Nagging Until The Cows Come Home

Yes, I have told you at least fifty times to do your homework. Do you remember why I keep on you? Yes, you were the kid that had a 100 percent test average that grading period, but you also had a 0 percent homework average which averaged to a D.

Must I keep asking you to take out the garbage? It’s for sanitation’s sake. Do you want it to start to smell in here? It’s your job! Hey, do you want your allowance or what? And while you’re at it, don’t forget the recycle bin!

Clean your room now! No, I’m not going to do it for you. Do you want us to end up on that crazy television show about messy people? Yeah, you’re the one who’s going to be embarrassed when that happens. I swear if you don’t clean it, I’m going to hire a dump truck to come in and haul it all to the dump!

I’ve been waiting all week for you to mow the grass. I’ve asked you at least twice or maybe three times. When are you going to do it? I really don’t want the neighbors to report us to the city for having our grass too long. If we get reported, you’re paying the fine. Yeah, buddy, that’s right.

Were you raised in a barn or something? Close the door already! Why can’t you ever remember to wipe your feet? Look at all that dirt you’re tracking in!

Again, will you please wipe the crumbs off the counters, clean up your spilled drinks, and rinse out your dishes? Do you want a house full of cockroaches or ants or mice or some other evil vermin that is attracted to food? And when you’re finished in there, try closing the cabinet doors, and turning off the light.

Must you play video games this late? I don’t know how anyone could play those stupid games that long! Aren’t you tired? I’m exhausted! Don’t you think you should go to bed now? I think you should go to bed! I’m going to bed!

Just get over it because you know I’m going to nag until the cows come home or until you mow the grass or take out the trash or whatever it is that I think you should do! And it’s all in the name of love!







122 thoughts on “Nagging Until The Cows Come Home

  1. I’ve been blessed that lately when I ask Boo to do something, “Sure thing Mommy!”. I shoulg tape it. I’m sure this is some phase that is going to be short lived.

    She’s 11.
    What are the chances she keeps that attitude through the teens?


    • Um, Nancy, from my experience, girls at 11 are pretty good at listening and helping. Boys, not so much. She’ss keep it up til the hormones hit at about 13. Then it’ll be a little harder.

  2. I’m so familiar…sigh. Sometimes I hate hearing the sound of my own voice repeating the same requests with increasing urgency and frustration. Getting louder and louder because half the time they just seem to tune me out completely! It’s maddening. Sorry, Mom, I didn’t hear you. You didn’t ask me to do that, did you? Uhm, yeah, yeah I did about 37,000 times. Ugh.

      • I absolutely love that. I’ve seen it a dozen times and it always makes me smile! I think we’re all nags… or just jackasses! (I think that is a jacksass not a horse…lol)

      • It does look like one, but it was posted on a site for free horse images. I figured it didn’t really matter cuz he looks like he’s nagging someone!


    OMG…..what a FUN post this was!!!!

    Enjoyed the photos at the end!

    My mother always says, “I NAG because that’s my job!”


    Have a great day, SC!


  4. One of my friends who is a parent told me recently that the part she hates the most is always saying no. That she hates how often that word comes out of her mouth. I suggested that she ban that word from her vocab for a day but she was too scared of what the outcome in her household might be.

    • Well, if you are just banning the WORD from the vacabulary couldn’t other things be used as a substitute? As in, “Well, I don’t think that hanging from the ceiling light is the only way to feel the wind in your face. Why don’t we go to the park and swing.” “Well, cookies are a ‘once-a-day’ thing, do you want them now or after dinner? Maybe one now and two after dinner?”

      Ha! You do know that the BEST parents are NON-parents. Ha! I have seen some parents say “no” without really saying no and it always makes me laugh and feel amazed.

      • Like your wording, but hard to get the brain momentum to come up with that while they are hanging from the ceiling light! Actually mine have outgrown most of those things. They just need fire under their rears to finish papers on time and go to interviews etc…and sometimes mow the lawn and take out the trash. Mostly just the younger one.

      • I figured a parent whose child is hanging from the light fixture might have a difficult time coming up with something like that. For a lot of reasons, but one might be because she is concentrating on something/someone else and then BAM! there is the child playing Tarzan on the fixture—that is why I let people KNOW that I am a “NON-parent” (ya know, the BEST kind, MOST qualified to give advice — ha, I crack myself up!)

        I have faith in most kids, I think they want to do what is right, but they get distracted an forget—hence the nagging. I believe—and I think that the kids know (deep down inside) that the “nagging” is loving, like dustus mentioned, tough love. 🙂 I remember just having to do certain things in order to be allowed to do my fun stuff, so I don’t remember my mom nagging a lot. She might remember differently.

