Kicking Cancer’s Butt (And Some Awards!)

This was designed by my new friend Kelly. I have never promoted anyone or any cause on my blog. I take exception this time for two reasons. First being that Kelly is a fabulous artist and jewelry designer. Second being that Kelly is donating $10 for every necklace she sells to help her friend Lu who is fighting a battle with brain cancer. She has been inspired by her friend. I can relate to this as I lost a very good friend fifteen years ago to cancer.  This is Kelly’s site. Please check her out…you won’t be disappointed.

Now onto some awards! I am honored to have received these twelve awards from two   generous, kindhearted, and talented bloggers Shakira and Jingle. Please check out these fabulous blogs. And while you’re here help yourself to a few awards.

My Many Roles

I can also be found at Laugh Out Loud today. 

 (Friday, April 30. I posted this on entry for Spin on Thurs pm.)

Mother, daughter, sister, wife

Aunt, cousin, friend for life

Babysitter, referee, butt wiper

Accountant, debit card swiper

Chauffer, cook, and maid

And many other things not paid

Personal assistant for any need

To the rescue at tremendous speed

If it’s sewn, I am it’s maker

Cakes, cookies, biscotti baker

Poet, writer ,teller of tales

Wisher, worrier, biter of nails

Button sewer, clothes mender

Flower and herb garden tender

Recipe ingredients and social mixer

Cheerleader and hurt feelings fixer

Fly swatter and big bug squasher

Pooper scooper and window washer

Clothes buyer and kitchen floor sweeper

Captain of the house and memory keeper

Kisser of boo boos, listener of woes

All these things keep me on my toes!

Complexity of woman, no greater role

All of this combined makes me whole

So, when you ask me which is best,

I say I can’t be one without the rest!

Life Essentials

This is my entry for Jingle’s Thursday’s Poets’ Rally.

Friendship and community
We stand alone

Love and compassion
We cease to exist

 Faith and integrity
We are lost

Compromise and creativity
We lack vitality

Words in our lives
We are empty


I have recently been gifted with many awards that I have not passed on. I have not been purposely neglectful; I have just been overwhelmed with so much going on at this time. However, the real problem lies with the fact that when I put them on my awards page, something happened and I lost an unbelievable number of them. I went back through my comments and recovered what I could. I have no idea what I have passed on, so I am only going to pass on a few of them. These come from Jingle, Abderrahim, and Trisha. I thank each of you  from the bottom of my heart.

If you are reading this post, feel free to grab an award and post it on your blog. Share the love. Blessings to all.

Coltations and Charlosations

My godchildren are ages four and two. They come up with some of the silliest things. I have named the following things that have spewed from their mouths Coltations and Charlosations.


 Colt: Mom can you help me? This is hard. It is making me have a Hard Attack


Colt’s Mom: There will be no crying or whining this morning.

Colt: so you are saying if I hurt myself I can’t cry. Are you at least going to ask me if I am okay?


Colt: Daddy What kind of phone do you have? Is it a blackberry or a blueberry?


Colt’s Mom walked in on this one.

Colt: Charlotte, you want to drink fishwater out of my tank?

Charlotte: Yes.

Colt’s Mom intervening: Colt do not make your sister drink fishwater.

Colt: Why? She will do it.

Colt‘s Mom: Does not mean that you should encourage her.

Colt: Big Sigh……


Colt‘s Mom: You don’t want a different sister do you?

Colt: One that does not bite?

Colt‘s Mom: If we had one that didn’t bite the we would not have Charlotte. We want Charlotte.

Colt: We could just name the new one Charlotte. Then you would still have a Charlotte that didn’t bite.


Colt‘s Mom: Colt I want to talk to you.

Colt: about what?

Colt‘s Mom: I just want to talk

Colt: Okay, make it REALLY quick.


Colt‘s Mom: Colt you need to layer today. It is going to be cold outside.

Colt: How about I wear a tshirt and a sweatshirt on top?

Colt‘s Mom: that sounds good ,but you still have to wear a coat outside.

Colt: Then what is a sweatshirt really for?


Colt: Hey mom your car is all snowed up.


Colt is in time out. Colt: When can I get out?

His Mom: When you can behave.

Colt: So, I can never get out?!



 Charlotte‘s Mom: Charlotte are you a princess?

