Bloggy Love

I received the “Over The Top!” Award from both Abderrahim and Shakira, and I also received the Cerebral Heart from Shakira. From Abderrahim, I also received an Awesome Blog Award. Abderrahim and Shakira are wonderful Poets that I have met through Jingle’s Thurday Poet Rally. They are very kind souls and beautiful writers. Please pay a visit to their wonderful blogs. Jimmy honored me with the Honest Scrap Award. Jimmy is funny, and he tells it like it is. You’ll love him, so if you don’t know him please go over and introduce yourself.


Rules to Accept “Over The Top!” Award:
1. Answer the survey below in one word.
2. Pass this along to six of your favorite bloggers.
3. Alert them that you have given them this award.
4. Have fun!

Your dream / goal? – success
9) What room are you in? – living room
10) Your Hobby? – quilting
11) Your Fears? –snakes
1) Where is your cell phone? – kitchen
2) Your Hair? –auburn
3) Your Mother? – sweet
4) Your Father? strong
5) Favorite Food? – pizza
6) Your dream last night? –nothing
7) Your favorite drink? – water

12) Where do you want be in 6 years?- here
13) Where were you last night? Restaurant
14) Something that you aren’t? – rich
15) Muffins? – blueberry
16) Wish List item? –publication
17) Where did you grow up? – Virginia
18) Last thing you did? – walk
19) What are you wearing? –jeans
20) Your TV? – off
21) Yours Pets? – dog
22) Friends? – yes
23) Your Life? –Lovely
24) Your Mood? – happy
25) Missing Someone? – friend
26) Vehicle? Subaru
27) Something you’re not wearing? – earrings
28) Your favorite store? – Kohl’s
29) Your favorite color? – Purple
30) When was the last time you laughed? –today
31) Last time you cried? – March
32) Your best friend? – hubby
33) One place that i go to over and over? – store
34) One person who emails you regularly? friend
35) Favorite place to eat? – home

I am passing “Over The Top! Award” to:

1. The Chronicle of Linnnn

2. Stacy’s Random Thoughts

3. Tattoos and Teething Rings

4. Zombie Mommy

5. Live High

6. Half As Good As You

I’m going to be honest here. I am a bit of a slacker in keeping up so I have no ideas for the rules (and besides a have a little bit of a rebel streak in me!)of any of the other awards, so I’m going to pass each of those to three bloggers without any rules.

The Cerebral Heart goes to:

1. Karal

2. Peggy

3. Jingle

Honest Scrap goes to:

1. Abderrahim

2. Shakira

3. Big Little Wolf

Snake’s Awesome Blog Award goes to:

1. Terre Pruitt

2. Poet Traveler

3. Still Breathing

Thanks to one and all for the bloggy love. Please pass it on. Happy weekend to all as well.

24 thoughts on “Bloggy Love

  1. Congrats on receiving all three awards, SC!

    And congrats to all your recipients!

    5) Favorite Food? – pizza

    Yup, me too. With a salad and a glass of red wine….total yummyness!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. SuziCate, Hi! 🙂 Congrats on your awards 🙂

    .. and thanks for giving me the Snake’s Awesome Blog Award. It’s an honor to receive this from you and I feel very happy. I admire and love your writing. Thanks for all your gracious comments on my pages, SuziCate. You inspire! Take care of yourself my dear friend.


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  4. I must say, your blog has grown so quickly in such a short time. I love how your effort and heart earn these brilliant rewards. Much deserved! It’s an honor and privelage to read your wonderful stories. 🙂

  5. Congrats on these ..have a wonderful weekend as well…I have awards I have to put up too..Im a slacker also…I just cant keep up sometimes…

  6. Congrats you to. You deserve awards. I am always so impressed that you have so many commentors. You have more commentors than I have readers. And I suspect that you must have MANY more readers (than you do commentors) because you know they don’t always comment.

    Cheers to you!

  7. Oh, and thanks for the award you passed on to me. I was thinking of thanking you on your comment to me (on my blog), so I hit submit before I realized I didn’t say thanks here. I’m all a flutter!

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