    • My hubby does his share, also. We’ve heard that mid twenties your children start thinking you’re really smart. We’ve been waiting…and the oldest is just starting to come around!

  5. LOL All in the name of love. If my girls when they were growing up, and now my grandkids didn’t do their chores I would give them their allowance then make them hand it back to me. I said to them, when I do your work then you will pay me. Needless to say it didn’t take too many times for me to get my point across. My rule was with my girls and still is with my grandkids, anything left on the floor after you go to bed and I have to pick up, it belongs to me, and since I have no use for it then it will go into the garbage. That didn’t take long to sink into their heads, after losing a few things. If they tear something up because it wasn’t taken care of it doesn’t get “REPLACED”. I know this sounds hard but tough love teaches and it saves you a lot of headaches and getting stress out. NO mean NO and YES means YES. You kids will thank you for it later on in life. Mine did, and my grandkids will too if I live long enough to see them grow into adults. You are a beautiful young lady my friend. Or should I say you nag. hehehehehe just teasing you. LOL

    • Haha. Thanks. Actually, our kids have learned a few lessons the hard way, too. The oldest now does things before being asked…he said he figures it puts us in better moods to get his way when he need something!

  6. even if you are a nagger, you are beautiful! and i’m not sure threatening to end up on Hoarders will work. I remember my parents always took away my brothers’ Nintendo until they did their chores. That usually got things done in pretty short order. LOL!

    • I used to take away everything the youngest owned and send him to his room. He would sit there and read (and he hated to read!) instead of doing what he was supposed to do! Of course, he got that stubborness from his dad not me!

  7. Great picture of you. I like to see your face up front (and current, as in not the photos of you when you were a child). Cool.

    I don’t have children, but my husband always says to me, “Why didn’t you remind me to do that?” Then I say I don’t want to nag. And he says, “Its not nagging, just keep reminding me.” So then I do and he says I am a nag. Oooooo. Not nice! 🙂

  8. Oh my, I just know I have this all ahead of me. Great picture of you I agree and a great post yet again.

    I decided to try and not use the word “no” today with my three year old daughter and we made it all the way through to a trip to Kroger without me saying it, but then yes, I did, a couple of times. It meant we were up at 5:30 playing, did play-doh at 8:00am for an hour followed by painting and more painting at 9:00am and by 10:00am we had been playing for over four hours……but it was fun! Maybe a day of no nagging is in order 🙂

    • I saw a mom trying to negotiate with her 3 year old daughter because their plans to go out for the evening were canceled. Mom was getting more and more upset, upping the stakes to an hour of Barbie time and a pizza. The kid wouldn’t budge and was almost hysterical. I finally looked sympathetically at the mom and said, “Sometimes it’s really hard to say no.” She looked relieved and gently told her daughter that she was sorry, they would go out another night, without using the dreaded “no” at all. The little girl hugged her mom and cried for a few minutes. It was all over with after that and they both looked less stressed out.

      • @aging mommy: OOPS!! I was editing and deleted this: “I commend you for even trying to go without no. I tried to do it once and I was NOT as successful as you and the mom of the 3 year old.”

  9. Ohh, this is endearing. Nagging is a form of love, I think. And of course, we all end up becoming nags just like our moms. It all comes full circle!

  10. I had a heck of a laugh suzi ; your post is really funny mainly (Were you raised in a barn or something? )
    as for your pic, allow me to say that you are gorgeous suzi and I doubt that you are a nagging person.

  11. Nagging? It wouldn’t be nagging if they did what they were supposed to the first time around. I think it will forever be a work in progress.

    So are you referring to your child or your husband? Just kidding!! 🙂

  12. I tell them that I hate that they make me nag. I’m just as tired of listening to me nag as they are, so they should just do what I ask and save us both some trouble. No, it doesn’t ever work.

    I feel your pain, sister.

  13. Ah, the life of a parent. I finally started taking the full trash can and placing it in my son’s room, closing the door of course. so it would stink up his room and not my kitchen. Dirty dishes left in the sink (if I was feeling extremely taken for granted) were placed gently in his bed. The laundry he snuck into my already full hamper, left in the hamper after I washed my own. He has his own mind and often chooses not to do his chores, but it doesn’t mean I have to live with it. He can keep his bedroom a pig sty, just keep the door shut so I don’t have to be confronted with it. Someday…..

    • Yes, I agree. I consider bedrooms private sanctuary, just close the door and do what you want with your space! I have a friend who used similar tactics as yours and it worked for her, too. Seriously, I’ve thought about it!

