My Many Roles

I can also be found at Laugh Out Loud today. 

 (Friday, April 30. I posted this on entry for Spin on Thurs pm.)

Mother, daughter, sister, wife

Aunt, cousin, friend for life

Babysitter, referee, butt wiper

Accountant, debit card swiper

Chauffer, cook, and maid

And many other things not paid

Personal assistant for any need

To the rescue at tremendous speed

If it’s sewn, I am it’s maker

Cakes, cookies, biscotti baker

Poet, writer ,teller of tales

Wisher, worrier, biter of nails

Button sewer, clothes mender

Flower and herb garden tender

Recipe ingredients and social mixer

Cheerleader and hurt feelings fixer

Fly swatter and big bug squasher

Pooper scooper and window washer

Clothes buyer and kitchen floor sweeper

Captain of the house and memory keeper

Kisser of boo boos, listener of woes

All these things keep me on my toes!

Complexity of woman, no greater role

All of this combined makes me whole

So, when you ask me which is best,

I say I can’t be one without the rest!

44 thoughts on “My Many Roles

    • I prefer someone else squash the bugs, but I’m usually the one at home! Yes, I do make some fab biscotti, if I do say so myself. Hoever, it is not your typical biscotti…it is loaded with the good stuff!!! It’s actually very easy to make…as simple as cookies.

  1. BRAVA, SC!!!!!

    THIS. IS. BRILLIANT.!!!!!!

    And I gotta say this to express how I HONESTLY feel….

    Women RULE!

    Sorry, but no man has the strength nor the multitasking skills to achieve all this!

    And this is coming from a MAN!


    GREAT poem!

    Hope you had a great day, dear lady…X

  2. “Memory keeper.” i love that. it’s so true, we really do store a lot in our hearts, don’t we?

    (PS:congrats on the guest post and all of the awards!)

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