Information Overload And The Quilt Show

This is my favorite quilt.

Yesterday my friend, Patti, and I went on our annual outing to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. As always, the talent of these fiber artists overwhelmed me. I will include a few of my favorites in this post, and include a link where you can view the gallery of my favorites. Once I tell you the story of taking these pictures, you will enjoy them all the more.

This is for CaliKaral because it reminds me of her dogs.

Every year I go to this show, and every year I talk endlessly about the quilts. But I never seem to remember to take a camera to take pictures. I’ve always had my phone with me, but duh, it never occurred to me to take pictures with it at the show. And yes, I DO know how to take pictures with it. A digital camera? Not so much. I’ve told you all before that I am extremely technologically impaired. And I’ve told you that I never worry too much about it because Dirt Man always has me covered.

The detail in this one is amazing.

Every year, Patti graciously offers to drive because she knows about my interstate driving phobia, and she probably values her life too much to rest it in my hands! Anyway, I got my back pack ready. We decided to pack our lunches this year so we wouldn’t have to wait in the lines. Check. Lots of water, check. Cash, check. Drivers license (you know in case Patti’s driving sucks as bad as mine and my body needs to be ID’d), check. Debit card (in case I don’t have enough cash for my wants/needs/desires), check. Credit card (in case of an extremely expensive desire), check. Tylenol (because I’ve had a headache for two days), check. Cell phone, check. Digital camera, check. Note pad and pen (you never know!), check. All was in order and ready to go.

Looks real, doesn't it?

I decided to wear my TOMS instead of my good New Balance walking shoes. Made a great choice there. After four hours of walking, I didn’t have any back, leg, or feet pain which I usually do.

In preparation for this event, my son trained me in the use of his digital camera. I just get so confused with all those buttons and options. It is just information overload! Well, being a sweetie and knowing his mom is a dummy, he set the controls so that all I’d have to do is aim (see image in the viewer) and shoot (push the button). Simple right? Yeah, you’d think.

Can you believe this is a quilt and not a painting?

I must mention here that I took a picture at a vendor’s booth which every one was doing everywhere, and the woman nearly jumped down my throat. Actually, she wanted to LET ME KNOW that I needed to ask permission before doing that because some vendors would not be as nice. I offered to erase it, but she said it was fine, she was just letting me know so that someone else would not be angry at me. I was probably oversensitive as she continued explaining the etiquette of picture taking of vendors crafts and licenses and people copying them. I offered like four times to erase it, and she insisted I could keep it. It really didn’t matter because it was a deer that I wanted to show Dirt Man. It wasn’t something I was particularly crazy about.

Check out her hair!

Half way through the show, I ran out of memory. How the heck could I have gone through 2 GIGS? Well, I started deleting the not so important pics. The ones of Patti and I had to go. Heck, we can look at each other any time. Yep, the picture of the deer at the vendors booth got trashed. Every time I came to another quilt that I just had to have a picture of, I’d have to make a choice and delete a previous picture. I noticed that sometimes it beeped and sometimes it didn’t. I also noticed that the red Rec. light would come up, it hadn’t done that when my son showed me how to use it.

Well, I’m not intelligent enough to go back into the settings and figure it out because I didn’t want to mess it up. After all, I could look back and see each picture I took, and they looked pretty good.

Marbles. Check out the details of the mini quilts in this quilt.

When I got home, Dirt Man told me that there was absolutely no way I could have taken 2 GIGS. I tried to download the pictures from my card and my computer told me my card was empty. I knew that wasn’t possible because I could see the pictures on the camera. Either the camera or the computer just didn’t like me. Well, Dirt Man took over. Then, he had the nerve to demand why the heck I took all those videos instead of pictures. What the heck? I didn’t take any videos. Dang it, I took pictures! What I forgot to mention was that the night before Dirt Man insisted that he teach me how to take a video (which I counter insisted was no need as I had no intentions of doing so!) with the digital camera. So, Dirt Man had changed the setting and did NOT put it back to where my son had set it.

There were dragon flies etc. beneath the fungi on the trees.

So, I had taken 2 GIGs of video and not a single picture. I was po’d to say the least. I wanted to take my laptop and beat Dirt Man over the head with it because he knew he should never have tried to teach me something I wasn’t going to do, and he should have known I would never look at the settings. Heck, our son knew me well enough to set it for me to not have to do ANYTHING but click! Then he had the nerve to shift the blame on me for not checking the settings. Dirt Man was quickly becoming Dirt Bag in my book. Fortunately, he is extremely technologically savvy. He was able to go into my videos and capture the still images that I thought were snapshots. Thus the day and our marriage was saved!

Maybe this will be Dirt Man and I in a few years!

Here is link for a gallery I created of my favorite quilts.    Who am I kidding? You know darn well I didn’t create this album! Dirt Man did it for me.

