From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand

In this space that is mine

I am called out of myself

A challenge to transcend boundaries

One that leaves you behind

To invent your own purpose

Though I am surrounded by clouds

You are my shadow

I feel your presence

I see you in the tangible signs

You leave behind

My breath is moist and deep

As I let go of expectations

To remain at peace

My truth is not your truth

Nor should it be your doctrine

For you should know

A wind that rips the heart

Can surely sever the soul

And taking the saliva

From another’s mouth

Will never fill your emptiness

No matter that you consume

You must be able to digest

To ever be satisfied

When freedom is confined by shadows

It is almost meaningless

And words are incomprehensible

When they come from that sacred place

That does not belong to you

Though you are within my landscape

I can not be your bridge

Nor can I soothe your storms

While riding out the furies of my own

I find a deeper resolution

As I scatter your ashes

Do not think I abandoned you

I was never yours

I have no need for validation

Because I know I am

However, I wonder

If I were to be born again

When I turned around

Would you still be there

31 thoughts on “From Where I Stand

  1. “In this space that is mine”

    That is a powerful sentence. We do all have the ability…but, do we have the strength and courage. I like your words. We need to all sit back and review our life. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Because I know I Am…….would that we all truly knew that. Amazing poem, very thought provoking. You really do write some wonderful poetry, have you ever done or thought about doing a book of poetry and getting it published?

    • Alas, if only someone would want to publish me, I’d pounce at the opportunity. Getting published is just not that easy. One first must find a venue. If I had the time, I’d research places and send some out.

  3. I love this poem, and I agree with Doraz on what she said. Have a good time sweetie. I wish I was in the moutains with you. Are you camping? My husband and I used to go camping all the time when we were younger.

  4. Now as you know I don’t always get poetry, but this was GOOD! Just in the short time we have been friends, you have managed to change my opinion about poetry. You write it so well.

  5. I love these lines~

    And taking the saliva

    From another’s mouth

    Will never fill your emptiness

    So true and so brilliantly expressed. One person can never fill another soul’s void.

    Beautiful Suzicate!

  6. This whole poem totally moved me, SC.

    It was like reading one complete Chapter from your life.

    Moving on.

    And for some reason, these words touched me deeply….

    “If I were to be born again

    When I turned around

    Would you still be there”

    Thank you for sharing your gift, dear lady!

    Always enjoyed.


  7. I especially loved these lines:

    “I feel your presence
    I see you in the tangible signs”


    “I can not be your bridge
    Nor can I soothe your storms”

  8. “These words come from a sacred place…
    I will not be your bridge”

    Love this thought —- bkm

  9. i wonder if you are referring to a past love or is it a family member? Is this based on feelings you have/had for someone or is it just a blanket state of emotion that could apply to many different situations. Sometimes I feel in your poetry you are speaking to someone directly…beside yourself.I have often found in reading what you write that it evokes for me the thought of someone that I once loved in my past. Maybe I am confusing my own thoughts with yours. Still…I loved it as I always love your poetry. Thank you.

  10. Very powerful. Extremely so. I finished reading and heaved a big sigh, because I just… I don’t know, I felt so much while reading it. I adore your poetry, Suzi. I think you’re so incredibly talented.

  11. I this gripping. What is spoke to me is that we can’t fill another’s voids. We were not intended to.

    The shadows can be so strong in life that we cannot see around/through/by them….also another’s struggles and eclipse our freedom..if we allow it…

    Very good SC!

  12. Like Heather said, and as I have said before, I don’t always “get” poetry, and I am not certain I
    have the full meaning of this, but I have a sense of it. And I like it, although it feels sad.

    I love how so many people quoted their favorite lines. Mine was the beginning until I got further down, then it changed, and changed, and changed.

    Thank you for sharing your art and your talent.

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