Charlotte: No

Charlotte‘s Mom: Do you want to be a Princess?

Charlotte: No I am Charlotte.


Charlotte’s Mom: Charlotte, do you want to use the potty?

Charlotte: GRRRRRR

Charlotte’s Mom: When are you going to start using the potty?

Charlotte: GRRRRRR

Colt: Sounds like NEVER to me!


And today, the dog kept wanting in and out, in and out of the house, driving me crazy. Finally exasperated I tell the dog, “You are a pain”. Then Charlotte says, ‘No, YOU are a pain, Duyan!”  WTH? I asked her what she said and she repeats, “Duyan, YOU are a pain!” Duyan is pronounced Doin’ as in ‘what are you doing?’ This child started out in life calling me Mommy and her mother Mama. Then she changed to calling me Susan. About a month ago, she out of thin air renamed me “Duyan”. That’s my girl! She can call me anything she wants as long as she continues to “lub lub dub” me.

Spy Rock

This weekend, I was able to take a bit of a break from my duties. My youngest and I took a trip up to Spy Rock. We rode the four-wheeler as far as we could and then hiked up the rock base to sheer splendor. Spy Rocks rests in the midst of the highest elevations of the Appalachian Trail on top of Maintop Mountain in Central Virginia. It is a long, rocky, and winding trail to get to the base of the rock. And then the steep hike really begins. The lichen and moss covered rocks were damp from a fresh rain that made footing slippery. As we reached the peak, we watched the fog rolling off the mountain. This spot is probably the best viewpoint of the Central Blue Ridge. It’s elevation is 3,980 feet, providing a 360 degree panoramic view of numerous mountain summits. It is said to have been used by Confederate scouts to monitor movements of Union soldiers, hence the name Spy Rock. Sitting there on top of the world basking in the magnificence of God’s great canvas, I was humbled. I am a mere speck in this universe. We took about eighty pictures. I randomly loaded ten of them to share. It is even more beautiful on a clear day, and especially in the glory of an Autumn palette.

Thumb Twiddlers

“Idleness is the Dead Sea that swallows all virtues.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I am a thumb twiddler. I hate it. I have to be doing something all the time. If not, my hands are restless. Kind of like my mind. Idle minds and hands are not good things in my opinion. They must be kept busy to be sharpened.

My grandmother (Big Mama) was a thumb twiddler. I hated to watch her twirl her thumbs and wring her hands. It made me feel nervous. It made me weary of growing old. I always wondered why she did it and now I understand.

She would sit on our sofa or ride in the car and twiddle her thumbs all the while. And now I know why she did it. She was a woman who kept her hands busy. They planted, weeded and harvested her garden. She cleaned her house, cooked meals, and mended clothes. And of course, she was a vibrant talker who expressed her emotions not only with tone but with her hands.

Thus when she was forced to be sitting at someone’s home, she didn’t know what to do with her hands so she politely sat them in her lap and actively twiddled her thumbs. I’m sure her mind was busy ascertaining the current situation. And because she was not actively engaged in the conversation she didn’t need to use her hands. She exchanged expected niceties that didn’t necessitate expression.

I’ve only recently discovered how much I am like my grandmother. I often find myself twiddling my thumbs if I am in a situation where I am not in control or bored. I feel the need to stay busy. If I am even watching television I am not content unless I am multitasking with my laptop or some fiber art in hand. If I am a participant of formal conversation where I feel pressured, I restrain from talking animatedly with my hands by twiddling my thumbs. Dang, I hate that I do that. I never realized that habits can be generational.

Rhapsody of the Tiger Gypsy

                  Bones of midnight rush
desire’s embrace against a tangerine
moon. A granddaughter’s womb swells
                  under a bramble of dreams.
Another deathless fall spins emeralds
of betrayal into Winter’s fearless
wheel. The tiger gypsy’s spirit
furrows from the sting of salted
silences. Snow elders weep grace upon
a marriage which promises to return
a star-edged earth to the grasses of
the sun.
Stone hearts dance against a bitter wind.
                      And the granddaughter’s
sacred war rises and falls beneath the
harmony of her breasts. Dark trust
rains a dashing jungle of ash upon the
barefeet of an ancient city.
                    Rings of thunder caress
her healing fires, while residue of taut
regret drips a barren forest across briny
faces as they witness a broken tiger gypsy
                          fall into the hiss
                                                   of a lover’s blood.

