😉 great trip and great post.

  3. I can relate to the feeling you are describing, there is nothing like being completely surrounded by nature knowing no one will be interupting you, it is a completely peaceful feeling that tells you everything is OK.

    It does look like Gods Country and I am proud you got to spend a little time there and also with your parents.

    I agree with Karal the picture of you on the rocks pretty much sums it all up.

  4. It looks like a beautiful peace of heaven indeed. I too agree that running water touches something inside. I think the sound just washes pieces back into place that get bungled up and jarred out of place in the rat race. Barefoot on the rocks would make it perfect. Lovely post SC.

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful you, and a beautiful place. Finding our soul’s peace is a true blessing. Mine is under water, completely submerged in the quiet silky depths.

  6. Susan – I could almost smell the aroma of the damp trees, earth, and river water as I was reading that. That is our home. However, when I lived there, I don’t quite remember having such an appreciation for it. It was simply that…HOME!!

    Thanks for sharing. And yes, the freezer jam is AWESOME!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing these nice photos. I love to see you happy and at peace with life. Have a great week. 🙂 Nice story you have written. 🙂

  8. I love nature, and strawberries! I know what u mean about being one with nature. I love finding a secluded spot whenever we go camping, and just enjoying the majesty of the trees and all the scenery. I’m glad u have a special place to go! 🙂

  9. That sounds like a lovely trip! The photos you took are beautiful. I can definitely see the allure of the river – those streams in the photos… I could just hear the burble of the water as if flowed over the rock.

    It’s amazing to get out into nature once in a while. It’s really astounding sometimes to see what plants and nature do all on their own without our interference!

  10. Oh, I love this! Thank you for taking photos for us. Isn’t it amazing how being in nature can put everything in perspective?

    Last summer, Husband and I picked 50 (yes, 5-0!!) pounds of strawberries. Lots of jam as gifts for friends, plus lots of frozen berries we’ve been eating all year. This summer though, we’re cutting back!

  11. Those strawberries look absolutely heavenly! I love going up into the mountains as well. There really is nothing so peaceful as sitting on a rock with one’s feet in the stream. Oh, and at night? The sky looks brilliant!

  12. Wow, I get it.. nice and peaceful and totally different from the hustle and bustle of beach life. Love the pictures, glad you had fun. My husband’s grandparent’s lake house in PA is similar, they left it to their grandkids and they keep it as a family vacation spot. It’s quiet and peaceful and best of all, still filled with his grandma’s knick knacks so I feel like I get to know her even though I never did.

  13. Oh, Suziecate….I sooooooooo totally know what you mean by this post. Like I’ve shared several times on my blog, I LOVE being a city boy, however I need my time in natural surroundings.

    Your place in the country looks perfect!

    Same here, I enjoy the ocean (having lived in Florida), but there is something “extra special” about being by a river. It’s the sound; the movement of a river that seems to balance me.

    Your photo of the strawberries made me smile. I just recently bought some at a local grocery store. That’s one of the things I love about this time of the year…STRAWBERRIES!

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day in nature.

    What a blessing!

    Happy Monday, dear lady!


  14. Mountain visits are truly magnificent! I treasure the times I visit my son in Charlotte and skip over to the mountains for a bit. Or when I travel to my mom’s in Kansas City I stop in campground in the mountains to chill out for a day.

    Missed the strawberries this year because of the move, but feel free to send me some of your jam. Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll send you my address 😉

  15. I can see how that place is a place of great joy to you. It is gorgeous! GREAT shots.

    While water is water, there is a big difference between ocean and beach noises and water than river noises and water. So it makes sense that you enjoy river water and noises differently.

    YAY US (your readers)!!! I am sooooo glad you decided to take pictures to share with us. I am glad you had such a nice little retreat. Thank you for sharing!

  16. That sounds perfect. And I love butterscotch icecream but only the soft serve dipped kind. Loved the photos!

  17. What an absolutely perfect weekend you had! I keep saying I’m going to plant some strawberries, but I know the birds and I would have a battle, so I just talk about it. I love when we are able to get to the coast, or even just visit a river for a few hours or a couple of days. We have a river very close to us – I must find some walking paths where I can take the girls.

  18. I can feel the joy through your post and see it on the faces of you and your family.

    I’m reminded of a day on the rocks above the Potomac river – can’t remember if it was on the Maryland side or the Virginia side. But those feelings that you described are what I also felt. That was SO many years ago. Maybe my husband and I should plan to do it again.

  19. The power of place to heal and soothe always astounds me. I’m glad you’ve found the place that brings you peace. And fresh-picked strawberries nearby? Wow.

  20. How beautiful! I feel this same way about Sedona, AZ – I love it there, and can’t wait to get back again – hopefully some day soon! There’s just something about all of that natural beauty that revives the spirit and helps put things into perspective.

  21. lovel! I love such places .Every summer , I spend my summer holidays in a Moroccan city called Ifrane , a small city with hundreds of lakes and waterfalls.thanks suzi for sharing.

  22. I am a cancer and I feel like being by the water changes me into a better person.

    I love nothing more than to sit by a stream and just think.

    Glad you had a great time and yes, Phoebe and I would be happy to join on your next trip there

  23. Great pictures! I feel like I was there! I live at the beach, too, but there’s nothing like getting the mountains and trees and streams and rivers. It’s just … different. Peaceful. Recharging.

    I just got a huge dump of strawberries in my garden – early for here! Freezer jam sounds like a good solution!

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