Christmas Snoopers

Until I had children, I was an awful snooper around Christmas. I searched high and low for presents. I found a lot of them and faked surprise on Christmas morning. Dirt Man became very creative. He even resorted to hiding stuff in an old stinky boot one year.

My mother was always on to me. She knew I carefully removed and replaced tape. One year she got me good. There was a huge (and I mean huge) box for me. Curiosity was killing me. I could not get into it. The paper was stuck to the box. Turns out my mother had glued three rolls of wrapping paper to it. It was worth waiting for…it was a stereo. Remember those? Back in the old days we used them to listen to records. Don’t know what those are either? Round black things that look like CD’s. They hold music. I am really dating myself here.

When my kids were young, we thought we had the perfect hiding place for their presents. We hid them in the attic which can only be accessed through Youngest Son’s closet. I takes a lot of effort to get up in there. You either have to use a ladder or if you’re a child you could use a chair to climb to the top shelf. Turns out they’d been doing just that for five years before we found out. Then we started putting them in the loft of the locked work shed. Taught them a lesson, didn’t we?! Or was it the other way around?

My friend has the perfect solution for young snoopers. She doesn’t use name tags. She wraps each persons gifts in a different pattern. Like one child has all Santa prints, another has all snowman prints, and the dad has all striped paper. She doesn’t tell anyone until Christmas morning who has what pattern. That way they can shake and squish the packages. They’re free to guess all they want… it might not even be theirs. I think this is absolutely ingenious. I wish I’d thought of it when my boys were little. Someone probably should have used this method on me!

I don’t think my kids snoop anymore. I usually buy what they ask for. And most of the time they actually pick it out or try it on. They usually want money to go buy stuff themselves. I don’t like that because it’s not any fun for me. However, I perfectly understand all about getting clothes that are sooo not your style. Anyone who says boys are not particular about clothes, obviously doesn’t have one. If by chance I get things they don’t know about I still have a fairly good secret hiding place.

The ultimate hiding place for small gifts will be in my underwear/lingerie drawers. My kids wouldn’t be caught dead snooping through those. I don’t think there’s a teenage/early twenties male who’d ever go through his mother’s personal items.

Since I commiserate with you snoopers, I don’t wish you lumps of coal. But for the sake of an exciting and joyful Christmas morning, I hope you don’t find your presents.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Snoopers

  1. I would never look cuz I love being surprised. But my sister was a world class snooper and then she’d come tell me what she found. We’re only 19 mos. apart, so we were never sure who the gift was for. I had to beg her NOT to tell me.
    I just have big hefty bags in my closet these days. So if they really wanted to…..
    And you’re so right about boys; my son loves his clothes.

  2. What a terrific idea to limit the print of the paper to each person in the family! I love that, what I normally do is use Santa prints on gifts only from Santa but I like this idea much better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my! I’m laughing here because we’re just assuming our kids aren’t snoopers. If they are, we’re in big trouble. Their gifts are in the basement, in the area where we wrap presents, with a towel draped over them. Oops!

  4. oh my, I’m almost afraid to admit, but I discovered a gift last night, completely by mistake. I would never really intentionally spoil a well planned Christmas surprise…it’s a really great gift too!

  5. My mother never really tried hard to hide the presents. Nothing teaches you a lesson more than knowing EXACTLY what you’re getting for Christmas and them being bummed that you didn’t get anything else.

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