How It All Began

Today I am participating with Tattoos and Teething Rings’ Write On. I have chosen Prompt #2 – How did you meet your husband/wife (or boyfriend/girlfriend)? Was it love at first sight? Did you think they were completely obnoxious? Maybe they took you on your worst date ever?

I knew Dirt Man in high school. Well, actually, I didn’t really know him. I knew of him. (I didn’t start dating him until he was in college and I was a senior in high school.) At that time, he was a senior and I was a sophmore. He happened to be dating a girl that I had a lot of classes with. They were quite comical in retrospect…like they were inseparable and they even dressed alike. Yeah, kind of sick actually, but when you’re in tenth grade, you see it as real love. I mean capital L. I remember watching them and praying that some day God would bless me with someone who looked at me the way he looked at her, someone who would love me like that sans the twin dressing. I never actually thought he’d ever pay any attention to me because he was like way cute, and besides he was totally in love with this other girl. I mean after all she was already purchasing wedding china one piece at a time! Seriously.

Well, they broke up and he was off to college and I was still in high school. And I still continued to have many classes with that girl as I had every year since seventh grade. She went through a few other guys, and I didn’t have any idea what happened to him.

In my senior year of high school, I became really good friends with a freshman girl. Little did I know that she was Dirt Man’s younger sister. She would tell me all the time that he was asking about me. And I later found out she had been telling him that I was asking about him. Neither was true. She was secretly matchmaking.

Anyway, I had been dating a guy who thought nothing of going out with anyone he wanted besides me but thought I should not go out with anyone but him. Dirt Man’s sister told me about a party that he was at and he saw this guy with another girl. I wrote him a note asking him about it, and sent it by his sister. (He was home from college for Thanksgiving break.) He responded back that he looked like he was having a great time, and would I like to meet him at school the next day in the “dark room” as he had some pictures to develop and was using the school’s dark room. I sent him a note back that said I would.

Yeah, my hubby likes to tell our kids that he and their Mom’s first date was in a dark room! Then the next day he picked me up at school and we had a sort of after school date. The very next day, I went back to school and told my best friend that I was going to marry him some day. She laughed and told me that there was no much thing as love at first sight. I reminded her that it was not first sight but a soul connection. She laughed again. I was invited to his home for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, in a matter of a couple of days, I had met his entire extended family. Talk about pressure! We spent all of our free time together through Christmas and then he transferred to a university about four hours away. We continued a long distance relationship.

He’d come home on weekends, and I’d ride the bus home with his sister and spend the weekends with he and his family. They had a cabin in the mountains and they also owned a private family campground. We usually got to spend a lot of time hiking.

We dated for two years before we tied the knot. He was still a college student. We had our first child almost four years after we were married. And well, the rest is history as it will be our 28th wedding anniversary this September. For more on the story, you can see To the Love of my Life.

46 thoughts on “How It All Began

  1. That was a good post. I still can’t believe Mama and Daddy used to let you go to his house every weekend! They sure got a lot more “progressive” after I left home!:-)

  2. OMG..what a WONDERFUL story!

    I LOVED the part about the “dark room”…HAHAHAHAHA!

    And I SO totally believe in the “soul connection.” That’s exactly how it was for me and my first partner. Without even speaking a word to one another…we just KNEW.

    Great job, SC! I love the way you write!

  3. “I mean after all she was already purchasing wedding china one piece at a time! Seriously.”

    I’m sorry – – I’m so rude – – I bust out laughing. Loved it.

    Such a cute story!

  4. Awesome story, I guess you have his sister to thank!

    I noticed that your link on my MrLinky goes straight back to my page, can we fix that? I’m a little blog-disabled sometimes!

  5. OH, I love this – thank you for sharing with us! I too believe in love at first sight, or a soul connection, or a sort of recognition in your heart, or whatever you call it. I feel very blessed to have this.

    Congrats – 28 years! That’s no small feat!

  6. That is so sweet! I bet you’re still grateful towards your sister in law for matchmaking :). It’s also so romantic that you guys have been together for so long by now and are obviously still in love…

  7. how romantic! we all wish that we could experience love stories as perfect as that, but it’s truly encouraging to see that it happens : ) thank you for sharing your story and for the kind thoughts on my poem!

  8. Wow! Funny how you and your sister kinda did the same thing with the “that is the man I am going to marry.” Hmmm. Interesting.

    I love “how we met stories”. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I believe in love at first sight and soul connections. (I met my husband at 16 and KNEW I was going to marry him. See??) What a remarkable story!

  10. I’m a (closet) sucker for romance stories. This is a great one. Especially that his sister was secretly trying to set you guys up. Guess sisters do know a little something, huh?

  11. Isn’t hiking always the best way to get to spend your first romantic days? …And the ones in the middle…and later. You and Dirt Man sound like a great couple together.

  12. Love your “meeting” story. I wrote the story of how I met my husband on my blog too. It is called A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It is a cute story too! We are going on 22 years. Marriage is least mine still is and it appears yours is too!!!

  13. I’m just thinking of the girl who “was already purchasing wedding china one piece at a time”. Some girls are like that, aren’t they? As my mother used to say: “can’t wait to get a ring on their finger”. The odd thing is that they are quite often amongst the last to marry – I think men can smell the desperation!

    I can identify with your story as my husband and I have known each other for well over half our lives, been married for 28 years this year (snap!) and lived together for two before that. And it really was a case of -wham- love at first sight for us so, yes, I completely understand the idea of soul mates.

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