  14. No way, that is NOT a face that nags!

    I hope the cows do come home sometime [or maybe, better yet, that someone mows the lawn and takes out the trash] so that you don’t have to feel like you nag!

  15. I used to be the queen of the “nag” but I gave up. I figure at their ages it just does not make much sense to expend the energy. Sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself. But I think it is the inherent right of a mom to nag…it is an unwritten law somewhere.
    By the way, did you have trouble posting agin on my blog. The thing is messing up and I wondered if you tried. If you ddi I am sorry not to respond but some of the comments are not showing up.

  16. So funny!! A Mom’s job is never done. I got grounded by my own mother a few weeks ago and I’m 44. My parents live with me, and when I got home from work one Friday Mom said, “I hope you don’t have any plans this weekend.” I answered, “No, I don’t. Why?” “Because your room is a mess!” I laughed and went to make my bed and tidy up my desk.

  17. I LOVE this post. You are NOT a nag. You are someone who wants to be heard. lol 🙂 Have fun this week getting those people to move. lol 🙂

  18. I have had this conversation with two of my fello co-habiting girlfriends in the past week, and we have all said the same thing – “If he just did it the first time I asked I WOULDN’T HAVE TO NAG! GOD!”.

    Funny ’cause it’s true…

  19. Nothing would ever get done around here if I did not ask more than once. Two teenage daughters who always say they’ll do it after dinner, or later, or after their homework. It’s not me, it’s them! We all turn into our parents eventually.

  20. Some may call it nagging, I call it teaching responsibility. If I had a nickel for every time I said,”I wouldn’t tell you so many times if you were not too lazy to do it the first time.” So much for turning it onto me…hehehe.

    You go girl, show you care.

  21. Sound like you’re doing your mom job exactly right!

    And I’m totally with ya on the avoidance of vermin. We never had so much as a roach in our house until we had a toddler, all htose cracker crumbs in God only know what crevices. Well, she’s 8 now, but, we’re still fighting to keep the vermin at bay.



  22. if I had a nickel for every time i said:

    turn off the lights
    put your clothes away
    feed the dog
    do your homework
    take 5 more bites

    you’re dad is an asshole…

    okay, maybe not the last one

  23. I know you do. We do it because we care. They say,”When I have kids, they can do whatever they want to do.” I say, “Until then, you will respect and honor me. As far as your kids. I feel sorry for them.”

    Little do they know, they will soon see their mothers in the mirror when they are combing their own hair. Can’t get out of the mirror fast enough. Heart beating. When did they become their mother, but worse. Their children will not have the freedom that we gave them. Ha! Ha!

  24. I loved this. Because my mum did it, but also I now live with my partner and her sister (and her sisters partner).

    Now -I- am the nagging one. Honestly I feel like a parent and I’ve never beared any “fruit” from my loins.

    But I’m constantly asking them to clean up.

    I thank my mum for my nagging abilities. Good one mum!

      • Haha in the long run it does indeed. Although my partner is regularly telling me I’m not like other guys (E.G she gets constant massages, attention and affection). So maybe I’m the exception to the rule and the theory is disproved!? lol.

  25. You don’t know what a real nag is until you have had a Jewish mother. What do 24 Jewish women do in the cellar? Whine!

  26. Funny how life goes in circles, I thought of both my Mom talking to me and My Wife talking to our Kids.

    Loved the post, loved the pics, nice job SC

  27. It’s not nagging – it’s reminding. Sometimes (well, maybe lots of times) they’re rememberers get broken. Then they need reminding. It’s in the job description.

  28. so you are saying it doesn’t get better any time soon? Is that what you are saying? Because I don’t like you right now if that is the case. I have a long way to go and a lot of NAGGING to do, if that is the case. I don’t think I want to visit you anymore SC. You have depressed me (listening to me). 😦
    (Just joking! I love visiting and will be back for more)

  29. OMGoodness you sound like my mother! I’m gonna have nightmares! LOL!! Just kidding, I’m a nagger too! I have become everything I hated growing up! LOL!

    • I hear you Heather. I had a whole list of what I woudn’t do as a mother. Of course, they were all thing my own mother did. And of course I do them all!!!

  30. Ha ha ha ha! I’m looking forward to motherhood even more so, now. . .

    I hear it’s worth it, though. So, thanks for all u do as a mother. They’ll appreciate it at some point in their lives.

  31. This is what I have to look forward to? Oh joy! But that’s what it takes to mold them into adults. So I’ll nag till the cows come home. Even if I sound like a horses ass….

  32. Love how the picture changes to tone of the nagging. What would the world be without a little nagging? I’m not a mother, but I find myself giving my fair share of nagging to the world on a daily basis. I call it getting practice for the job I will have to do someday–be a mother.

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