You were always there
Lurking in the shadows
For the perfect time
You threaten
With your constant static
And tendency to cling
You follow me
You try to take over
You permeate my every pore
Is nothing sacred anymore?
I gasp for breath
And sputter among the ashes
I refuse
To give up or cave in
I will become a fortress
And I smile
I remember what I had
It is mine alone
For you cannot take this
This peace
Within my soul
I will not compromise
You will not conquer me
I am content with life

36 thoughts on “Warning

  1. My favorite part of this poem is that the “you” stays amorphous. It is whatever nemesis the reader identifies with, thus making all the “I” emotions so very universal. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful, SC!

    I agree with Stacia, this poem has a universal energy to it.

    It can pertain to so many things. For me, it resonates with my feelings about fear.

    “You follow me
    You try to take over

    You will not conquer me
    I am content with life”


    Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. I kept thinking, is she writing about ‘fear” as “you” or depression. It is so beautifully written and truly a fascinating poem because we can all insert our own “you” and it works perfectly.

  4. Nice SC,

    I agree with Debbie on the last line, no matter what “I am content with life” this one can go so many directions for different people but that line sums it up well.

    Thank You

  5. Powerful poem. Resolute against the unidentified intruder. The last line, I am content with life, is great — a bit of a contrast to the staunch guard, and also gives some interesting clues. You are not going to give into whatever threatens your peace. Makes me think it could be a person who poisons without realizing it, or that it could even be depression lurking about. That is how I sometimes feel about how I threaten my own well being, and I have to stand guard against it. In any case, I like your style and rhythm. I especially liked “constant static and tendency to cling” — that for me is what me think of battling my own issues. That this poem has resonated for me and your other readers says a lot. I’m really glad you have decided to post your poetry now and then. You are inspiring me to do the same!

    • To all who have commented on my blog that you resonated with my poem, I thank you. That is what I hope for when I write. I rarely throw words down without intent, so when people actually get what I am saying and enjoy it, I am more than honored.

  6. Wow. Just WOW. That was wonderful – it’s so strange to me that I come across stuff like this right at a time that I can really relate to it. Maybe for a different reason than you wrote it, but still, it spoke to me.
    Thank you for sharing your creative soul with us!

    • So, glad that it reached you in a timely manner. So often that happens to me when I read a particular post. I love it when things speak to me. Hope your trip was awesome!

  7. it is such a pleasure to read your writing; thank you for sharing so much with us : ) and also for ever kind and insightful comments on my poems ~

    i’ve only recently begun experimenting with haikus, and i’m so glad that somebody enjoys them.

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