Note: I wrote this poem about fifteen years ago.  It was an assignment of taking several words from a list and making them into a poem. I was pleased with the imagery and the story that I told in the poem. However, the literary magazine I sent it to way back then was not impressed as it issued me a rejection slip. So, even though they didn’t like it, it remains one of my favorite poems of the ones I’ve written.

Sometimes Used Is Just As Good As New

This month’s KPC topic is supposed to be about something bought at a yard sale or a flee market. I generally don’t frequent them as they are usually held on weekends and I am usually too busy doing other things or too tired from my workweek and need a rest. Therefore, I am going to cheat slightly on this topic. I am going to talk about an item purchased at a church rummage sale. I would think that a rummage sale qualifies as the same thing.

My church has rummage sales twice an year, and all of the proceeds go to missions. Usually we sort through tons of junk. Yeah, I know “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but seriously sometimes we get things like hospital bedpans or plastic takeout cups from local fast food establishments. We also need to go through and reprice some items that some of the dear sweet ladies are out of touch when pricing. I mean sometimes they’ll price a nicely framed oil painting at $5 and then take a kids paint by number painting and stick $15 on it. Anyway, it’s hard work for great charity and sometimes, we also get the opportunity to score big. People donate really nice things like exercise equipment, appliances, furniture, and computers.

Once when I was working it, I purchased a set of golf clubs in a golf bag. I really didn’t know if they were in good condition or not or even whether they were a good brand or not. My hubby had mentioned possibly taking up golf (which he never did) and I figured one of our sons could use them to play with him. I figured if nothing else they could putt around the yard with them. I think I paid $30 for them. Both of my sons ended up using them to play on occasion but mostly they hit pine cones in the back yard for the dog to chase. Many a splendid afternoon for the dog!

My oldest son ended up playing golf and became quite good at it. He joined the golf team at the University he eventually attended. At that time, he needed better clubs, so these got tossed into the garage when he scored a really nice set off a drunk man in a bar one night. Seriously, my son was a bartender on the weekends and one of his regulars brought his clubs to the bar one night and said he wanted to sell them. They were worth almost a thousand dollars and was willing to sell them for about $350, so my son jumped on it. We gave him a hard time because we thought he took advantage of the guy. Ended up that the guy knew exactly what he was doing and had no regrets about it later.

One day Oldest Son who is ADD was cleaning out his rental truck (someone had hit and totaled his car!) and set them in the yard to take inside. In the middle of it, he remembered that he had a test to study for and left them in the yard. We came home from an out of town trip in the meantime. He later went out to retrieve the clubs and they were no where to be found. He wanted to know what we did with them. We were a bit baffled because we hadn’t seen them.

We started asking around and found out that our neighbor watched someone steal them! Yeah, some neighborhood watch! He professed that he assumed it was one of his friends. Right, people just randomly pull up to the cul de sac and grab stuff off your lawn and jump back in their truck and zoom off? Normal routine stuff?! (Same neighbor who watched someone pick up another neighbor’s dog who escaped from the fenced yard. He said nothing when the lady took the dog and said she was going to look for the owner. When the owner started looking for the dog the helpful neighbor gave a description of the car. Fortunately, the dog was found!)Anyway, the golf clubs were history. Oldest Son claimed he couldn’t possibly play with those cheap, crappy clubs I’d bought years ago. I refused to fork out a vast amount of money for a new set. He didn’t find it important enough to save for new ones, so he stopped playing for several months.

When Oldest Son’s birthday rolled around, I went with him to the golf store to try out some clubs. He finally settled on some that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg but that he still shot well with. He claimed that it was all in the clubs not in the expertise of the hitter. He put them on hold to give us time to check around.

In the meantime, he pulled out the cheap, crappy ones and played. Lo and behold, he played just as well! So, he decided that he was much better than he thought, and it wasn’t all in the clubs after all. He took his clubs off hold and decided he wanted new tires for his car instead.

The clubs still rest in the garage until someone grabs a driver and hits pine cones in the back yard for the dog. They are still used for the occasional golf game. I guess they will do until Oldest Son decides to take up the game again and insists that he must have good clubs.

