Sisters Dancing In The Flowers


This was one of my first attempts at art quilting. I made this for my sister, Peg. This is my depicition of our childhood home with us dancing in the flower gardens. There was a long soapstone sidewalk that was surrounded on each side with daffodils.

This is a close up of the title.

This is the two of us dancing in the flowers.ย 

Here is another shot of the quilt.

39 thoughts on “Sisters Dancing In The Flowers

  1. SuziCate, That was such a lovely surprise when you sent it. I LOVE my quilt. Hubby is very protective of it! I actually need to hang it up and NOT use it. Thank you again and thank you for being such a great sister. You know I love you!

      • I made that button for Wordless Wednesday when you asked me about it and offered it to the people who seemed to be keeping track, but I never heard from them. Maybe they didn’t get the message.
        It’s completely wordless. I changed the last image; it was supposed to represent asking for donation, which happens when they send labels and calendars in the mail.

      • I terrible at following rules or instructions! I knew it was “wordless:, but I saw on someone else’s blog an almost wordless wed which was the same concept (pictures) but had a few sentences….I’ll try to do better next time!

  2. Quilting seems such a quintessentially American craft and it’s one that I’d love to have a go at some day. This is beautiful and the joy about a quilt for me is that it’s made with love, care and time. I can’t think of a nicer gift to cherish for generations to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It can be very expensive. Most quilts cost me about $75 in supplies, sometimes less if I hit good sales. I love it, but it gives me such terrible back pain that I don’t do it as often now.

  3. Bellissima quilt, SC!

    How talented you are!

    I closest thing I ever got to doing something such as this, was when I went through a period of doing needlepoint and latch-hook rugs.

    (which btw, I NEVER finshed ANY of them)


    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed!

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