Life Essentials

This is my entry for Jingle’s Thursday’s Poets’ Rally.

Friendship and community
We stand alone

Love and compassion
We cease to exist

 Faith and integrity
We are lost

Compromise and creativity
We lack vitality

Words in our lives
We are empty


I have recently been gifted with many awards that I have not passed on. I have not been purposely neglectful; I have just been overwhelmed with so much going on at this time. However, the real problem lies with the fact that when I put them on my awards page, something happened and I lost an unbelievable number of them. I went back through my comments and recovered what I could. I have no idea what I have passed on, so I am only going to pass on a few of them. These come from Jingle, Abderrahim, and Trisha. I thank each of you  from the bottom of my heart.

If you are reading this post, feel free to grab an award and post it on your blog. Share the love. Blessings to all.

46 thoughts on “Life Essentials

  1. I love today’s poem (or is it tomorrow’s poem?). The first stanza reminds me of the difference between simply keeping a journal and keeping a blog journal – building a forum for a community of discussion. You do that so well.

    Congratulations on your avalanche of awards. I just might nab one because they are so pretty! And you know how I love shiny objects….

    • Ha…probably from years of saying WAY too much…I’ve decided to try to give others a break by trying to come up with the right word instead of many. (I’m trying to do the world a favor by shutting my mouth!)

  2. I absolutely love this poem and agree with it with all my heart. I loved your award..You are Truly Beautiful. It’s true.

  3. In this community of exceptional poets, how could we ever be empty or alone? A beautiful expressive poem. Love it 🙂 xx

    • thank each of you for your comments and input. I really appreciate it. I am insecure when it comes to poetry. Even though I love writing it and know what I want to say, I just never know if it will make sense to others.

  4. Oh boy, this poem is TRULY life essentials!

    This part really touched me…

    Faith and integrity
    We are lost.”

    Congrats on all your muchly deserved awards, SC!

    You ROCK, girl!

    {{{{ X }}}

  5. Again, another wonderful (and true) poem. I envy you your talent!

    When I got overwhelmed with the “blog awards” instead of passing them on, I acknowledged them then just created a new one and gave it out! LOL Now when people give me one, I thank them and let them know how flattered I am – if I remember, I put it on my “Accolades” page. I’m bad with bloggy awards.

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