Half A Horse Club

Karal is moving to L.A. soon, and I am sad cuz I’m really going to miss our wine and life-gab sessions. Last night after a few glasses of vino, we attempted to co-write a blog together. You can visit Karal over at The Orange Chair. You”ll love her stuff. She is a superb writer…profound and amusing. This is about three friends who’ve kept in touch(throughout the years and throughout life’s twists and turns and moves etc..) since elementary school. Only two were available for the pic.

Karal. Nan. Susan.

Half of the Schuyler Horse Club. The wanna-be horse owners.

All wanted a horse. None ever owned a horse. None any longer desire a horse. In fact none care too much for horses any more.

This leads to the question of what have they had in common through the years and what connects them now.

They all like wine.

All have been married. Two are divorced. Two have kids.

Two have dogs. One has cats.

They all like wine.

One can sorta sing. One thinks she can sing after two shots of tequila. One can’t sing at all and won’t inflict that pain on her worst enemy.

All agree that the meal worm experiments and pendulum studies in elementary school were way stupid.

They all like wine.

All were afraid of the old woman ghost with long fingernails that Regina told them killed herself in the school bathroom. None want to go back to elementary school girls bathroom. All are still afraid.

Two write blogs. One reads blogs.

They all like wine. (Karal wants to know red or white, Susan says it doesn’t really matter at this point!)

All agree that Miss Hunter was the coolest elementary school teacher EVER.

All disliked the same girl from those school days – what? She was MEAN!

All three love the ocean.

All three are glad to have stayed in touch through the years.

They all love wine!

4 thoughts on “Half A Horse Club

  1. Wine. Sounds like you may have that in common. Didn’t we all want a horse at some time? I love that binding factor. Friends moving away is always so hard…we know we’ll stay in touch, but it’s the everyday stuff we’ll miss. The accessibility. But all will be well…new horizons and new places to visit!

  2. I think it is so great that you are close to your elementary school friends. Having that kind of history with someone, let alone 2 (!), is really special. I suspect you all share a great sense of humor with that wine as well!

  3. Sounds like me and my girlfriends! We are spread out all over the place (Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta) so we have wine nights via phone. Not the same as in person but at least we can pretend we are together!

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