Rewriting The Stories Of My Heart

I am a collector of stories. There are the stories of my heart. These are my feelings, the things I dig deep down and find. These are the stories that are me. Then there are the stories of my past. These are the experiences that have shaped my life and made me into the person that I am at this moment in time. The stories of my future are my dreams. These are the stories that might or might not come to fruition.

I am a genealogy enthusiast. I record names, dates, and events. I listen carefully to family stories. First I write them in my heart, and then I pen them. Sometimes, I have to recheck with sources many times over as not to let the stories of my heart reinvent the truth. I have found myself rewriting the stories in my mind in the way I wish they had occurred, but I know that’s not accurate history. I have to make a conscious choice of whether I want to hand down family lore based on my heart or whether I want to pass on knowledge based on truth. Factual is not always the way I wish to remember things, but I’d prefer to live in truth rather than dreams. In working this out my own way, I have discovered that sometimes facts alone are a bit boring but when I mix in emotion, the story resides in the heart. So, what I do is I start with facts and I let myself feel those facts deeply. I then take those facts and feelings and I weave them into words. Sometimes, the story turns out much prettier than the reality, and other times not.

I am not speaking of perception. Perceptions and reactions to certain events vary greatly among people of different personalities. I am speaking of truth. Of facts. Those do not change. We can wish and wish away. We can rewrite them in our hearts and minds. No matter how hard we try, facts remain constant. With perception, we can choose to see the positive or the negative. We can use perception to write our own histories. The light in which others recall it will depend on how we relay it. However we choose, facts remain constant.

There are times that the things we choose to believe are not even things told to us by other people. They are own versions of the way we wish things had been. Just because we choose to believe them that way does not make them truth. Nor does it have to make something seem less important. There is much beauty in truth. One only needs to look to see it.

I could choose to relay my life as a fairytale. Or I could victimize myself. I could give you two totally different stories both based on truth. Which would be accurate? The truth would be the one based on facts that is told from my heart. I come from simple means. As in all lives, there were adversities and triumphs. These experiences were mine. These are who I am. I live a simple life. In order for me to live a full life I must live in a reality based on acceptance. I choose to accept truth. I choose to accept myself.

48 thoughts on “Rewriting The Stories Of My Heart

  1. Wow.

    This is so beautiful. It is nice to read. It is so true.

    This is a good think to keep in mind when listening to someone ELSE tell a story, because often their story might just be the way they perceived the situation. I believe we mostly tell stories from that angle and from the heart.

    This is an amazing post.

      • Not all of my posts are assignments. I have been doing many of the memes since I started blogging. But I’ve always done regular posts as well…whatever hits at the moment or I pull from my drafts…yes, I am one of those peopl that keeps two works worth of drafts they I may never publish!

      • I have a difficult time thinking of things to write about sometimes, so I always think of the blogging assignments and WHY someone is posting what they posted. So when I was reading your post I was thinking “Its not an assignment so I wonder where this came from?” And by “where” I just mean what place inside you. Then I THINK I might have discovered where it MIGHT have come from.

        I have post that I have started, but can’t seem to finish and then sometimes when I re-visit them I get the correct idea to finish.

        After I read your posts and your sister’s I sometimes wish I was blogging just to share stories, but I am hoping to educate people so it is different. I love your stuff. Sorry I am always such a long and often commentor.

      • No, problem. I started blogging last Oct. as a place to post assignments from a writer’s group. My friend Karal at the Orange Chair set it up for me. I’ve always written my entire life…my teachers tried to direct me that way, but I didn’t have enough confidence. This is a place that I play around on. Trying to find more time to pursue the other writing projects that are calling me. Writing is how I’ve reached my soul. i’ve followed my heart, and I’ve found me. In the process, I found a balance which has created peace. In a nutshell that is why I write. I do it for me. But making new friends is the best bonus of all!

      • You do it for you. I think that is probably why it is so awesome. I love to read your stuff. I don’t understand poetry, so I don’t comment on those, but I still read them. And I love your stories.

