Sometimes Used Is Just As Good As New

This month’s KPC topic is supposed to be about something bought at a yard sale or a flee market. I generally don’t frequent them as they are usually held on weekends and I am usually too busy doing other things or too tired from my workweek and need a rest. Therefore, I am going to cheat slightly on this topic. I am going to talk about an item purchased at a church rummage sale. I would think that a rummage sale qualifies as the same thing.

My church has rummage sales twice an year, and all of the proceeds go to missions. Usually we sort through tons of junk. Yeah, I know “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but seriously sometimes we get things like hospital bedpans or plastic takeout cups from local fast food establishments. We also need to go through and reprice some items that some of the dear sweet ladies are out of touch when pricing. I mean sometimes they’ll price a nicely framed oil painting at $5 and then take a kids paint by number painting and stick $15 on it. Anyway, it’s hard work for great charity and sometimes, we also get the opportunity to score big. People donate really nice things like exercise equipment, appliances, furniture, and computers.

Once when I was working it, I purchased a set of golf clubs in a golf bag. I really didn’t know if they were in good condition or not or even whether they were a good brand or not. My hubby had mentioned possibly taking up golf (which he never did) and I figured one of our sons could use them to play with him. I figured if nothing else they could putt around the yard with them. I think I paid $30 for them. Both of my sons ended up using them to play on occasion but mostly they hit pine cones in the back yard for the dog to chase. Many a splendid afternoon for the dog!

My oldest son ended up playing golf and became quite good at it. He joined the golf team at the University he eventually attended. At that time, he needed better clubs, so these got tossed into the garage when he scored a really nice set off a drunk man in a bar one night. Seriously, my son was a bartender on the weekends and one of his regulars brought his clubs to the bar one night and said he wanted to sell them. They were worth almost a thousand dollars and was willing to sell them for about $350, so my son jumped on it. We gave him a hard time because we thought he took advantage of the guy. Ended up that the guy knew exactly what he was doing and had no regrets about it later.

One day Oldest Son who is ADD was cleaning out his rental truck (someone had hit and totaled his car!) and set them in the yard to take inside. In the middle of it, he remembered that he had a test to study for and left them in the yard. We came home from an out of town trip in the meantime. He later went out to retrieve the clubs and they were no where to be found. He wanted to know what we did with them. We were a bit baffled because we hadn’t seen them.

We started asking around and found out that our neighbor watched someone steal them! Yeah, some neighborhood watch! He professed that he assumed it was one of his friends. Right, people just randomly pull up to the cul de sac and grab stuff off your lawn and jump back in their truck and zoom off? Normal routine stuff?! (Same neighbor who watched someone pick up another neighbor’s dog who escaped from the fenced yard. He said nothing when the lady took the dog and said she was going to look for the owner. When the owner started looking for the dog the helpful neighbor gave a description of the car. Fortunately, the dog was found!)Anyway, the golf clubs were history. Oldest Son claimed he couldn’t possibly play with those cheap, crappy clubs I’d bought years ago. I refused to fork out a vast amount of money for a new set. He didn’t find it important enough to save for new ones, so he stopped playing for several months.

When Oldest Son’s birthday rolled around, I went with him to the golf store to try out some clubs. He finally settled on some that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg but that he still shot well with. He claimed that it was all in the clubs not in the expertise of the hitter. He put them on hold to give us time to check around.

In the meantime, he pulled out the cheap, crappy ones and played. Lo and behold, he played just as well! So, he decided that he was much better than he thought, and it wasn’t all in the clubs after all. He took his clubs off hold and decided he wanted new tires for his car instead.

The clubs still rest in the garage until someone grabs a driver and hits pine cones in the back yard for the dog. They are still used for the occasional golf game. I guess they will do until Oldest Son decides to take up the game again and insists that he must have good clubs.

33 thoughts on “Sometimes Used Is Just As Good As New

  1. I am so a fan of re-using. To me, that is how I am GREEN. I think that many people throw away stuff that is completely fine and they buy new stuff and that is wasteful. So re-use, recycle, its fine.

    A LOT of times used is just as good as new!

  2. You can’t beat that deal with a stick! But I guess you can use a pine comb and a club. Ha! 😛

    Couldn’t resist sorry!! Someone needs to fire the neighbor who “watches”. Gee whiz.

