My entry for Jingle’s Thurday’s Poets’ Rally.



The long pause
Mouth gaping
Echo of my soul
Thwarted in my throat
I can not say what I do not know

Logic exists in silence
Scraping my dreams to dust
Truth rebels shadows
Aching my bones to sing
I can not do what I do not know

A faint hum
Softly tickling my courage
Grinding screech of energy
Flinging from my fingertips
As I grasp for what is me

Raw and exposed
Flesh and feeling
Wrestling the illusion
Built with diffidence and shame
Breath of Holiness whispers
“I forgive you”

Song rises forth
From lungs to the heavens
As I claim and exclaim
All that is within me

39 thoughts on “Identity

    • I suppose it might appear as such. But I was actually writing about how women struggle with being who they really are and not who everyone wants them to be. We conform until we actually lose ourselves at times, and them when we find ourselves again, it’s a struggle to have the courage to claim who we are.

  1. your poem is full of energy,
    what talent!
    thanks for the award acceptance and nomination.
    Happy Thursday ahead!

  2. I do know a lot of friends who struggles with being who they are, not what others want them to be, but from a child up my mom let me be who I am so in my grown up years I have insisted on being who God intended for me to be, and that is “ME” Good or bad I am me. LOL

    • Oh, glad you like that line. I do that too when I read poetry…usually one line will reach out and grab me, sometimes it even smacks me in the head!

  3. Identity is a personal struggle that many have to take on with a determination. It is always peaceful when one finally does accept.:) Nice words.

  4. I loved reading your response to Emmanuels’ comment, because I could SEE what it was that you (as the author) were clearly saying with this beautiful piece!

    Isn’t wonderful how everyone can read the same piece of poetry, and take from it their own interpretation?

    That’s what I love about art!

    “Flinging from my fingertips
    As I grasp for what is me”

    Love that!

    Thanks for sharing, SC! Hope you’re having a great day!


    • I found it! It had gone to spam…how dare my spam machine think this was spam! Thanks, Ron. It is amazing how we can all interpret pieces differently…and that is what is great about poetry – that the author can be talking about one thing, but a reader identifies with it on a totally different level. But yes, you usually do get exactly what I’m saying! And a lovely day to you as well.

  5. This one gave me chills, SuziCate. I especially loved this line,

    “As I claim and exclaim
    All that is within me”

    I’ve never thought about the connection and juxtaposition between the words “claim” and “exclaim.” Thank you for opening my eyes this afternoon!

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