The Journey

I am honored to accept Jingle’s awards, and I’d like to thank whoever nominated me. I’d like to thank Jingle for her dedication and hard work she puts into the Poet’s Rally each Thursday. I’d like to nominate the truly talented John at Reaching For My Pen for this week.

The Journey

How often the sacrifice of soul goes unnoticed
While the walk to paradise is on the path not taken
The universe calls that which is sacred within
While cries of the spirit continue to be forsaken

Heartbeats race wildly throughout eternity
While foraging through the forest of fears
Smiles take shape upon their faceless bodies
While oceans arise from rivers of tears

While waiting for the truths to be unlocked
Clasping hands form the circle of mankind
While love doled out in hugs and kisses
Graces footprints across the earth in time

How vague is reality in a world so dark
Where unknowns struggle to claim their voices
It’s all they can do to blend and follow
When they never knew there were other choices

Daily tearing down and building back up
Of that core that holds all valuable and true
And they hear it when the chaos turns night
That still quiet whisper that pleads “me too”

Undeniable thirsts linger forever more
While stacked scales never seem to tip
On that infinite search for living water
Just to receive one unquenchable sip

I Even Annoy Myself. Seriously.

small cycle

When I heard this week’s Spin at Sprite’s Keeper, I cringed. I thought there was no way I could do that. After all I suffer from CRS, so the ability for me to remember lines from movies (heck, I usually don’t even remember the movie!) is like zero. While my husband and sons spout off lines all the time, I never have a comeback or at least I didn’t think I quoted any, but I’ll get back to that later.

I use inspirational quotes from famous people all the time. I use them in my writing. I put them as my FaceBook status. But only on rare occasions will I actually spout them out. I wish I could, but I just can’t remember many off the top of my head. I can remember some but don’t know who to credit. Or I might remember quotes from books or a Bible verse. But ask me what book or where in the Bible and I’m at a total loss most of the time.

So, as I was trying to think of terms or phrases that I repeat all the time, my mind drew a total blank. Seriously. I wondered does Sprites’ Keeper not realize I’m half brain dead from raising children? Seriously. Then I realized I use that a lot. Seriously, I do. Then I mentioned this at the dinner table, and the blog post took on a life of it’s own as my family started throwing my words at me. I mean they were knocking me upside my head and shoving them down my throat! Seriously, do I repeat myself that often?

My twenty year old son reminded me of how I many times a day answer with “Well, I reckon”…gosh, you’d think I was a ninety year old woman living in the boonies! Apparently, I answer it to almost everything – Will it work? Are you going to do it? Can I have it? According to him, it’s never ending. I must add that every time I use it to answer him, he retorts with “Well, I declare!” Smarty pants. Seriously, he is! Then he added that I quite often (in response to something he’s done that I’m not thrilled about!) go “You little shit!” Guess I’m not too proud of that one. But, hey, it is what it is. You have to realize this kid (not so much of a kid now) is the ultimate teaser, prankster, and smarty pants. Seriously, he got my best traits. And when he pulls something on me which is quite often, I shout “I’m gonna bop you one”…in fact, I even say it to his friends. And they’re all still waiting after all these years for me to actually do it! Maybe one day I will.

And then Dirt Man added his two cents to the equation. All of these will ring a bell with those of you who are married to people with selective hearing or to spouses who tone you out. These are the things he says I say. And of course, I do say them. All the time. 1. Are you listening to me? (No, he isn’t!) 2. Do you hear me? (No, he doesn’t !)3. You never listen to me?! (In my defense, he doesn’t.) 4. You didn’t hear a word I said! (And he didn’t!) 5. I’ll get to it when I’m ready to get to it! (And yes, indeed I will. Seriously.)

And finally, onto the lines I repeat from movies. I think my favorite and most used are from “Gone with the Wind”. When I am overwhelmed, I quote Scarlett with “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Which is exactly what I did when I heard this theme. Seriously. And then of course, I quote Rhett as well when I am a little pissed. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” That of course, is what I wanted to reply after they ganged up on me about my annoying phrases. Lastly, I will leave you with my quote of inspiration for those of you who haven’t done this assignment yet….”You can do it!” And that is from “WaterBoy”. I’ll bet you didn’t know there was an inspiring quote in that movie!