Sunshine And All That Good Stuff

For goodness sakes, I wish the sun would shine. With the crazy weather here in Virginia, it looks like I must take matters into my own hands! No, I’m not a meteorologist and I don’t do rain dances, well at least not in public. So, instead of waiting for Mother Nature, I’m just going to give out a couple of awards I’ve been hanging on to.

The first one is the best blog award given to my by Check her out. She is a down to earth thankful for her blessings kind of gal. You’ll love her for both her honesty and her humor. I think the only rule was to link back and pass on to ten other bloggers. There are so many great blogs out there, but these are the ten that I’m going to pass this on to:

1. What Passes For Sane On A Crazy Day

2. Vent

3. Ride My Mind

4. Motherese

5. Mostly Grocery

6. Sprite’s Keeper

7. Nine Kinds Of Crazy

8. Diary Of A Virgin Novelist

9. Headaches, Hotflashes, & Hormones

10. Still Breathing

The second award was bestowed to me by Jingle. Jingle has a great poetry blog. Jingle features a Thursday Poet Rally. There are a lot of talented participants…you need to check out Jingle. The rule on this award it to link back and pass it on to twelve other blogs. These are my twelve:

1. Unabridged Girl

2. Life’s Ups and Downs

3. Eternally Distracted

4. Square Peg In A Round Hole (This is my Sista!)

5. The Suburban Life

6. Making The Moments Count

7. Nathan Rising

8. Slam Dunks

9. The Mother Load

10. BiblioMama

11. Beyond The Diapers and Spills

12. Ivy League Insecurities

Ok…go spread some bloggy love and all that sunshine and goodness!

46 thoughts on “Sunshine And All That Good Stuff

  1. Well, first all…CONGRATULATIONS to you for receiving these two awards because they are much deserved.

    Woo! Woo!

    It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you these past few months. It’s funny, because I feel like I’ve known you much longer than that.

    And second…thank you.

    I am touched.

    Looking forward to blogging with ya in the future!

    Congrats to all your recipients!

  2. You like me! You really really like me! (Famous speech froom Sally Field when she won for Norma Rae). Seriously though, thank you so much. I really do appreciate it! You have no idea.

  3. I woke up with a monster headache at 5 a.m. that hasn’t quite gone away yet, but this has a gone a long way to making me feel better. Thank-you so much — I’m impressed by how consistently thoughtful and exploring and (it has to be said, how do you do it?) THERE every single day your posts are. I’m so happy to be included in your community.

    • You are welcome. Unfortunately, my mind is a deep cavern and I just reach down in there and pull something out without trying to worry too much if everyone thinks I’m crazy or not!

  4. Thank you Suzicate! I love awards!

    And congratulations on yours! You more than deserve them! I really enjoy your writing and look forward to coming here daily!


  5. thanks for the Sunshine award, Suzicate! We sure do need more sunshine this time of year (and this year is certainly not an exception). Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving such great comments! I look forward to all of your posts!

  6. Hi Suzicate, What a surprise for me to receive the Sunshine Award from you! It means a lot to me to know that you are reading my blog, and to “hear” your opinions in via the comments.
    I plan to keep reading yours too. 🙂
    Here’s to blogging!

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