Awesome Jingle has presented me with the perfect poet award which I graciously accept, and would like to nominate her, Jingle. She is very talented and really sweet. Please visit her and the other poets at Jingle’s Thursday’s Poets’ Rally.


In bondage to myself
Prisoner of my mind
Lusting for what was not
Reaching for what I couldn’t find
In my own world
For I pushed them away
No secrets to share
For I had nothing to say
To my pity
Wallowing in private pain
Acceptance of myself
My life will not be in vain
Delivered from my hell
Given the will to live
Feeling with my heart
Able to love and give

Jingle also honored me with these awards. for participating in the Celebrate Poets of March and this one for winning one of the spots for the Celebrate Poets of March. Thank you to whoever nominated and voted for me. I am both shocked and honored.

39 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. sometimes we sulk and sulk and forget the essence of life is living and not just living but living to the fullest (the best we can). This serves as a pillar for people still yet to resurrect. Cheers!

  2. Truly a glorious piece, SC!

    And I agree with Brian because that’s the first word that came to mind while reading this…”transformation.”

    A transformation that we go though again and again.

    You NAILED it, my friend! Brava!

    Congrats on receiving each and everyone of these awards. Much deserved!

  3. What can be harder is to admit what we are, deep inside. You did just that. You may have trouble with confrontation, but you’re telling us about that aspect of your personality.
    The way you place your thoughts and emotions brings out a dance of words as you tell and explain and apologize for being you.
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. I think women have a much tougher time sticking up for themselves. I would overlook something only if I wanted someone to like me which was all the time, btw.

    Now? With age and a divorce and being a mother? watch out baby!

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