Last One Standing

This is the last of the “Little People”. Thirty of them used to live here. But that was before Wylie (the dog). Do you notice anything wrong with this little person? Both of his arms are chewed off. But he’s lucky…he still has his head!

Wylie steals them one by one from the toy box. And you ask why a mother of two college students has a toy box and a bunch of “Little People” toys. Well, Dirt Man still likes to play. No, really I run a daycare.

Wylie rummages through the toy box with her nose until she finds a little person. Obviously, her toy of choice! Then she maims them. One arm at a time. Unless we catch her, she takes them (after mutilation) and hides them in the flower garden.

If we don’t find the armless little person and dispose of him, she then proceeds to chew his head. And then the little person gets trashed. Same routine. All the last twenty-nine of them. Wylie’s been on a roll.

This poor lonely guy. Guess we’ll keep him until he loses his head!

Wylie? I haven't seen her!

This is Wylie hoping we won’t recognize her.

19 thoughts on “Last One Standing

  1. uh oh, wylie is a bit mischievious! He looks adorable in his glasses, and I bet he is just as cute without them. The little person is cute too, even mamed. I’m impressed that you run a day care. Now that’s hard work!

  2. Wylie’s precious! And I love the sunglasses.

    Your post takes me back to my puppy’s sock-stealing days — nothing was safe from Chipper. And with four boys, there were a lotta socks in my house!

    Just found your blog — I’ll be back!

  3. That armless wonder should go in your fine china cabinet to look after collectibles. I don’t think I knew you ran a day care…? You must have TONS of funny stories. Wylie is precious–very distinctive.

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