Gettin’ The Heck Outa Dodge!

This month’s Living Out Loud theme is “Gone Fishin’”. We’re supposed to write about where we see ourselves during our retired years.

When I hear the word retirement, I think of having grown old with the one I love, grey hair, wrinkles, and a few extra pounds. I think of the time finally arriving for us to live life at a leisurely pace. Maybe the laughter of granchildren. But mostly, I think of living without schedules and time retraints.

Like the rest of America, we took a big hit with the stock market crash, and Social Security will probably be bankrupt by the time we are old enough to retire. So, I wonder if we’ll ever actually be able to live the good life we’d hoped for not but adequately planned.

Ideally, Dirt Man and I’d like to blow this joint here with all the traffic and pollution and get back to nature. It will be much easier for him as he is actually one with God’s finest. I, on the other hand, have become a slave to convenience. I enjoy being less than five minutes from the grocery store, fast food, shopping, and good friends.

There are several businesses I’d like to pursue in my retirement days. I can’t imagine staying completely idle nor do I have any desire to do much traveling except on my own legs or vehicle. Forget boats and planes…not even going there. I’m sure I’ll continue to volunteer here and there, but I want to do something to feed my creative side as well.

My true passion would have me with a fiber arts studio and Dirt Man with a woodworking shop. I’d design and sew quilts among other things, and he could make the quilt hangers and racks among other furniture. I’d probably continue needle work as well. These things would be contingent on how long my fingers and back held up.

My dream retirement would allow me to stay up into the wee hours to write since that is when inspiration seems to hit, and then it would allow me to sleep in later. By this time, I would hope that this area in which we’d like to move will have modern internet service instead of the current stone age dial up connection. Dirt Man’s counter hobby to this is his computer graphic art. These days we spend a lot of time together but each working on our own computers. I can see us doing that well into retirement years.

Another thing that I would love to do is breed dogs. If I did not live in the city, I’d do it now. We bred our black lab years ago. It was such a rewarding experience. I love dogs as much as kids. Of course, this venue would forego the sleeping in part, and be a bit more physical work. But I think the benefits of the canine play and unconditional love would far surpass the effort.

The other thing we’d enjoy doing together is opening a Bed and Breakfast. I’d run the house and cook the meals. I love cooking for a lot of people. And the baking of the desserts. And the after dinner wine sipping. And the company and entertainment of people from all walks of life. What’s not to like about this dream? Dirt Man would like to be a river tour guide for trout fishing expeditions based from a home office. This sounds like an enjoyable way to spend our golden years.

It really doesn’t matter what we end up doing or where we end up doing it as long as we do it together. I wouldn’t want to grow old with anyone else.

46 thoughts on “Gettin’ The Heck Outa Dodge!

  1. How funny that I was talking to my husband about retirement at dinner tonight. Even though it is several years away for us, it is lovely to imagine what we might do (together) as we journey off into old age. So many dreams…I hope some become realities. I hope this for you and your husband too!!

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  3. I can so see you doing those things. I have often thought Hubby and I could do a B&B too. I love that idea. Hey- we could do a B&B together with a shop set up out back so you could do your crafts and Dirt Man could make rockers or something to sell! Sounds like a plan to me!

  4. I think it’s great that you have so many things you want to do in your later years. My dad retired last year and was pretty depressed at first; he had no idea what to do with himself.

    Sounds like you and Dirt Man are going to be happy and busy.

  5. For me, the idea of getting back to nature is always at the top of my list…peace, relaxation, rhythms uninspired by stoplights… Husband dreams of being a fishing charter captain. He lives for being on the water and casting/catching all day long. A good thing we live in Florida. Except work sometimes gets in the way.

  6. The B&B plan sounds perfect! But you two together and happy – even more perfect! All your ideas sound really good creative. 🙂 I agree with Peg you could incorporate the shops at the B&B.

  7. Oh WOW….your retirement dreams sound awesome!

    So many of the things you mentioned, I feel the same. Even though I love city life, there is a huge part of me that enjoys being surrounded by nature. Ideally, I would love to have a place in both.

    And hey…I too get my creative inspiration in the wee hours. Like last night at 2 AM! Thank god I have a job that I don’t have to been in until after noon.

    …”It really doesn’t matter what we end up doing or where we end up doing it as long as we do it together. I wouldn’t want to grow old with anyone else”..

    Loved that!

  8. Your plan sounds perfectly, absolutely lovely. My plan, with my husband, is pretty similar in spirit, though not exactly the same activities. We also want to leave the city. Traffic as you get older is just a big hassle! We don’t need so much. But you’re right about needing to be near a good grocery store! (ps i love the B&B idea except for the cleaning part….so long as I have enough money to hire a cleaning person, sounds great!)

  9. “It really doesn’t matter what we end up doing or where we end up doing it as long as we do it together. I wouldn’t want to grow old with anyone else.”

    You summed it all up right there, you actually have it all figured out in my opinion and will always enjoy life.

    Nice Post

  10. I can’t even envision retiring some day. I guess I’ll have to go back to work in order to be able to retire, huh? Your plans sound fun and relaxing and exciting and I’ll be your first guest at the B&B.

  11. I’ll come to your Bed & Breakfast. I’m sure it would be so lovely and relaxing. Btw..why do you call him Dirt Man? I’m sure there is a wonderful story behind it…I’m hoping anyway..There has to be, because you write so highly of him.

    • Hahaha…my husband is a civil engineer who works with site development …lots of dirt, rock etc… When our children were young he mostly was outside as a supervisor, so he came home dirty often. Our oldest child wrote a poem for elem schoole titled “My Daddy. The Dirtiest Man In The World.” So, I decided it was fitting as I don’t use our real names in my blog.

  12. I jest and call myself a useless psychic all the time because I have many similar experiences.

    I was mugged at gunpoint too and I just knew something wasn’t right when I was heading home that night. I knew I should have spent the night at my boyfriend’s house, but I felt guilty about all the stuff I needed to get done. I do my best to listen to my gut now.

    A few weeks ago I woke up and said to my husband, “There might be an earthquake today because I dreamt it.” I wanted to say it out loud so that I would have proof. About an hour later I was sitting in the kitchen and thought I felt an earthquake. He sent me a text saying he was stuck on the train because an small earthquake had disrupted something.

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