Failure To Claim

This is my entry for Jingle’s Thursday Poets’ Rally.

Failure To Claim
Settlers among the ruins
Of human sufferings
Looking for a place of refuge
From persecution and bitterness
That cuts like a winter storm
Prosperity is never found
In the midst of void
Where one is afraid
To hope
To stretch
To live

55 thoughts on “Failure To Claim

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  2. Wow that void and hopelessness has a resounding echo….

    Nicely done my dear

    Happy Thursday Poet’s Rally

  3. Absolutely…WOW!

    It amazes me how you can express so much in so few words!

    For me, as I was reading this it represented the fear we sometimes have, from our past expriences, to grow and move forward. To claim the prosperity that is ours.

    Beautiful, SC!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hope you had a great day!


    • Ron, I am glad you were touched. And am also happy that you get me. Sometimes, I wonder if people will just read my words and go WTH?, so I’m always happy when I resonate with someone. Thanks for always popping by and leaving me a comment. You always brighten my blog!

  4. How often we forget to grab what is right in front of us and recognize it as something that makes us richer than anything else. The key is not getting lost in the void. Sometimes that is difficult but every so often life sends a wake up call. I really enjoyed this poem. It moved me.

  5. Human bondage as it perseveres
    It does not take you nowhere but here
    Looking around with no purpose of life
    More of its calamity in struggle and strife
    But to have one come the depths of all its ruins
    Comes the shift of Awareness in all its doings

    enjoy as well Suzicate(+)

    • Thanks, Jingle. As always I am honored. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to pick them up or not as I didn’t have enought time to link other blogs and pass them on.

  6. the first thing i noticed was that the words form a child’s spinning top!

    the second thing i noticed was that you are no amateur poet. you hit your point hard and fast, and left me spinning… pun intended.


  7. Now I know why I feel so kindred to you. I have 3 boys…and now I feel as if I were made to have boys.

    I can remember the times when I thought I always wanted girls. It’s boys I actually wanted, I see that now.

    I cherish this post.

    Thank you.

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  9. I think the word AFRAID sums up so much of why people do not move forward — myself included in that sentiment.

    A crisp and clean poem with impact!!

    As always, your writing rocks!


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