Coltations and Charlosations

My godchildren are ages four and two. They come up with some of the silliest things. I have named the following things that have spewed from their mouths Coltations and Charlosations.


 Colt: Mom can you help me? This is hard. It is making me have a Hard Attack


Colt’s Mom: There will be no crying or whining this morning.

Colt: so you are saying if I hurt myself I can’t cry. Are you at least going to ask me if I am okay?


Colt: Daddy What kind of phone do you have? Is it a blackberry or a blueberry?


Colt’s Mom walked in on this one.

Colt: Charlotte, you want to drink fishwater out of my tank?

Charlotte: Yes.

Colt’s Mom intervening: Colt do not make your sister drink fishwater.

Colt: Why? She will do it.

Colt‘s Mom: Does not mean that you should encourage her.

Colt: Big Sigh……


Colt‘s Mom: You don’t want a different sister do you?

Colt: One that does not bite?

Colt‘s Mom: If we had one that didn’t bite the we would not have Charlotte. We want Charlotte.

Colt: We could just name the new one Charlotte. Then you would still have a Charlotte that didn’t bite.


Colt‘s Mom: Colt I want to talk to you.

Colt: about what?

Colt‘s Mom: I just want to talk

Colt: Okay, make it REALLY quick.


Colt‘s Mom: Colt you need to layer today. It is going to be cold outside.

Colt: How about I wear a tshirt and a sweatshirt on top?

Colt‘s Mom: that sounds good ,but you still have to wear a coat outside.

Colt: Then what is a sweatshirt really for?


Colt: Hey mom your car is all snowed up.


Colt is in time out. Colt: When can I get out?

His Mom: When you can behave.

Colt: So, I can never get out?!



 Charlotte‘s Mom: Charlotte are you a princess?

Charlotte: No

Charlotte‘s Mom: Do you want to be a Princess?

Charlotte: No I am Charlotte.


Charlotte’s Mom: Charlotte, do you want to use the potty?

Charlotte: GRRRRRR

Charlotte’s Mom: When are you going to start using the potty?

Charlotte: GRRRRRR

Colt: Sounds like NEVER to me!


And today, the dog kept wanting in and out, in and out of the house, driving me crazy. Finally exasperated I tell the dog, “You are a pain”. Then Charlotte says, ‘No, YOU are a pain, Duyan!”  WTH? I asked her what she said and she repeats, “Duyan, YOU are a pain!” Duyan is pronounced Doin’ as in ‘what are you doing?’ This child started out in life calling me Mommy and her mother Mama. Then she changed to calling me Susan. About a month ago, she out of thin air renamed me “Duyan”. That’s my girl! She can call me anything she wants as long as she continues to “lub lub dub” me.

40 thoughts on “Coltations and Charlosations

  1. Hi Susan..How have You been, my friend..hope all is well with you….Ive been very distratced lately..crazy at work and just all around nonsense..glad to be back..!!Awww Those are the cutest …!!! Isnt it so refreshing to hear life through the lil ones mouths…they are adorable..I bet you have a ball with them…Enjoy YouR Day…!!!

  2. They are both too cute for words. So funny the stuff they come up with! When I call Bridget a baby she says, “NO! I’m Bridget.”
    Just like Charlotte’s not a princess, I just love their innocence.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes… I love the simplistic way kids communicate. Makes you wonder how we muck it all up on the way to becoming a “grown-up.”

  4. OMG, what an ADORABLE post, SC!

    I was smilin’ from ear to ear, reading this!!!

    “Colt: Daddy What kind of phone do you have? Is it a blackberry or a blueberry?”


    They’re BOTH so cute.

    I LOVE kids!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!


  5. Oh my goodness, Colt sounds like a little minute! I was laughing out loud. Kids are great. My niece didn’t like to be called a princess either. She would say the same thing, actually, “No I am Natalia!”

    I love kids!

  6. Those kids are absolutely adorable! What a couple of munchkins! When my son John was 3 he lisped a little and called his sister, Sheila, “Theala”. Then he adopted a pet name for her “The lay lee bird” or Shelaighleebird. That stuck with her until she was about 10.

  7. Very cute post! Colt sounds like he will give a run for his parent’s money. I like the one about getting a Charlotte that doesn’t bite. Too funny. Come visit today for a give away I’ve got on.

  8. This is hilarious. Kids are so funny. They are so smart. Because they are so little and young I often forget that they are so smart. And they come up with some great lines.

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