Pouring On The Charm, Accent Included

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Many years ago, my family joined a church right down the street from us. It was a large Methodist (You know… Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors) congregation. It was what going home should feel like. We were instantly accepted by young and old alike. We were in our early thirties with young children. There were many other families just like ours. There were lots of older loving couples full of hugs just like grandparents. We just loved Sunday worship and all of the other weekly activities and events held there.

Now, you have to take in mind that while I am a compassionate person, I am also fun- loving. A sarcastic little twit if you must say it! One day I got a phone call. I did not have caller ID back then. On the other end of the line was an extremely drawn out Southern accent like a sweet little old man. Naturally, I thought it was my friend’s husband who was never beyond playing a prank on me. Being me, I turned on the Southern charm and sarcasm. Remember, I am from a small town in Virginia so I already have somewhat of an accent as it is. I continued this conversation with the most drawn out fake Southern accent you’ve ever heard in your life. It was so bad, I couldn’t even tell you what accent I was copying. Actually, I was imitating him! Now, I’ve never claimed to be a quick study! After about TWO minutes into the conversation, I realized this was not my friend. This REALLY was a sweet little old man with a Southern accent, and he was calling from my church! Instant panic…was I to continue the conversation with my fake accent or was I to fess up? NO, I didn’t fess up. I kept right up with my lovely slow charming Southern manner of speaking.

After, I hung up I realized that this might present a problem at church. So, what did I do? I did what any other self respecting charming Southern girl would’ve done. I poured on my lovely Southern charm and accent (hugs included!) every single time I spoke with this gentleman and his wife. After about a month, I relaxed the accent a little until I finally came back to my normal voice. Did he notice? Probably, but he much too much of a Southern gentleman to call me out on it.

So, now I have confessed, but please don’t make me go tell him. He would probably get quite a kick out of it. You know we Southerners have a great sense of humor to go along with our accents, don’t you?!

52 thoughts on “Pouring On The Charm, Accent Included

  1. Oh, that’s too funny! I can imagine getting myself into that same pickle. Now I’m wondering too if he ever picked up on your change of accent or was just too polite to mention it. Maybe he chalked it up to youth.

  2. That’s hilarious. About as bad as me talking on the phone to this man with a very feminine voice that I kept calling ma’am, even after he corrected me! Couldn’t get my mind wrapped about the fact that it really was a guy. I finally got it together after he’d corrected me like 3 times. Bless your little ole’ heart!

  3. Wow! That’s hilarious! You’re a hoot!! It’s funny that he never even gave you a funny “I know what you’re up to” look. 🙂 I never could have gotten away with something like that…unless it was in a West Texas drawl. I could do that. 😉

  4. Anytime my wife and I would travel down south, she would accuse me of turning into Bubba, because I would pick up on the accent. I was stationed in North Carolina in the Army and probably picked it up there.

    Nice story. You should slap your friend for getting you into that situation.

    • That’s funny. Whenever, we go back to our hometown, Dirt Man picks up his “voice”, and I’ll bet I probably do as well. I’ve tried very hard to drop my accent, but it comes right back when we hit the hills so to speak!

      • My kids always accuse me of that too. Whenever I go home they say I start talking like a “country bumpkin”… I have no idea what they are talking about… do you?

  5. I do that when I’m trying to pretend I’m not me. Okay, I could explain but that gets way too complicated for here. Thing is, I can do Asian, Hispanic, Southern, and French. (I said I can do them, not do them well.) It can be fairly embarrassing when the person calls back 10 minutes later and I’m me, and I still get a couple of accents worked in to the conversation. Dang! Love this!

    • Dang you’re good. I wish I was that talented. I could really have some fun with it. Our phone number is like one digit off from Bubble’s Salon (can you imagine someone named Bubbles?), Super Walmart, and an eye doctor, so I often get calls that are not meant for me…it could get really interesting!!!!!!!

  6. Accents are my undoing on occasion. Even as a kid, I picked up whatever regional accent prevailed where I was living. I imagine it was comical to hear a Southern accent coming out of a small Asian girl (spent nearly a decade in North Carolina).

  7. I would have kept it up too. Sometimes, it’s just easier the more time you let it go on and then have to remind him of that first conversation when you finally come clean and he gives you the blank look. That just draws a crowd. No worries! I forgive you! You’re also linked!

  8. Ha! What a fun image! I had a friend that used to spontaneously do accents on the phone while I was in the room with her, and I would have to stuff clothing in my mouth to keep from ruining it with my unladylike belly-laughing.

  9. Bwhahahahahahahaha!

    Ya, see….this is why I like and identify with your wonderful sense of humor!

    OMG…that was brilliant!

    And I’m sure if he ever discovered this, he would think the same.

  10. Oh SuziCate, the things you do! Reminds me of when I told a particularly close-talking neighbor that my name was Susan. Several days after that he called the gym looking for me to tell me my dog had crawled out the window and was standing on the porch ready to head to the beach (Miss Pearl). So when he asked for Susan and I told him no one by that name worked at the gym, he wanted to know if I wasn’t indeed the woman who lived in the little yellow cottage? Oh Heck! Yes, that is me! OH I am so sorry! My real name is Karal, but ALL MY FRIENDS CALL ME SUSAN AS A NICKNAME. ah, yes.

  11. My children always say the same thing of both my sister and I. The minute we get south of the mason dixon line the accent comes right back. I think the southern one is so easy to fall back into. And it sounds good…lol.

    Funny story!

  12. SuziCate, you just crack me up!

    Like Holly L, I pick up on accents a little too quickly so I speak with a Southern accent when talking to a Southern person, an English accent when talking to an English person, etc.

  13. Oh that’s hilarious! At least you were being courteous with your southern accent and didn’t say anything crude (which would have probably been my choice).

  14. Suzi,

    Like you said he probably knew but is too much a Southern Gentleman to call you on it, heck he was probably playing along just a little himself and laughs to himself each time he sees you–you know he is your friend for life now, being raised in SC I can relate to the accent here in California they mention my strong Southern accent but when I go home they say Jimmy you have lost your accent Ha Ha sometimes we just have to smile and nod.

    Great Post Suz

  15. What a HOOT!!! You actress you!

    I always pick up accents so if they have a twang I am going to talk just like them. I hope they don’t think I’m making fun. It’s really not intentional. It’s actually embarrassing. LOL.

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  17. That’s hilarious!! I live in East Tennessee, so I have a Southern accent as well. Although admittedly, it’s not nearly as strong as everyone else in my area! BUT I can really talk in a thick drawl when I want to…

  18. I liked ur post 🙂 Those r great qualities, and I’m sure that because u find them important, u’ll pass them to ur children.

  19. Well done. Thanks for the laughs.

    You reminded me of how much I enjoy hearing my neice’s central VA accent. Sometimes it’s almost like my northern ears are trying to listen to a foreign language. She always makes me smile with the funny expressions she uses as well as the accent.And her VA upbringing even seems to come through on her Facebook page.

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