Kicking Cancer’s Butt (And Some Awards!)

This was designed by my new friend Kelly. I have never promoted anyone or any cause on my blog. I take exception this time for two reasons. First being that Kelly is a fabulous artist and jewelry designer. Second being that Kelly is donating $10 for every necklace she sells to help her friend Lu who is fighting a battle with brain cancer. She has been inspired by her friend. I can relate to this as I lost a very good friend fifteen years ago to cancer.  This is Kelly’s site. Please check her out…you won’t be disappointed.

Now onto some awards! I am honored to have received these twelve awards from two   generous, kindhearted, and talented bloggers Shakira and Jingle. Please check out these fabulous blogs. And while you’re here help yourself to a few awards.

29 thoughts on “Kicking Cancer’s Butt (And Some Awards!)

  1. Oh Suz,

    Thank you so much for posting this. You have truly touched me and I’ll let Lu know too. She just cries when I tell her of the blog communities outpour of love and support for her.
    AND, you darling Robin already purchased a necklace last night!! That woman rocks and so do you.
    I’m so thankful for your kindness, laughs, & support.

  2. Wonderful cause and such a beautiful necklace!

    I will definately check out Kelly’s site. Thank you for letting us know about it.

    And CONGRATS on all the FABU awards, SC! Muchly deserved. I especially enjoyed the words on the first one.

    Hope you’re having a a Saturday!


  3. Hey lovely lady,

    Thanks so much for purchasing one of Lu’s “INSPIRED” necklaces and sending so many people this way. Oh, and I see you snatched up my sweet pearl bracelet and earrings too! What a surprise:-)

    Thanks again, you don’t know how much this means to me and to Lu.

  4. Just lovely jewelry! And for such a good cause! Plus, right in time for Mother’s Day! Great!

    I love all your gorgeous awards! And you deserve each and every one of them!

  5. This is a wonderful cause, and the necklace is truly beautiful.

    Now I have to ask a kind of weird question. This artist doesn’t happen to be based in LA, is she? Because I swear I saw jewelry really really similar to hers in the book store at the Aroma Cafe in Los Angeles.

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