  3. Good thing you kept those church sale golf clubs in the garage instead of on the lawn. I can’t imagine watching someone run off with something in my neighbors lawn and just blowing it off as nothing out of the ordinary unless I lived in the worst part of town or something like that.

    My best yard sale find would have to be the original iron claw foot bathtub with original taps in very good condition for $50. Now installed in our home which was built in 1891. Kinda works with the house 🙂

    • Wow, we had those in the home we grew up in. At the time, I felt we just had an “old fashioned” home not realizing the antiques etc….not what I wouldn’t give to have it!!!

  4. My husband and son play golf. I could never get that interested, But, darn somebody drove off with your son’s set from your front yard.

    Now, I will say there is some great things to be found at yard sells and estate sells.

  5. I agree that the neighborhood watcher needs to be fired or either explained to that watch does not mean to watch the neighborhood get carried away.

    I never did get into golf but yard sales are a big interest, it is amazing what treasures you can find that someone only wants to be rid of.

  6. Hmm, I’ve never thought to put my rarely-used 8-iron to use knocking around pine cones for the dogs. I don’t have the time to go to yard sales either, but wish I did. You know I’ve had a bit of luck at thrift stores of late. I LOVE thrift stores. I think the volunteers at thrift stores toss out the bedpans too.

  7. My brother is always claiming that it is the clubs that do make the difference. lol 🙂 That is because he is always messing up! I enjoyed your post. Have fun today. 🙂

  8. easy, dear!
    you are perfect all the way,
    I try to encourage some new ones.
    thus I picked fresh faces…

    love you and hope that all uneasiness and sickness fly out of your windows…

  9. Your title says it all….

    “Sometimes used is just as good as new.”

    I’m all for purchasing something used, because I have found some excellent items at garage/yard sales. Like an HP printer/scanner for virtually half the price.

    My mouth was hanging open while reading about your neighbor who watched someone steal the clubs.

    Yeah, some neighborhood watch!?!?


    Have a great weekend, SC!

  10. I helped a friend get his garage sale set up. It’s a mystery to me what other people think. He had a nice set of English China that he priced at $100 and it sold, no problem. But then he wanted to sell wire hangers for 5 cents each! Huh? (No takers on that.) What always makes me laugh is that people will sometimes put out the darndest things (used hot rollers with hair stuck on them), etc. Ick! I’m sorry your son lost his clubs. But my friend who is a caterer, lost her whole outdoor range when she left it outside a party as she was cleaning up. Truck came by and somebody grabbed it! Awful!

  11. your post reminds me of our Moroccan immigrants in Europe; every summer , they bring a large amount of used items( cups, glasses, plates, tyres , water heaters, coffee makers…….. etc) and sell them at reasonable prices.Some people don’t like to buy what they label as ” trash of europe.”
    Others prefer those used items of high quality to locally made products of poor quality.
    a great post suz.

  12. I never understood why people play golf. (This may or may not having something to do with my ability to play it extremely horribly.) But I am glad he liked the clubs in the end!

  13. We used to laugh at my dad, who had a random golf club in the back yard he would use every now and then to flick dog crap away from the grass at the edge of the pool. Yew! Glad your kids are good at golf. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can even hit the ball. It’s a tough sport.

  14. We were cleaning out our garage and placed our shopvac out in the driveway while going through things. The phone rang and I went in to grab it, called John to come take the call, and went back out to finish cleaning. Then we couldn’t find the shopvac. Turned out our across the street neighbors stole it. We’ve put area rugs out there too (after we found that Harry had been using it as a bathroom and it started to stink despite cleaning) which were taken. That was the biggest laugh since you could hear the complaining coming from their kid that the house smelled like urine.

  15. Sweet story. I bet the blubs keep on giving for all eternity!

    We have never tried our hands at golf, but I can certainly relate to flea market / garage sale / rummage sale treasures…

    Namely… our oak dining table we scored for $75 (needs refinishing, as I’ve been threatening to do for all these 15 years since we got it — why rush into these things?) 🙂

    What else?? wicker set — loveseat, chair and table.

    etc. etc! Oh stained glass windows too!

    My first guitar!!

    My egg poaching pot!! 🙂

    have a great little trip — see you next week, I hope!!

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