Ten Years From Now

Linda over at The Good, The Bad, The Worst tagged me. I usually have a really hard time coming up with things, but this one looks like fun, so I’m just gonna roll with it. I am supposed to simply state where I see myself ten years from now and tag ten people to play along. I actually could really cheat on this since I just did a post on how I envision my retirement. Not that I plan on being retired in ten years but my response could be “between here and there” and leave it at that. But oh no, that would be too boring. So, here it goes! 

In ten years from now:

* I hope that I will still be waking up on the right side of the grass. And people who are required to be around me in the morning hope I will be waking up on the right side of the bed. I am known to possibly be a teensy bit cranky in the wee hours.

*I will still be starting my day with my friend the French press and ending it with my other friend, a long hot bath. Maybe even a glass of wine with the bath. In ten years, I will have earned that bonus!

*I would love to have learned to not pour hot water in my cup to make tea without first checking to see if it’s right side up. Hot water spilled all over me is not fun, however it does clean the counter. I catch myself right before I pour it most times. Maybe if I stacked my mugs upright in the cabinet I would prevent this!

*I hope that I will not have been committed by my family. Let’s just say I’ve been having some extremely huge brains farts, and I hope my brain doesn’t crap out on me. This is a warning that if indeed you guys do commit me, you best have them give me some good drugs to make me think that I am on a lovely extended vacation ,‘cuz otherwise when I do die, I will come back and haunt your butts royally!!!!!!!!!!

*Both of my sons will hopefully have graduated from college, gotten wonderful jobs, and moved out of our house.

*I wouldn’t complain if both sons were married and have made me a Grandma.

*The idea is to not have any more wrinkles than I do now.

*It would be fabulous to have COMPLETED a manuscript.

*I would love for my dog, Wylie, to still be chasing rabbits (and still not catching them, of course).

*I plan to still be eating my share of chocolate on a regular basis.

*Dirt Man and I will have taken that island trip…the one I’ll have to get really drugged up in order to fly for that long, and over water! And yes, I will have had a damn good time despite having had to fly that far and over water!

*If I don’t run out of words, I will still be blogging!

There are some of you that I’d really like to see take this and run with it, but I don’t want to put the pressure on you in case you don’t want to do it. So, if you’re reading this and feel inclined to share just do it. Please do it…it’ll be fun!

46 thoughts on “Ten Years From Now

  1. I liked that you wanted your sons to graduate and move out by then. If they are anything like my brother, they will need all ten! Haha.

    Ten years from now I will have two teenage stepdaughters. Yikies! I think I’m getting cold feet. 🙂

  2. I love that last one! When I think that I may be blogging ten years from now, my heart does a little leap within in my chest. It is kind of a scary thought, you know? But, if you are still writing, I will still be reading!

  3. I’m right there with you — especially when it comes to chocolate, no more wrinkles, completed manuscript and waking up on the right side of the grass! (I love that phrase!)

    • That phrase comes from the 94 year old owner of the company my husband works for. He shows up for work every day and when they ask him how he is he says, “I’m struggling, but I woke up on the right side of the grass.”

  4. Fun and interesting tag, SC!

    …”I will still be starting my day with my friend the French press”…

    OMG…you and I are TWINS. I’m sitting here at this very moment sipping my French pressed coffee!!! Isn’t it the BEST??


    Enjoy your day!

  5. I also love the “waking up on the right side of the grass” phrase. And my firm hope is not to be committed. Screw haunting, I’ll escape and stalk them!! Lol.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who dreams of an island vacation and a completed manuscript!


  6. I consider it an incredible sign of courage to try to imagine 10 years from now. Or perhaps it’s simply my lack of courage.

    I cannot even begin to imagine it, and honestly – I don’t want to. I look at this afternoon when it is morning. I look at this evening when it is afternoon. If I’m feeling particularly energetic, I’ll look at tomorrow, and the weekdays that follow.

    On behalf of my sons, I look at what must be done to maximize opportunities for their summer ahead. And for my younger son’s application process to college. And that’s everything I can do.

    More? It’s just too daunting. I applaud your ability to do this.

  7. Now this is fun because you’ve put such a positive spin on it. When I think of 10 years ahead, I think I’m 10 years older. But this is a way better way to think about it by picking specific fun things you’ll be doing. I heart you!

  8. Suzicate, I love all of these. One concerns me a bit though. If you are taking a long morning bath with a glass of wine, uh, Suz, people are going to talk. Wait till after 12 noon to have your first glass of wine.

    Re: kids out of house. Yeah, they go. Then they come back. Then they go again. Then they come back. Just enough to keep your life in flux Honey!

    • You need to reread that, I said and ending it with my other friend, a long hot bath and maybe a glass of wine…but wine with breakfast…can one get away with that?! It is fruit afterall, just fermented! Yeah, I heard that about the kids. Mine have alreaddy done that with college and decided they like commuting better than living with messy people!! Aha, they really just like having a maid and a cook in the house!!!!!

  9. “I hope I will be waking up on the right side of the grass” – Well said.

    In 10 years I hope to be doing exactly what I’ve been put here to do. But I don’t know what that is yet.

  10. Ten years from now, are you saying this is a challenge for us SC Ha Ha, just may be interesting to do.

    You have a good outlook going here lady, waking up on the right side of the grass and wine with the morning bath, now what is wrong with this.:^)

    • The wine is for the bath at the END of the day…but actually moght would make the day start a little better, huh?! Yes, I am saying it is a challenge…go for it. Waiting to see your list!

  11. Not spilling hot water all over yourself could be a prerequisite to everything else. Watch it! You don’t want a cup of tea to form your future. It’s good to dream about the future–it keeps us on goal with the present. Thanks for that reminder.

  12. I love your ten year plan!!! I especially like the first one..that ends with a long hot bath. Of course this is how I end my days now and I plan on doing this ten years from now too!!! You have a great blog.

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  14. I love the commited one! LOL!

    In ten years I hope to be right here doing the same things I am doing now, just slower.

    Wrinkles..I don’t mind having more wrinkles.

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