I am honored to accept the nomination for Jingle’s Thursday’s Poets’ Rally.

I nominate Trisha for the Perfect Poet Award.

The following poem was written when I thought about how much my life changed when I simply chose to look at things in a new way. The only thing that really stood between myself and inner peace all those years was my perception of life.

She says
Monsters lurk in the darkness
I say
Peace comes in the night
She sees
Worries and heart aches
I see
Things will be alright

She tastes
bitterness in days gone by
I taste
The sweetness of this day
She waits
For her world to fall apart
I wait
For whatever comes my way

She feels
The pounding of the storm
I feel
The dancing of the falling rain
She learns
Dreams can be crushed
I learn
Experience comes through pain

She smells
The stench of her past
I smell
The roses all year long
She hears
The critic in her head
I hear
The beauty of my song

From the one and only sweet and talented Jingle

and to be passed to these twelve poets:

1. Shakira

2. Trisha

3. Michelle

4. Inscribed In Stone

5. Pilar

6.  A Leaf In The Breeze

7. SugarFreeHoneyBee

8. Messages From Randomland

9. Creating Everyday

10. How Faint The Whisper

11. Michael’s ‘Deep Thoughts’

12. Phoenix Loves

The lovely, sweet, and talented Shakira awarded me with these:

I’d like to pass all three awards to

1. Jingle

2. Poet Traveler

3. Worlds of Words

50 thoughts on “Perception

  1. love your poem,
    this is one of my favorites so far…
    thank you for the excellence in accepting and passing awards, for commenting and writing beautiful poems!

    Have fun!

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  3. the trick is learning to see another perspective and appreciate it for what it is so we can then share ours…smiles. wonderful poem. congrats on the awards.

  4. Perfect title for this enjoyable poem. I especially like how crushed dreams can be viewed as experience. Like how you put it that way 🙂

  5. I really like ur poem! It’s a great lesson on perception in life. Thanks for sharing! U should write a book of ur poems 🙂

  6. *applauding loudly*

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poem!!!

    I really like the “I” “she”; respresenting the duality of our consciousnesses, because it’s SO true!

    You ROCK, SC!

    Congrats on your awards. They’re all much deserved. Thanks for sharing your talents.


  7. Wonderful poem! I wrote a two part blog on the best of times and the worst of times for me last year…and it really was all based on perception! You have summed it up beautifully in your poetry! thanks!!


  8. suzi,

    please notify the 12 poets who have received your poetry award this week,
    I clicked on pilar’s link, I did not see you there, thus reminding you here.

    have fun!

    • Actually, I did notify them…I will check back on that one! There was one that was held for moderation, but I think that one was Inscribed in Stone. Will go over and leave another message for Pilar though. Thanks.

  9. sorry,
    my purpose is not to check or find faults, I try to see who is commenting and who is not,
    some did not…
    I am glad that you have done outstanding job!
    forgive me for my overlooking it.

  10. This poem describes my sister and me perfectly! It definitely is all about perception–I’ve always chosen to see the positive, in everything. It’s always there if you look hard enough. Then one day you won’t have to look at all, you’ll just see it–in every situation. I love your blog, your kindness and the way you always pay your good fortune forward. You are to be admired and emulated. Thank you for my award as well–I’m sorry that I’m a bit technologically challenged and don’t know how to post it on my blog yet–I have to wait until a friend or family member visits who knows how and is willing to do it for me…so it’s not that I’ve just left it, I’m just waiting for someone to attach it for me. Thanks again–for you and all you do.

    • Jen, Thank you for your very kind words. I used to have someone else do it for me and then I finally got it. If I can write my way through the process and make sense I’ll send you instructions email.

  11. This poem made me cry. It resonates so strongly with me. I feel like I’m striving towards the “I” in your poem, but still stuck in what “she” perceives. This was so beautiful, and thank you for posting it.

  12. Oh so “Beautiful and Peaceful,”The dancing of the fallen rain, experience comes through pain” love those lines!!!! Have a beautiful day Suzi 😀 😀

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  14. Wow…is all I can say…the the words…the flow of the verse…the topic and the dual sides…it all is sooo wonderfull..I really love this…great creativity…Mwha..!

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  16. Attitude …. all abt positive attitude!
    tat was very well written and with a very powerful verses… I enjoyed it! there is a positive energy flowing out of ur poem…..
    Keep smiling… 🙂

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