Mr. Lonely Please Come See Me

The saying has always been that the Maytag repairman is lonely. Well, if that’s the case, then why is it going to take over a week for him to come to my house to fix my Maytag washer? Yeah, I know it is the week between Christmas and New Years. Still isn’t there someone available? Are they all off? Or have they been lying to us and there is a demand for the Maytag repairman?

Last night as I was doing laundry, my washing machine started acting possessed. I told Dirt Man that it was making noises. He replied that it was probably off balance. No, I know what the machine sounds like if it’s out of balance. It continued on the second load, and then the third. Dirt Man took a look at it then. He concluded the machine had a problem. You think?!

Dirt Man took the machine apart today and found that a part needs to be replaced. Something about bearings going out…yeah, yeah, yeah, may as well be speaking a foreign language to me. Bottom line…broken! Actually, it still works, but is very noisy, and soon will no longer work. The national Maytag number puts us out almost two weeks to get a repairman to our house. The local number only makes us wait a week. A whole week…that may as well be like a year if it involves my going to the laundromat. I mean really, I’d rather hand wash my clothes than go there. No, wait, I’d rather just buy new clothes. And I am a person who doesn’t really like to shop.

My last washing machine was a Kenmore and lasted about fourteen years. Dirt Man probably could have repaired it, but we decided to go ahead and update our appliances. The updated machine ended up being a Maytag. I let Dirt Man pick it out. My only request was that it had to have extra heavy load capacity. The weird thing that I found was that it didn’t have a lint collector tray. Of course, I am not one to thoroughly read my manuals. I depend on Dirt Man to just give me the lowdown. My inquisition led to my being told to read the manual – obviously, Dirt Man had no idea he (yes, of course I’m going to blame him because we all know that I depend on him to lead me in the right direction!!) bought a machine without a lint tray. Well, I read the manual and it didn’t NEED one because of some reason I can’t even remember. It was some gimmick I am sure to make you want to buy the machine. I wasn’t impressed enough to remember. So anyway, I hate that my clothes come out of the washer with lint all over them. However, my trusty dryer removes the lint every time. So, maybe the lint tray isn’t that important. I’d just never had or seen a washing machine without one.

And yes, while I whine and moan about my broken (okay breaking) washing machine, I still thank God that He has me exist today and not in the days of wringer machines or scrub boards. And I also thank Him for blessing me with a washing machine and the ability to do my own laundry. See, I am not totally ungrateful. I’m just spoiled. As usual, I take things for granted until it doesn’t work. Kind of like electricity, cable, internet…things we think we can’t possibly live with out – yet people do it all the time.

This Maytag is five years old. In comparison, it doesn’t rate anywhere near my other dryer since it has gone kaput so early in the game. I am not impressed. The parts will probably be under warranty, but we’ll have to pay for labor and about a hundred bucks just to have a diagnostics test done. Dirt Man has already picked out a replacement machine. (Is that a late Merry Christmas to me or to him?!) I didn’t question him, but I hope it’s not a Maytag.

Mean time, maybe I can woo Mr. Maytag Repairman with a poem:

Maytag Repairman, all lonely and blue

All I want is a visit from you

Our clothes are all dirty and starting to stink

If you come by soon, I’ll make you a drink

Washing clothes by hand is not fun to do

Please, Mr. Maytag Man, I need you

10 thoughts on “Mr. Lonely Please Come See Me

  1. The maytag repairman probably decided to go skiing for the holidays since he had nothing else to do.

    As for manuals and instruction books… men just view them as someone else’s opinion. Therefore, not that important.

  2. Oh I do hope he shows up soon!! We received a visit yesterday from our oven repairman AND a plumber. The over was out of service for SIX weeks and the kitchen sink was only out of service for 1 day. Hooray both were fixed. Just a matter of time until the next issue surfaces…as you so astutely point out, these are indeed problems of prosperity.

  3. Thank goodness we are past the days of handwashing with that board thing! My hands start to feel cold just thinking about it. I do like to hang out my laundry on nice days, though. There is something zen about that. Hope your machine gets fixed soon!

  4. There is nothing worse than a broken washing machine and having to go to the laundromat. Ok – there probably IS something worse but let’s not go there. Suffice it to say – I feel your pain!

  5. I’ve heard more than one person complain about Maytag!

    Jeez, but hey I liked your poem. I hope that it brings him your way sooner. What a crock huh?

    Mad with ya! Hmph.

  6. That is a suckfest. Paying for expensive appliance repairs really rips…especially when they’re only 5 years old. After listening to our dryer make a terrible whining noise for years–that could not be disguised behind even 2 closed door–we finally just sold it on Craig’slist. The new one has brought much peace to the home since it is silent, and as we know, silence is golden…especially with others in the house who are not silent.

  7. Your new washer has lasted longer than mine. We also had a faithful washer for over ten years, this new one has been fixed once and needs to be fixed again. It is only four yrs old and the warranty was only good for two years. I might have to wash by hand or go to the laundromat, really soon.

  8. I hate to sound like an old fart but I think all new machines are not nearly as good as the older models. I have heard many stories similar to this – newish machines breaking down way too soon.

  9. Like you said, they just don’t make things like they used to. My husband calls it “the disposable world”. We actually had a repairman tell us that today they PURPOSELY make appliances NOT last as long. We just had to replace our dryer that we had for over 25 years. As much as I dislike Sears they do make good appliances (or used to anyway). We had that repairman tell us we should hold on to our old washer and dryer as long as we could keep fixing it because today’s models use plastic parts instead of metal parts and are therefore CHEAPER but also break easier. Still have the washer of over 25 years (hopefully for a long while). And don’t EVEN get me started on the longevity of today’s television sets!

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