Tin (Aluminum) Can Wylie

The face looks sweet and innocent enough. Right? Wrong! She has motives. Trust me. It’s in the back of her head. And it is always concerning food. She’s not cozying up to you and licking you just because she loves you. She wants that cookie in your hand.

This innocent adorable mutt woke us up at 5:30 this morning. She was throwing up. – I grudgingly get out of bed to let her outside. Oh, no, the little (BIG) princess won’t go out alone first thing in the morning. She backs up as I open the back door and won’t budge. She is waiting for me to go first. I trick her by walking out and quickly coming back in to close the door behind me. She then proceeds to jump and claw at the door.

Eventually I go back upstairs to clean up the doggy vomit. Guess what I find in it. Pieces of an aluminum can. Mountain Dew to be exact! The dog ate a dang soda can. It’s not like we don’t feed her. In fact we buy her very expensive organic gourmet dog food. She probably eats better than us! We just don’t oblige her desire for human food. There were probably about eight pieces of can, each roughly about the size of a nickel.

What was left of the Mountain Dew can!

First we panic thinking we are going to have to take Wylie to the vet for x-rays and possible surgery. Then we google “dog ate soda can” Do you realize she’s not the first stupid dog to try this? Apparently, lots of dogs have tried this. We find several suggestions in what to worry about, look for, and do. The first thing was whether or not she had thrown all of it up. Dirt Man checks outside and finds half of a chewed up Mountain Dew can in the flower garden. That’s where she takes all of her treasures to be destroyed. Then I go out there and see all of the chewed up pieces scattered which equals about another quarter of the can. She threw up about a quarter. So, we figured it is safe to assume there is none left in her since she was back to her exuberant self and other bodily functions and eating habits were otherwise normal.

Now, how did she get the can in the first place you ask. A few days ago, I decided to make beer can chicken on the grill. I only had bottled beer, so I poured it into a Mountain Dew can. When Dirt Man lifted the chicken off of the can he set the can aside in an above ground flower bed and forgot about it. Two things about Wylie. One, she loves beer. If we’re not careful and sit it on the floor, she will purposely knock it over and lap it up. Yes, we’ve caught her pulling this more than once. Second, she would love to get her paws on some chicken if we let her. I guess opportunity knocked and she took matters into her own paws! So, Wylie the Labradoodle is just a redneck-beer guzzling-chicken chompin’ mutt! *For the record when she licks me, it’s because she loves me…I refuse to believe she’s trying to undermine me. Only my human kids do that!

42 thoughts on “Tin (Aluminum) Can Wylie

  1. Our bordre collie loved beer, wine, vodka, jack and about anything else.

    By the end of the night, she had smoked about a pack of cigarettes and went home with anyone who had chicken.

  2. So Glad Wylie is ok! And that is a very funny story! Every dog I’ve known loves chicken. But I think it’s the (lab) retriever part that makes them eat anything. We had a golden retriever that ate anything that smelled good to her… soap, chewing gum, garbage.

  3. ” Wylie the Labradoodle is just a redneck-beer guzzling-chicken chompin’ mutt!”

    OMG…how FUNNY!

    I love her face, she’s adorable!

    I’m soooo glad everything was ok with her.

    This post reminds me of my cat Jerry who LOVED to eat spearmint-flavored dental floss! He would pick it out of the trash can and chew it until he swallowed it. I got to the point where I had to wrap the floss in several napkins and then hide it at the bottom of the trash can, so he couldn’t find it.

    *but he did, of course


  4. He’s too cute! Labs really will eat anything. My lab will eat any dead animal (or live mice) she happens to come across and we play hell trying to get her away from it. She will also roll in poop. And then she doesn’t understand why I don’t want her to cuddle me. Eeeew. And yet, they’re so endearing. Glad Wylie’s ok.


  5. I think you’re dog and I are related.

    I like to eat everything (cookies) and I love beer.

    We’re kindred spirits!

  6. I think Wylie sounds a lot like Harry (only the female version). I’m so glad she was okay. She’s so cute! Love that little face! Worst sound in the world is dogs throwing up in the night! Dang!

    We have a lemon tree. The dogs (Honey and Harry) both grab lemons and pretend they are balls. Harry was carrying a tiny one around in his mouth and then it was gone. Where did the lemon go Harry? I called the vet’s office and asked “what should I do?” and after pulling his doc out of surgery to answer my panic question, the response was “Nothing. Labs are like goats. It’s okay.” Yuck!

  7. Too funny. I remember once, one of our cats, ate one of those HUGE rubber bands. When it came out the other end, I was in VA and Hubby called me in a panic to tell me that the cat was dying because she was pooping her intestines out. I had to calm him down and make him take a paper towel to pull the intestines gently out the other end… he was totally grossed out and freaking out. The things we do for our kids and pets!

  8. Dogs act so innocent but they are SO smart! LoL I am glad she’s okay, though. But a soda can? That is just crazy!

  9. wow. bet that hurt coming up…crazy dog. glad wylie is ok. lol, and knocks over your beer…remember those old commercials about the dog that would fetch the beer out of the fridge…

  10. I didn’t know dogs liked beer. lol Glad there was nothing wrong. The face sure does look sweet and innocent 🙂 Bad dog!

  11. All I can say is, that is how I feel about my daughter. I mean, she takes food out of the trash can like some homeless person! (Not to be rude or anything.) I think that’s why I don’t really like pets. I have enough going on at home thankyouverymuch.

  12. I know a lot of dogs that like beer. In fact I thought all dogs liked beer. Our cat likes beer. Beer and tortilla chips. We don’t give them to her, but we used to.

    I am glad your dogs is ok, too!

  13. She sounds very mischevious! I’m glad she’s ok though. They say that sometimes having a dog or a cat is like having a toddler, and I think they’re right! My cats get into EVERYTHING.

  14. Oh, look at that face! Poor Wylie! What must have at first seemed like such a tasty snack turned into a big stomach ache. Glad she’s alright. 🙂

  15. OMG!! This is definitely the first time I’ve heard this one and I thought I had seen it all being a dog owner nearly my entire life. Our dog used to eat rocks and my best leather shoes (she had good fashion sense and never went near the vinyl) but eating a tin can? I thought only goats would do that!

  16. Aww, poor pup. And poor you. My dog is the same exact kind of culprit, she’s adorable but she’s far from innocent. Last week she snatched a VERY EXPENSIVE (from Whole Foods) gluten free cupcake off of the counter when we went to get the kids into their chairs for dinner. In under two seconds she snatched it and it was gone.

    We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on vet visits for eaten items and puking. I hope yours didn’t go that route and your not-so-innocent pup is feeling better soon.

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