Stinky Feet Dirt Man

Some people think it’s just awful that I refer to my husband as Dirt Man on my blog. Well, he’s fortunate I don’t call him stinky feet! Ok. I’m going to explain both to you.

Dirt Man is a civil engineer and works for a general contractor that does site development. He is in the field as often as he is in the office. When our children were small, he was exclusively in the field. Dirt Man has never been one to hesitate to get his hands (or his entire body!) dirty in order to get something done. He has no problem jumping on a piece of machinery and doing it himself. In fact, I think he kind of likes it. Anyway, when our oldest son was in elementary school, he wrote a poem about his Daddy being the dirtiest man in the world. That my friends is why I call him Dirt Man. Bless his Mama’s heart , she did not stick him with that name…I did!

On to the stinky feet part. It really isn’t his fault. One night we were sitting in the living room, both of us pounding away on our keyboards and I caught a whiff of..of..what…stench.

Me: Dang, you stink! Could you please do that somewhere else?

Dirt Man: That wasn’t me. It was the dog.

Me: Yeah, right. You always blame the dog.

The smell continued and the dog was right at my feet, so I knew it wasn’t her. He kept professing his innocence. Finally, I realized he really wasn’t lying. This time.

So, then I start sniffing around the room. Yeah, I looked like an idiot, but I found the source. It was his freakin boots.

Me: You better clean these boot. You stepped in dog crap.

Dirt Man: I did not. I haven’t been anywhere.

Upon close inspection of his boots, we found there was no dog poo. In fact, they still looked like he’d just taken them out of the box. Actually, he pretty much had just taken them out of the box.

Now Dirt Man had been wearing Merrell boots for years. Mostly because they felt great and were good quality. However, he had never ordered this particular style. He continued wearing his stinky boots. Eventually the stench wore off and the boots wore out.

Now, the new Merrell boots come into play. Dirt Man just bought another pair. The exact same type as the last ones. Merrell Chameleon Ventilator Mid Goretex. These stink, too. Is it the leather? Is it the Goretex? The combination?

Dirt Man decided to write a review of them at the site he purchased them. At $150 a pair, a comfortable shoe shouldn’t stink! He had to fill out an online questionnaire. One of the questions inquired where you wear them. Dirt Man replied, “Obviously, not in public!”. He went on to say that he is constantly checking himself to make sure he didn’t step in dog poo. The following is the only part of his review that was published, “The last two pairs I have bought smell. Obviously, the quality of the shoe outweighs the smell.” But the two people who have read his review claimed it to have been helpful. Now, that’s my Dirt Man, keeping people’s feet smelling good, one pair at a time!

26 thoughts on “Stinky Feet Dirt Man

  1. You know a very gassy person would be like, “SCORE!”

    I’ll just buy these boots and blame it on THEM. If anyone questions, I’ll show them the Dirt Man’s review! Genius!

    Not that I’m gassy or anything. 🙂

  2. When I had to decide how to refer to my husband on my blog, it came down to a choice between “Beloved” and “That Man Who Sometimes Drives Me Crazy.”

    Discretion IS the better part of valor, you know. 😛

  3. My daughter, Tink, has a second nickname. She earned it at the tender age of 2. We call my lovely daughter “Pete” as in “Stinky Feet Pete.” She looks like an angel and the smell of her feet could knock over a rhino from 15 feet away. Maybe she’ll find a guy with a poor sense of smell one day (or she’ll learn to finally wear socks with her shoes.)

  4. I was thinking Dirt man was because he worked with dirt in some fashion. Like a gravel hauler, like my hubby.

    Too funny about the shoes, they really must be comfortable, to put up with the stink!

  5. I thought Dirt Man was in the landscaping business or an advid gardener. I never thought it wasn’t a term of endearment.

    The boots look great but if they stink that bad maybe I shouldn’t suggest them to my hubby.

  6. So I need boots to blame my toots on? My dog and I are a good tag team, but if my husband wises up on us, I’ll go this route.

    Too funny 🙂 Very endearing 🙂

  7. LOL. You’re too funny. I love the name Dirt Man it gives him character….That sucks about the shoes. I would hate it if i bought shoes and they smelled, i prob wouldn’t wear them.

  8. I’m sure Merrell sells anti-stink spray for their boots. At $10 a pop. 🙂

    I’ve actually had shoes (Timberland) that I’ve bought that as soon as I open the box it smells weird. I thinks it’s the waterproofing they use…but Geez, they should be able to do it without the smell!

  9. I don’t care how great the boots are, the smell would be a deal-breaker for me.

    And Dirt Man is a fantastic name. Much better than Accountant or Dentist, if you ask me.

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