At least, these are the pictures I was able to take until I ran out of memory. Enjoy!

35 thoughts on “Information Overload And The Quilt Show

  1. Nice story SC. Dirt Man almost got himself a goose egg on his noggin.

    My favorite is of the trees, waterfall and dragonflies. I bet these quilts cost a zillion dollars as my step-son would say.

  2. Those are some amazing quilts. I have made the same mistake with my camera though, if I’m not paying attention, but usually the sounds the camera makes (or doesn’t make) are kind of a giveaway.

  3. Oh how gorgeous!! They are just magnificent. I will never complete a quilt anywhere near that level of sophistication! But I am hooked on quilting anyway…I hope to see a show like this in person someday.

    • You’re welcome. Dirt Man told mad sure I knew they were not Beagles, and I told him they still made me think of you, Lolli, and Daisy anyway…esp. with the title “morning Run”. And it places a high score, just like you guys!

  4. Wow! I didn’t even know quilts could be done with such detail!

    HAH! I laughed so hard thinking about you video taping rather than snapping photos. I bet those videos are hilarious!

    P.S. I am now playing catch up and am laughing over your posts I missed. The rattlesnake? Guffaw!

  5. The quilt depicting the lady on the shore watching a shipwreck is based on one of my very favorite painter’s work, John William Waterhouse. The woman is Miranda from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I was floored to see a quilt with that much detail! I am used to crazy quilts in my home! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I had no idea there were people who could quilt like that! That is some amazing talent!! I’m in awe.

    As soon as you said the red light kept coming on, I knew what you were doing! Thank goodness Dirt Man could salvage some pics since it really was his fault! I acidentally took some video at a christmas dinner we went to. It turned out so funny!


  7. OMG, SC…as soon as your page started to load, I immediately thought these were paintings, not quilts!

    They’re AMAZING!! I can’t image the time and effort that went into creating these. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, but the last one really caught my eye!

    And can you believe I don’t even own a digital camera? So, I would have been the same as you! I still take photos with a plain Olympus camera.

  8. I think your photos turned out great! Gorgeous quilts! Now, as far as the technology is concerned, why do they insist of “I’m just going to show you this one thing”. My husband does it constantly. He has a microphone in front of my computer and a camera up on top of it. Uh huh. If I wanted to talk and see somebody, I’d go visit them. Don’t confuse me with all this junk that I could care less about. (As for “check the settings”, say what? That’s what HE is for.)

  9. Fabulous quilts! I’m so jealous! I’m also surprised about the number of pictorial quilts. I’ve been out of the quilting loop for a couple of years and didn’t realize that they had become so popular.

    • These people are truly gifted. If you are interessted in it, be a sponsge and absorb all she has to share. I only wish I had a teacher. I am self-taught and my craftsmanship is shoddy, but I love it still!

  10. Not that I am a quilter but those are impressive, they do look almost like paintings.

    I can see how you ran out of room on your camera so quickly, I have actually made the same mistake when I got my first digital with the video option, I am now trying to get used to the new one without a viewfinder Cindy got me for Christmas.

  11. WHAT??? These are QUILTS!? Unbelievable! Inconceivable! Seriously, they are amazing. I love the girl and the wave, the forest, and the girl with the fruit. Incredible talent.

  12. Fiber arts are sooooo underappreciated. I find the “marbles” quilt and the portrait of the young woman with fruit to be particularly beautiful. It’s difficult enough to the top layer. Then the actual stitchwork or trapunto is a whole other set of skills. I am a great admirer of those who work in fabric and other materials. And the fact that it is art that sits between “fine art” and “crafts” makes it more challenging for these artists to be recognized.

    SO glad you included pictures. Cool, cool, cool post.

    • Many of the quilt artists actually send their work out to have the stippling (trapunto) done by others who expertise in that field. I’ve found that my art quilts are clumpy from the layering. In examining them at this exhibit, I noticed that most of them cut the snadwiched layers out or sew(edging) each piece together to prevent the thickness, It takes talent as well as the technical skill…totally blows my mind!

  13. Big Mama sounds like quite a character!

    My grandmother slaughtered her own chickens, too. She’d grab one, whip it in a strange jerky circular motion and BAM! Broken neck. We were fascinated.

    Loved this story.

  14. Those quilts are amazing. I have only been to a couple of quilt shows, but am so impressed with quilters.

    My hubby did a similar thing..but was not able to save my photos of this particular event…I remind him of it all the time…he didn’t listen, it was a new camera, he didn’t need to read the directions.

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  16. Those quilts are amazing! I couldn’t tell if those are individual pieces or prints, they look more like prints (probably cause they are that good).

    My camera and I are still at odds with each other. I just can’t seem to find the right settings and I don’t like the quality of the pics. You did a better job than I could have.

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