Two Poems

I am submitting two poems to Jingle’s Thurdays’ Poets Rally. The first poem is by me. The second poem is by my BIL, Dwight.

My poem
My Other Half

Time and distance
Your love enfolds me
Heart of my heart
Soul of my soul
You smile upon my life

Deep dynamic dreams
Your love invigorates me
Serenader of my song
Painter of my portrait
You purvey my truth

Dark remote heavens
Your love clarifies me
Heart of my heart
Soul of my soul
You write my days

All that you are
All that I am
Into one heartbeat



Dwight’s poem
Without end…..

Rain on my roof

tickles the darkness


whispers in my ear


remind me


the time


walked barefoot across

my soul.

45 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Love the ending to the first poem and appreciate the novel arrangement of the second one. Both are great. The way the emotions build in the first piece makes the reading enjoyable. Thanks 🙂

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  3. Just lovely, both of them. I so admire people who can write poetry, because I sure as heck can’t – I end up sounding like a deranged and grumpy Dr. Seuss.

  4. Brava on both poems!

    Talent truly runs in your family.

    I love this part in yours….

    “Painter of my portrait
    You purvey my truth”

    OMG, I LOVE that!!!!!

    And please tell Dwight, I loved this….


    walked barefoot across

    my soul.”

    Thank you both for sharing!


  5. Thanks for doing this for me. Your sister found these old poems of mine(1973) I just wanted to get them out somewhere before they got lost again. The struture is just the way I see footsteps on the sand or soul! You are the best. BIL

  6. How beautiful that you and your husband can express your love for each other through poetry. My first love used to read me old classic poetry all the time. It was a special bond we had and one I have never forgotten. Thank you for sharing something intimate with us.

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  8. Hi who is Dwight? Your brother-in-law? I first read that poem in 1976 here in New Zealand, when I was a teenager at school. I have loved it ever since. Out of the blue I just thought of it now and googled it and your page came up.

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