For The Love Of Lacrosse

I miss being a Lacrosse parent.

I miss screaming to the top of my lungs.

I miss the wind in my face.

I mean really, much can be said about the thrill of watching people beat each other with sticks. And being able to cheer them on. Legally, too.

Both of my sons played many sports throughout their school years. They both played t-ball/baseball when they were small. Then they went on to soccer. I even coached a year for each of them…only because no one else would do it. But that’s another blog entirely. They have both always surfed and skateboarded, but those aren’t exactly team sports. They moved on to football. (I think the only sport they didn’t participate in was basketball.) Then their athletic interests took different routes.

Oldest Son moved on to golf. I suppose it’s a cool sport, but much too quiet for me. And then there’s weight lifting and training for marathons.

Youngest Son headed to track and field, and I was introduced to my beloved lacrosse.

Dirt Man and I were both runners when we were younger. I did it for fun (and behind my mother’s back) because I was not allowed to be on the school track team or any other sports team for that matter. My mother claimed that we girls would get muscular boy calves.(Don’t get my sister started on this sore subject! My mother played softball and basketball in school.) Yeah, I know….WHAT?! Really, I think she just didn’t want to have to meet the activity bus after school and be saddled down with attending meets etc…Dirt Man was on the school track team. BTW, He does have awesome athletic legs, as do our sons. Hmmmm…does this mean I can blame my mom for my current non-fit body and non- athletic lifestyle?

Lacrosse players are agile, coordinated, and fast. I am none of those things. But I love watching it. And yelling!

Maybe I like it because it traces back to Native American Indians.

Maybe I like lacrosse because you’re allowed to be a bit obnoxious.

Maybe I like lacrosse because it’s a combination of basketball, soccer, and hockey. The best of all sports.

I don’t know why I like it. I just know I like it, and I miss the action.



5 thoughts on “For The Love Of Lacrosse

  1. My kids never played Lacrosse, but when my son was done with basketball I felt the loss, still do. Loved the squeak of sneaks on the gym floor, the action, the cheering. Now my daughter plays field hockey and I know I’m gonna miss that when she graduates. This is my first year with no daughter in dance after 13 years and I miss that A LOT.
    I guess we need to keep growing up…*sigh*

  2. You’re right. Don’t get me started on not being allowed to play sports. I may NEVER get over that one. Maybe that’s why I let (nay, ENCOURAGED) my girls to participate in just about anything they wanted to try. I miss being a cheer mom. Not the rah rah cheer at football cheering. I could do withouth that. I mean the tough COMPETITIVE cheerleading. After being involved in THAT… NO ONE can tell me cheerleaders aren’t atheletes! I do miss watching them play sports. And I’m with you… we’ll just blame our mom for our athletic INability and non-athelete bodies! LOL

  3. I hold a bit of a grudge because I was never encouraged to play sports, but I was never DIScouraged…guess our parents’ ideas of the right thing to do doesn’t always stand the test of time. But I do understand your missing going to your kids’ sports activities, even though mine never played lacrosse. But I do miss cheering for them, watching them develop in skill and teamwork. Someday I will have grandchildren and I will be at their games!

  4. I never got to be in any riendeer games either. Sorry it just popped in my head.

    My parent were determined to make me into a house wife and it worked.
    I wanted to be a grease monkey and my dad threw a fit and said that was for boys only.

    Since you have kids, then you will most likely have grandkids (who will hopefully play LACROSSE).

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