        And guess what? I think you just helped me a lot. I knew this somewhat—I even posted about it (sort of)—but I needed the reminder. I don’t necessarily have to post stories to feel better about my blog, but I can write more from the heart and still do it in the realm of what my blog is about. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Very nice and informative. I feel like I just got some great advice on how to write. Which I can always use! Feelings are hard for me to get across or find the right words for, not just in writing but in daily life. I think it takes lots of practice and now that I have my homework assignment, I will be practicing a lot! Thanks.

  3. This is an interesting post. Hard facts are hard facts no matter what but some events and happenings related to people are not so much hard facts, they instead have what I like to think of as soft edges of remembrance and interpretation. So it is that as I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I look back on certain events and see them differently now, realizing as I do that there have been significant moments I have misread and so missed an opportunity or wrongly judged someone or something. As I was reading your post and thinking about this I suddenly remembered an event I have not thought about for a very long time. Someone actually asked me to marry them once, but at the time I did not realize what he was saying exactly and he, I think, reading my non-response to the hidden question as a refusal never asked again. It was years later that I realized what he had actually been trying to say that night. Perception and reality can be somewhat hazy when people and emotions are involved.

  4. I love this! There really is a difference between everything you’ve written about, and I think the writer in me (us) naturally wants to write things the way wished they were, but – – you’re right – – that isn’t what I want to leave behind. πŸ™‚

    • Thank Kenzie, We all have different reasons for writing and things we want to put out there. Content heavily relies on intent. I prefer authenticity unless my intent is fiction.

      • I meant to say that I agree with you. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well enough. LoL πŸ™‚

  5. I see so much wisdom in this point, Suzicate: “The truth would be the one based on facts that is told from my heart.” As a history teacher, I tried to teach my students to focus on the facts so they could see the real story rather than the interpretations that have been passed down through the years. But what I was overlooking, of course, is the way in which the truth as we experience it isn’t always covered by the facts alone.

    Thanks for this thoughtful post, Suzicate.

  6. The path to acceptance is one that many people succeed at, and one that many people fail to the challenge. I am happy you are content with your life. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  7. Outstanding post, SC!

    “There is much beauty in truth. One only needs to look to see it.’

    You said it, my friend!

    And I think you have the most wonderful talent for taking all the facts, adding your feelings, and still convey the TRUTH.

    “I live a simple life. In order for me to live a full life I must live in a reality based on acceptance. I choose to accept truth. I choose to accept myself.”

    And that TOTALLY shows in your writing!

    Thank you for always sharing your heart!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. i once saw an episode of a tV show where an event occurred and the whole show replayed that event through the eye of four different people…two men and two women. It was so interesting how the perspective shifted as viewed by each character. Somehow I have to wonder if that is how we view our lives. You have posed the opposite above and it ives me much to think about. I often wonder if we live in our own reality which seems like it is “real”….but is it??

    • I am the youngest of six, and you could probably ask each of us about the exact same expereince and we’d each give you a different version. Sometimes perception can be everything if the truth is not known.

      • it is true..if you ask my husband and his sister about their childhood you would actually think they were raised in two different homes by two different parents. i guess this is what makes life interesting and reading and hearing many different perspectives.

    • And I get lost in your photographs…I love how they take me away to places I know I will never get to experience. Sometimes, I feel like I could just go to your site and look around for inspiration to write.

    • Sorry, I haven’t commented on your post. I am in the mountains on ancient dinosaur dial up and it won’t load. I’ll have to wait to read and comment on post until Sun night or Monday. My apologies to all….but I will get to each of you once I am back in civilization. Meantime, I am enjoying the solitude here. It just quit raining so I am hoping to get out and soak in some nature (other than rain).

  9. I think this is why I enjoy your posts so much. You are truly showing who you are! I think that is an awesome talent. Many of us (me) tend to write to be funny or clever but not really touching on who we really are. I love what you write because it is who you are.

  10. I love your true blog posts and I think that you are an absolutly brilliant memoirist (is that even a word?). I also think you should use some of the stories as a basis and write some tremendous fiction. Because I know that you could!


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